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April 20, 2010 | Other

Elvis Live In Concert: All Aboard The Louisiana Hayride
Tues 4/20 6:00 am ET
These are the earliest and the most raw and dangerous concert recordings of Elvis. And get this, he was only 19 and 20 years old. His live radio concert performances are historic and legendary. Recorded live on location in Shreveport, LA, this is the radio concert series that Colonel Tom had to emancipate Elvis from since he had exploded on national television. (1 hr)

The Best Of Elvis Radio: E-ssential E-clectic ELVIS
Tues 4/20 9:00 pm ET
Big Jim Sykes presents an hour of some of the most interesting recordings Elvis Presley ever made, from his very first record to his live “laffing” version of one of your all-time favorite Elvis songs, with a surprise or two thrown in for good measure. (1 hr)

Soundtrack Saturday Night: Viva Las Vegas
Tues 4/20 10:00 pm ET
Bill Rock’s Elvis Movie Of The Week is 1964’s Viva Las Vegas, the movie that helped brand Elvis' conquering of the Vegas Kingdom. (2 hrs)
Rebroadcast: Thurs 4/22 5:00 am ET

Elvis Live In Concert: Elvis Viva Las Vegas, The Walmart Edition
Fri 4/23 8:00 pm ET
This is one of the best-ever Elvis concerts from his first comeback concert engagement in Las Vegas from August, 1969. SIRIUS XM’s Elvis Radio is the only place you can hear this incredible show without owning the special collectors double-CD release. (1 hr)
Rebroadcast: Sun 4/25 12:00 am ET; Sun 4/25 10:00 pm ET; Tues 4/27 6:00 am ET

Saturday Special: Elvis: Elvis’ Real G.I. Blues
Sat 4/24 12:00 pm ET
Explore the soundtrack recording of Elvis’ first movie following his return from U.S. Army service in Germany. Elvis' Army buddies Rex Mansfield, Joe Esposito, Charlie Hodge and David Bailey all weigh in. (1 hr)

Soundtrack Saturday Night: Roustabout
Sat 4/24 10:00 pm ET
Bill Rock’s Elvis Movie Of The Week is 1964’s Roustabout, directed by John Rich. (2 hrs)
Rebroadcast: Tues 4/27 10:00 pm ET; Thurs 4/29 5:00 am ET