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Trying To Do The Best

April 21, 2010 | Music

Coming soon from the Groove Jam label is a 4 CD Longbox with 12-page booklet. Trying To Do The Best! contains 4 audience recordings,1 of them has never been released before on factory made CD. The dates are: April 17. 1972 Little Rock (said to be much better tape than the one issued before), November 14. 1972 Long Beach, March 2. 1974 Tulsa, and Asheville July 23. 1975.

drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on April 21, 2010
obviously not 'Trying to do the best' with the cover??........
Matthias Kuenzer wrote on April 21, 2010
No, but trying to do the best with the profit margin. I've got an even better idea: a box with 1 new CD and 7 repressings. But let's test first whether this 4-CD-box actually sells.
I Saw the Light wrote on April 21, 2010
Who the hell is making all these ugly covers recently? I missed "Gyrating Ashville" in the 90's, but I will not buy an expensive box set of audience recordings to get it.
Ton Bruins wrote on April 21, 2010
Is it very boring to say that this is crap ? :-)
Ciscoking wrote on April 21, 2010
The shows are not bad...but is there a word about sound improvement of the Tulsa show..? What we have on CD-R sounds no good.. Little Rock also wasn`t a sound wonder when we had it a few years back on an Unforgettable Night In Little Rock being taken straight from the CD-R. Long Beach and Asheville are o.k..but pretty well known. So this one should only be of interest for the ardent AR collectors who know what to expect.
marco31768 wrote on April 21, 2010
"An unforgettable night in Little Rock" was a CD factory, not CD-r, I guess. And the Tulsa show is still unreleased on CD factory. It is available on CD-r"One time in Tulsa".
Ciscoking wrote on April 21, 2010
Little Rock is silver disc..yes..
japio wrote on April 21, 2010
The show from long beach is a very good show and the sound is one of the best audience recordings. But the others, i have my doubts. Or are this re-re-re-releases. And the lay-out very amateuristisch. probaly done with Words. The pictures they used are welknown, but still nice. But 4 audience in one box? Not a good idea
Expresleyelvis wrote on April 27, 2010
I really dig this Box. Great presentation. Hopefully good quality, although they're audience recordings...Keep them comin' boys !