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Elvis Now

By ElvisNews.com/ Lex, April 07, 2010 | Music

FTD’s latest release in the classic album series, Elvis Now, can hardly be called a classic, especially with the knowledge we have now.

At the time I bought the album in the 70s I didn’t care at all. It was another album with Elvis songs that I didn’t have elsewhere, 10 (to me) brand new songs. Okay, I knew some because of other artists, but none of them could come close to Elvis in my opinion then. Besides Shirley Bassey that is, she is the cause that I never really liked Elvis’ version of Until It’s Time For You To Go. Where she hits the nail with the melancholy of the lyrics in her voice, Elvis makes it sound like a lullaby that started to take effect on himself.. he sounds like he’s yawning and it makes me yawn too. To make a long story short: next to this song I loved the album when I first bought it and it was among my favourites for years. I even bought a pretty expensive club version on CD in the eighties, just to have it on a silver disc.

The desperation in his voice on Help Me Make It Through The Night, We Can Make The Morning and Sylvia, the good faith of Put Your Hand In The Hand, the sheer beauty of Early Mornin’ Rain, hell, I even liked Miracle Of The Rosary (that was before I started to dislike overdone, bombastic instrumentals and choirs). In other words I didn’t care at all that it was an album with merely left-overs, I didn’t even notice beside that his voice on Hey Jude was very different to the other songs.

Now I have this version with two great singles added, so what do we need more? I for one am pretty satisfied, since I still like the majority of the tracks. My taste changed and songs that I thought to be great in the 70s are degraded to enjoyable music now. I hope the inclusion of Don’t Think Twice means that there will be no classic album upgrade for Elvis (Fool). The addition of the singles gives just enough tracks to make the outtakes CD listenable too, without getting boring because of too much repetition. I especially love the outtakes of the singles… I’m Leavin’ just because I love the song and on the It’s Only Love takes you can really hear Elvis was searchin’ for the right phrasing.

The sound is about perfect in my ears, nothing to complain there this time!

Oops, I ignored our regular review format. Maybe because it’s getting boring to make the same remarks over and over again… you know what to expect by now… a thin booklet with background information, memorabilia and photos.


Although the material may not be his strongest and the original LP might have been a strange compilation (with the knowledge of the present, like our prime-minister uses to say), I still like the result of the whole. It has been in my player for a week now and it willl be there until Caro Emerald arrives!

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Loesje wrote on April 07, 2010
Except for the 'not so very gentle' remarks about my favourite song, I totally agree with the above.
FJE wrote on April 07, 2010
My thoughts exactly Lex, about "Until It's Time..." I too never cared much for it and Elvis does sound half asleep in his rendition. In fact I was always perplexed how it reached the Top 10 in UK when released a single. But did you mean Buffy Saint-Marie, who wrote the song, or did Shirley Bassey in fact record a version of it?
Lex wrote on April 07, 2010
Yep Dame Shirley did it, my dad had a version on a LP.
Jerome-the-third wrote on April 08, 2010
does anyone know if take 2 of I'm leavin' is complete or incomplete? Because I thought take 3 is already on the I sing all Kinds cd..
Mofoca22 wrote on April 08, 2010
personally i hated until its time for you to go that is until i heard the version he sang in johsnon city in 1976. he actually sang it better than he did in 1971 when he reocrded and when he performed the song in 1972 and i think 73. it sounded like he had more feeling in it at that point-odd considering this was elvis 1976 were talking. on an off topic but on elvis did anyone ever hear his final version of american trilogy from mobile in 1977? i think its fantastic.i wish ftd would release that concert he actuallyu performed beautifully in that concert. but back to the elvis now cd. i never really liked the whole title of the cd because it was a lie in itself. half the songs were done in 1969 and 1970. he never completed that album when he was recording in 1971. they put too much on the table for him that spring and early summer. he wa already bored with recording music because the demand for him to do 3 albums in one recording session was stupid on rca's part. elvis was sick most of the time from his eye trouble. the burning love cd-the what could have been album that bmg released in the late 90's was a heck of a lot better than elvis now. they shouldve went with that idea back then. the whole 3 albums a year just like the movies he made in the 60's was over kill on people and on elvis. he was someone you would have to let him go in on his own time when he had listened to everything he wanted to do and let him wing it. thats what amde the how great thou art, guitar man, memphis 69 and nashville 70 sessions so successful. he was able to let things come to him as he would listen to his own personal collection.
Herman wrote on April 08, 2010
Thankt for you story Lex, but you also wrote: "I hope the inclusion of Don’t Think Twice means that there will be no classic album upgrade for Elvis (Fool)". Do you really hope so ?!? I am hoping that they will release every album that Elvis made on the FTD label. OK, not every album Elvis made was very good but for me I'd like to see it all complete. I know it is very strange that Don't think twice is on this album. Maybe they have more versions of this song.....time will tell.
Ton Bruins wrote on April 08, 2010
My highlight of this one would be "It's Only Love" (I think take 1-4) , hearing Elvis struggling with the phrasing and the words. Too much "Fools Rush In" for me for I don't like that song. New outtakes from "I'm Leaving" and "Early Morning Rain" are great too. But after all only 7 new outtakes, duplication again from FTD which I don't like. I have to buy the same stuff over and over again. said that before I guess...:-)
burninglove92 wrote on April 08, 2010
Just received mine, and i think its awesome, i know the title is a lie like many people have pointed out but early morning rain, we can make the morning, until its time for you to go, help me make it through the night, make this worth it for me and ive always liked E's version of hey jude, if you put the beatles ending on and then compare it with elvis' the king just shows who's king. great album that i love. TCB
Jerome-the-third wrote on April 08, 2010
since no one bothered to answer my short question, I like to give my opinion on Lex his amateurish review, which mostly seemed about his disliking of E's Until it's time.. Probably you don't seem to understand the meaning of a worthy review. And no classic album upgrade of Fool? Are you really a clown? Strange to say things like that while some fans and musiclovers are dying to hear outtakes of Where do I go from here, Love me, love the life I lead for example.. Too bad a review for ElvisNews is mainly about personal taste and not about a true, objective, worthy opinion. Like Lex said: "My taste changed and songs that I thought to be great in the 70s are degraded to enjoyable music now".. Who gives a sh*t about that?..
Sparky wrote on April 08, 2010
Hi Jerome-the-third, In answer to your original question - take 2 of I'm Leavin' breaks down, followed by lots of studio chat and then the complete take 3, as featured on I Sing All Kinds. Haven't listened to the rest of this cd as yet, but I think it's good that we finally get the whole of Don't Think Twice, but find it srange that the alternate master of Until It's Time For You ToGo (as included on the Essential Elvis Vol 4 several years ago) is absent. Still, it's not the end of the world and I'm sue I'll enjoy this. Thanks FTD!
Jerome-the-third wrote on April 08, 2010
thanks man, that's all I wanted to know..
Lex wrote on April 09, 2010
Jerome, thanks, from your mouth (fingers) it's a compliment! I don't give a sh*t about you, and still I tolerate you over here.
KTemple wrote on April 09, 2010
Jerome-the-third, I have to agree. Lex you should refrain from being so personal when giving reviews. I know that reviews are just opinions but you went off on a tangent there. You should stay on the subject which after all is the FTD release. Its not a very good review, I'd ask for this FTD to get an updated review as your one is insufficient. By the way Im not sure why any fan would wish for Fool not to come out on FTD. I mean its no classic but why wouldnt you want to hear new outtakes of songs on that album. Id have to agree with Herman on that one.
Jerome-the-third wrote on April 09, 2010
You see, Lex gets personal again, just like in his review. But unfortunately his reviews seem more about 'the Lex-show' rather than quality commentary on a new release..
Loesje wrote on April 09, 2010
Just this Jerome... Jerome-the-third wrote on Jul 3, 2009 Thanks for all the hard work and information you brought us over the years- I really enjoyed all of it. Too bad that the passing of Michael Jackson got such nasty comments and took away your last doubts. Such things have nothing to do with the love of Elvis, his music and his person. But there's more in life and I can just be grateful for your efforts.. Back then you were singing a different song!
Jerome-the-third wrote on April 09, 2010
I still enjoy it and like the site ElvisNews but that doesn't mean you can't be critical Loesje and that doesn't make this review a topclass article all of a sudden..
Monster wrote on April 09, 2010
I enjoyed this FTD release but the music didn't jump out and surprise me as some of the other upgraded albums. For example, I couldn't get enough of Love Letters and Good Times and neither of those albums could be considered classics. But some of the outtakes and the sound really made me appreciate those songs in a new light so I was hoping the same would happen for Elvis Now. Any album with We Can Make The Morning, I'm leavin' and It's Only Love should be a winner in my books but somehow the magic was missing on this. And for what it's worth I would LOVE an FTD upgrade of the Fool album. And as far as reviews go it's hard not to be personal when reviewing an album by any artist because music is so subjective. So when Lex says his tastes have changed and what once was a great song is now downgraded to enjoyable I find that interesting to read because I think most of us would have a similar perspective as our musical ear evolves over the years. That has added a bit of colour to the review rather than taken anything away from it. I'm not havinga go at anybody here by the way. Just giving my opinion on the album and the review cos that's what the forum is about. Nice one. :)
Cruiser621 wrote on April 09, 2010
I didn't buy this crap when it came out and I certainly won't now. Garbage in, garbage out. Hey Jude, a 1969 reject he had absolutely no reason to put out to the general public. Not even close. Don't Think Twice It's All Right a song he was only fooling around with was never intended forcommercial release and it's already been released on the 1960's box set where it really belongs. So now that we have this garbage, when are we going to get Jailhouse Rock-Volume 2. FTD has hit rock bottom lately with the constant reissues of albums which didn't sell to begin with and it was only thru contract requirements that The Colonel and RCA put this crap out. Thanks, but no thanks; not this time.
dgirl wrote on April 09, 2010
Gotta agree with Crusier621 here. This album was released in 1972 soley to meet a contractual obligation for RCA. It is not a real album, it is an album made up of rejects, a single, a gospel song, and other leftovers. Unlike him, I did buy it and I was very disappointed especially when Elvis was riding a new wave of popularity with the forthcoming MSG shows and Elvis On Tour film after a lackluster 1971. Why on earth would I want to spend 35.00 on it 38 years later? Same goes for the FOOL LP. After ALoha , that piece of garbage came out to again fulfill a silly contractual obligation that did more harm than good to Elvis' record career. Gosh what mismanagement. I applaud Crusier for being brave and speaking his mind. I'm sure he will be criticized for it as I often am.
Ton Bruins wrote on April 09, 2010
I really don't need any reviews what so ever to make my own choices. That's what it is all about. Just enjoy his music and make your own choices for what you buy and what you don't buy. Very simple, isn't it ? I learned over the years that there different Elvis fans all over the world with their own opinion in what they like or don't like. Just give your opinion and that's it.
KTemple wrote on April 09, 2010
Quite true Ton but when one goes to the trouble of reviewing a release, please keep to the point. I think with reviews they are essential for bootlegs but with FTD's you either collect them or you dont. Most fans know the quality of the content already with FTD's. Reviews on this site are particularly below par. Ive noticed this for a while. Either way we could discuss this forever.
benny scott wrote on April 09, 2010
One can like or dislike something. Most important thing is to respect one's opinion ,which i do, dgirl and Cruiser621. Just one remark Cruiser : your comment points at Elvis himself in connection with the released stuff . Think you didn't mean it that way. You know as well as I do that Elvis wasn't in command when it came to choose what had to be released or/and what not. Nothing personal ! Always El.
Loesje wrote on April 09, 2010
Well Ktemple, I am really looking forward to your reviews. If you think you can do better, then please send them in!
glynalone wrote on April 09, 2010
Part of a review of this album in Elvis Monthly by Wayne Stierle back in 1972 has somehow stuck in my mind all these years. I used to love every article he wrote, I wonder if he's still out there somewhere? Truthful and to the point he gave this one a right slating and ended with the line I still remembered...."As I write this, on stage, a man with long black hair and spangles is singing hard Rock and driving the people crazy. He cannot, however be found in the grooves of his latest album"
Erika Freiburger wrote on April 09, 2010
This is a fantastic FTD! One of my favorites. Love,Erika
tornado wrote on April 10, 2010
You got my attention here with your comment on Shirley Bassey' version of Until It’s Time For You To Go.I tried to find it but it seems unavailable today. Amazon doesn't show any album with the song title. When did she recorded it? And do you know on wich cd?
SuziB wrote on April 10, 2010
Quite a difficult release to sum up - certainly nowhere near as bad as some peple have been claiming, especially the moronic who just seemingly criticise everything. Who the hell cares if you’re prepared to pay $35 or not for it - your opinions are invariably ill informed and frankly a waste of most people's time reading them. Anyway the songs - contrary to some people's 'knowledge', this album was actually released as a consequence of Elvis' aborted attempt to record a country-folk album from March-May 71 and to offer some non-Christmas and religious material into the schedule, this being sandwiched between the two. Having said that, there were some very odd decisions made to release one of the best 70's Gospels songs on this - 'Put Your Hand In The Hand' really should have been saved for 'He Touched Me' with that album suffering as a consequence. Likewise, 'I Was Born About 10,000 Years Ago (if it was to be released in full) - these instead of garbage like 'There Is No God But God' or ‘He Is My Everything’ would have transformed HTM'. Back to 'Elvis Now' - the third gospel 'Miracle Of The Rosary' - absolute garbage - basically Hail Mary set to music, a bad idea and despite Elvis' incredible sincerity, this was, is and will remain forever more, simply dire. Other dross on the original release - 'Sylvia' (where Elvis makes zero attempt at the high notes), 'Fools Rush In' (a remake of Ricky Nelson's version for no apparent reason other than as the out-takes here show, Elvis really seemed to enjoy singing it). 'Contrary to most people, I’ve always liked Elvis version of Hey Jude - yes, as often, he never learnt the whole song but this is a really fascinating performance, as it just shows how Elvis could transform a very famous song by giving it a completely different treatment. 'We Can Make The Morning' never seemed to fulfil its potential, bits are great put the multitude of voices just ruin it - maybe it was unfinished and Elvis wanted to do something else ('Its Only Love') instead. 'Help Me Make It ThroughThe Night' was spoilt by the overdone backing ruining Elvis' great fragile interpretation - if only Kris K. had finished this by June 70! The outtakes are much better. Elvis was probably more familiar with Neil Diamond's or Glen Campbell's versions of ''Until Its Time For You To Go' than the original and although recorded since by a whole myriad of people since, Elvis' remains my favourite version, indeed both of Elvis' versions! The outtakes here are even better than the masters! 'The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face', is not the performance Elvis could have given this great song; yes, there is some mitigation based upon the difficulties in recording it (duets etc - although many of us have had them for years, shame the duets weren't included here) but this is not fit to be compared with Roberta Flack's version - it appears rushed and badly arranged, invariably similar to another cover of a great song recorded by a woman - 'You Don't Have To Say You Love Me' from a year before. The additions to the original album? Well 'I'm Leaving' is simply one of the best things Elvis did in the 70s, maybe ever - it is breathtaking in every way, as indeed are the out-takes included here, the highlight of this FTD reissue – albeit take 3 has been released before on ‘I Sing All Kinds’. 'Its Only Love', another cover of a BJ Thomas song, and as always, Elvis is light years better - although, to me, take 9 is better than the master (take 10). The other out-takes don't add much to what we already have, indeed many have been released on FTD before (though now deleted). So turning to the summing-up. Incredibly uneven in song quality and Elvis’ level of interest but, nonetheless, highly recommended, especially if you don’t already have the out-takes. As for those who’d rather spend $35 on something else, enjoy your bottle of vinegar wine or ‘family feast’ for four at McDonalds...or whatever else you can do on such a paltry sum...
Natha wrote on April 10, 2010
SuziB, a nice analysis of this release. Very worthwhile. Informative and modest re: personal favor. Your point on the $ 35 is also my point. If one listens (and enjoys) a lot to a particular cd the overall 'hour price' is less than a glass of pop soda. If one does not like it, just leave it. Glynalone, your critics remark is so applicable. We knew Elvis was doing a completely different thing on tour than what was done in the studio. Maybe to balance things? I wish he had had more spunk in the studio. For clarity sake: I did enjoy the album back then and I still do. For me it's the miracle of Elvis' voice and not of a rosary.
John4126 wrote on April 10, 2010
Suzieb - Your 'moronic' comment is completely flawed when you use such words as 'absolute garbage'. You've lost all credibilty my friend.
derekd wrote on April 10, 2010
Elvis NOW was released in the Uk back in 1972. It got to #12 in the Uk album chart, but really it could have done better. We hear that I'm Leavin, Until its's time for you to Go & It's only Love were all left off because of there poor chart showing in the USA, but in the Uk they all charted well, expect I'm Leavin which just made it to #23. UNTIL peaked at 5, It's Only Love was released much later and peaked at #3 and First Time was the 'b' side of Trilogy which peaked at #8. Looking back 'NOW' got good reviews expect that it only had 10 tracks. I firmly believe that if the NOW Lp had included Leavin, Until, Only Love, Trilogy, and First Time it would have been regarded back in '72 as a truely great album and who's to say that it may even have been a Uk top 5 hit. With the exception one 1 track we now have the complete album and i'm enjoying it.
Swen wrote on April 10, 2010
Hi Tornado. I found "Until it´s time...." on an album called "Something Else" by Bassey. It´s a remastered version from 1999. Haven´t found the original recording. And to the rest of you folks: Do NOT criticise our dear editor!! :-) I´m only happy that this time he compared E. to a real singer and not a Dutch amateur. :-))
tornado wrote on April 10, 2010
Thanks Swen! I found a mention of the album finally, but there is a note saying that the Cie has deleted the album. Who knows they might reissue it someday. I'm just curious to hear her version and espaciallly the mood in wich she performs it.Mood is all about this kind of song. As for SuziB, how refreshing to read: " Who the hell cares if you’re prepared to pay $35 or not for it - your opinions are invariably ill informed and frankly a waste of most people's time reading them." I agree. Although I would support John 4126 on the attitude toward certain songs like Miracle Of The Rosary. I would not be so radical. Your credibility here can be quesitonned. Not a favorite of mine, Miracle Of The Rosary is still not garbage. Com'On there! Just a matter of opinion and taste. Overall I like your review on NOW, very accurate on many issues. I only regret that there is no outtakes available for We Can Make The Morning and for the record I love the male chorus work on this, especially the off-timing in wich they come in during the last portion of the song. How sad nobody seems to care really for the session tapes afterward.
Rob Wanders wrote on April 10, 2010
Playing this album (and the latest from Rufus Wainwright and 2 John Tavener-cd's) for 2 days now. And I do like it a lot. Love the Singles "Im leaving"and "its only love". And love the songs "We can make the morning", "Early morning rain" and "Until it's time". I think Elvis did a good job in that last song. I like the quietness and relaxed athmosphere of it. It's a pity the duetversions of "The first time" are not there. They're maybe on the "missing session reel". But I never like Elvis' version of this song so much. It's too fast and his second 'wo-o-wo"-part goes over the top. He skipped his over the top "wo-o-oh' in 1972. Much better. But still too fast and not as good as Roberta Flacks version or Johnny Cash version from 2002. Anyway: still enough splendid music to enjoy.
JerryNodak wrote on April 10, 2010
Except for "Hey Jude" (which I can tolerate within the confines of this album) I've always enjoyed this album a lot since its release back in the early '70s. Now there's even more to enjoy. 4 stars. Thanks, Ernst and FTD team.
Ken in Tasmania wrote on April 10, 2010
Hi Tornado.. Log into this site and then click on members , and there is a message in your inbox regarding ''Until it's time for you to go'' regarding Shirley Bassey
tornado wrote on April 12, 2010
I tend to agree with many that Evis's version of Hey Jude is a big dispointment. No wonder why it was left out of the major releases in 1969-70. I just don't feel it when he sings it. It's like he's having fun doing it, or like trying it just for the experiment, go figure... It was hard anyway for any singer, including Elvis, to top the Beatles's version. It's a signature song and besides I think Abby Road was technologically a better recording set than American. The British leaded the way in late 60 and early 70's in term of sound quality. Elvis didn't seems to care so much for recording technology, as long as he had a good time and felt doing a song he likes that's the only thing that counted, he wasn't even there when overdubs were done, he simply approved or not the final mix. But that was Elvis way and in many cases he did great anyway.
benny scott wrote on April 12, 2010
Right you are Tornado ! Just one small remark : correct me if i'm wrong, but Elvis was not always pleased or happy with the final mix of some finished songs. Always El.
KTemple wrote on April 12, 2010
Hey Loesje, Id be more than happy to send in a review of anything and it would be better than this one from Lex.
Loesje wrote on April 12, 2010
You've got mail K Temple :-)
Matthias Kuenzer wrote on April 12, 2010
I don't understand the complaints about the review. After all, Lex "Old Skiphand" Barker has actually listened to the CD. And any review gives a personal view, this one a bit more openly, in an entertaining way.
Dixieland Rock wrote on April 12, 2010
I love this release. I have always enjoyed this album including the track "Hey Jude".The thing is, when I bought this album back in the earlty 70s, I didn't worry about which track was recorded at what session or who engineered the sound & I never considered any of the songs "throwaways"". I bought it because it was a new album at the time & I got my moneys worth & welcome the upgraded release. At the time, I couldn't have cared less who worked on the sound. It sounded great whatever system I played it on. I am pleased to see this getting the FTD treatment.
tornado wrote on April 20, 2010
You're right benny scott, it was reported by many testimonies that Elvis didn't appproved the final mix on "certain" songs. But how amazing, an artist of this magnitude never put his foot down and demanded to be respected. That was the failure in his personnality: as a superstar as he was, and yet unable to hold his position on an artistic issue like his recordings as he would have liked them to be presented to the public. Just read the story behind the release of the Now LP in 1972 in the booklet from the new FTD cd release. It's clear as water that only RCA and the Colonel's managment seems to decide how to market the songs Elvis recorded and nowhere do we see Elvis in the decision process. We could go on this way. Basically, I understood from Alanah's Nash's book and especially the one on the Colonel, that there is no Elvis without the Colonel. They really had a weird relationship, to say the least. And I tend to agree with Alanah that in a dark way the Colonel replaced Gladys in his wooden and troubled mind. I've alway tought that Elvis is very similar to the character of Faust. He made a deal with the devil and became rich and famous but he lost his soul doing so at the end. His incapacity to grow old and be a mature man and artist trapped him an image and play he didn't master at the end: being the puppet of a star system that have crushed so many and still does today. Sorry for being so lyrical but that's how I see it. A god given talent, in an teenage boy that never got over 14 years old. Fascinating and lethal. Look how the project of a more folk oriented album like seems to be planned for the 1971 sessions went nowhere. Again, the recorded were overproduced. I love the new mix of The First Time I Ever Saw You Face, great sound Vic and Sebastian! Still it's a kind of a Fountain Of Love revisited, not folk oriented at all in the arrangement. I'm done.
JerryNodak wrote on April 20, 2010
Some Elvis fans really need to learn how to enjoy what Elvis left behind rather than constantly wringing their hands and going through the what if, shoulda', coulda', woulda' routine. Let it go, already. He's gone! It is what is. Enjoying what he left us is a far more rewarding exercise.
Orion wrote on April 21, 2010
It took mine a little while to cross the pond, but i must say it was worth the wait. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this one as it wasn't a CD/album that I have played much through the years. I guess it's because I never really enjoyed his take of "Help Me Make Ith Through the Night" when I was younger, but this CD has made me a fan. It's great to hear Elvis work on it until he's satisfied. The same goes for "It's Only Love" and "Fools Rush In". The highlight is listening to "Early Morning Rain" with headphones. It's as clear as a bell. Actually, the sound is great throughout as is the booklet. Kudos to FTD for putting together another winning release.
tornado wrote on April 22, 2010
Jerry, we love Elvis, we love his songs, his appeal, his mystique, his raw talent and we enjoy his musical legacy better than ever with the sound quality FTD provides today. But we grew up also since we discovered Elvis And as much as we're having a ball listening to his song today, we also can see, analyse and evaluate in the artistery the best from the mediocre and the even the worst. Today, more accurate information are avaiable. More than ever past events are documented and if you're a fan and love Elvis, you want to understand why this god-given talent was wasted to many mediocre movies, senseless long term engagement in Vegas and redundant tours (in USA only, like if the rest of the world didn't exist), why the best song writers could never get to Elvis and so on. I know we can't rewrite history, still it hurts to see how careless management was done for Elvis. And so we're trapped in a mix feeling with a release like NOW on FTD. FTD did the best they could with that album and the sound has never been better than that. So we can't deny our heart neither our reason to both enjoy and understand what went right and what went wrong. Ortherwise , would we care,? Or you might just want fans to comment like those morrons on the first version of TTWII and In Concert, with their pathertic praises of the King."'Oh! He's the king ... etc... " That said, I dig NOW, but not all the songs, Early Morning Rain, Fools Rush In, and We Can Make the Morning and I'm Leaving are my favorites. Heart and reason must not be ,can't be separeted here. What sense does this tribune has otherwise? But I must admit that almost everything has been said on Elvis since his death. Only Ernst' s book on the Sun era remains to be exposed now and provides additionnal informations on his ealy career.
Steve V wrote on April 22, 2010
I understand where Jerry is coming from, we cant change things. But I also share the feelings of tornado. When we were buying these LPs as they come out, we didn't know much about what went on behind the scenes, much about the Colonel, the song publishing, etc. Now we do and it hurts to know an artist of this caliber was treated so shabbily by his mgr, his label, and others running his career. And its not only the 70's If you read Leiber & Stoller's book you will see it happened way back when. It is a dirty rotten damn shame. I hate to say but I wish Elvis was smarter and cared a little more about his legacy. I dont really think he took himself that seriously after a while. It was more like a job, do a tour, put a record out, go back home I also wish he had the guts to fire the old man after Aloha and make that world tour. Going back to Vegas I feel was his death sentence. I was never a fan of Elvis Now as an album. I knew what it was back then. A thrown together 'lets get a product out' LP.
JerryNodak wrote on April 23, 2010
Tornado: I'm a fan. Been a fan ever since I saw Elvis on Ed Sullivan back in '56. That was long before the information explosion. You go ahead and analyze, re-analyze and re-re-analyze what went wrong all you want it won't change a thing. It is what it is, and I don't care about any of it. I'm just into enjoying the music. Matter of fact if I knew then what I know now I'd still buy all the albums and go to all the movies. Long live Elvis and the Colonel.
James69 wrote on April 23, 2010
Tornado, Jerry is so right, stop analyzing! Its a wonder you even enjoy the darn music. Elvis Now is what it is, an album with some great performances and some others not so great. And who are you to call fans morons?? At least they were there and saw Elvis Live, which I am safe to assume you never did! Maybe if you did you might have said the same thing. And the sound quality on NOW is no better than its been before, did you even listen to it properly?? If you did you would notice the sound is the same, no better, no worse. Enjoy the music Tornado, and stop trying to figure out why Elvis was this way or that way, it is what it is, and cannot be changed!
jeter wrote on April 23, 2010
It really irritates me that some fans complain and whine about these FTD releases. Elvis has been gone for almost 33 years,just be glad and appreciate the fact we have these releases to look forward to. Keep it up,FTD. Thank you so much.
benny scott wrote on April 24, 2010
Tornado, Steve,Jerry : I think all of you made some points here about this topic ! It's really a pleasure to see that all of you are true fans of our man, and that a discussion can take place in a civilized and polite way like you guys did ! Hats off ! Always El.
Expresleyelvis wrote on April 27, 2010
An absolute w i n n e r.
claunath82 wrote on April 30, 2010
A perfect FTD release, great packaging with the original rca victor logo and nice quality pictures with the same jumsuit as the cover, the sound is exelent, and the booklet is also very nice exept a picture inside from the on tour 72 out of concept here but this is realy a detail compared to the global high quality of that album. thanks FTD team, 5/5.
eric c wrote on May 01, 2010
This has always been a favorite of mine.I love the FTD release,especially with the singles I'm Leavin,Firsttime Ever I Saw Your Face & It's Only Love plus the jam Don't Think Twice It's Alright...all of which should have been included on the original album.I think it's a cool cover shot as well.Until It's Time For You To Go,Help Me Make It Through The Night,We Can Make The Morning and Early Mornin' Rain are my favorite songs included on the original LP.If you do not have this newest release from FTD....GET IT!
lvisfan wrote on May 25, 2010
This along with the "Love Letters" album were two of my favorites when I was a kid. It didn't matter whether he lacked any real rock n roll material. At the age I was, it just didn't concern me...it was Elvis! Mofoca22, I was at that Mobile concert where he performed "Trilogy". It was going great until after the big build up, Elvis started into the wrong verse and stopped the band and apologized. I remember it so clearly. He said "sorry, that was my fault". The band picked up where they left off and he finished it as good as I've ever heard him. Even in '77, his voice never failed him. I did hear an audience recording of it on some website somewhere, but can't remember where. I have it on cassette, but it is pretty distorted.