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Elvis Exhibition Now Open

April 17, 2010 | Other

One of the most talked about Elvis Exhibitions is now open to the public in Washington.

Mike Landsdown wrote on April 17, 2010
My wife and I were recently on vacation in the USA and although our plans didn't allow for a trip to Memphis, we did spend some time in DC, with the exhibit at The Newseum providing some type of alternative to visiting Graceland. The folks at The Newseum have put together an interesting display, including: - The 'Aloha' jumpsuit and cape - One of Elvis' Harley-Davidsons (from '57 I believe) - One of Elvis' leather jackets (which although not listed as such, appears to be the one from 'Roustabout' - A guitar from '69 - Some of Lisa's baby items - An autographed champagne bottle from Elvis and Priscilla's wedding - Various costumes from the movie years - The Grammy for 'How Great Thou Art' - A couple of Sun 45's - Various other pieces There are also various film clips running, as well as a display of articles from Newspapers throughout Elvis' career, from when he first hit the scene until his passing. Two of the giftshops in The Newseum also featured a range of Elvis-related items (I picked up a compilation of newspaper articles (printed like a newspaper) from The New York Times - a very interesting read!!) Overall, this is a great exhibit - highly reccommended.