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Dallas/ Birmingham Update

April 09, 2010 | Music

FTD will soon make an official announcement for the double cd featuring both the Dallas and Birmingham December '76 shows. Mother company Sony has given permission to use both shows for an official release on the FTD label.

Tony C wrote on April 09, 2010
Glad this CD set is being released as planned, they were two great shows and deserve an official release.
SnOwMan wrote on April 09, 2010
Fantastic news! This new FTD will put the 2 awful Audionics releases (High Voltage and At Full Force) to shame. Bravo,Ernst! Keep the coming.
Erika Freiburger wrote on April 09, 2010
I sent back AT FULL FORCE to my dealer and i got a partial (60%) refund. Better than nothing. It's good to know that FTD will re-release these fantastic shows. Let's hope that the sound won't be ruined this time. Love,Erika
Orion wrote on April 09, 2010
I do not mind at all that FTD is going to release these two shows as a double CD set. This should be great news for those who have been unable to find the original imports, as there are a couple of imports that I haven't been able to track down and as such hope that FTD will get around to releasing the ones I can't find. As for these, I won't be purchasing them as I know they are both mono soundboards and know there isn't much more if anything that FTD can do to improve them soundwise. That doesn't mean the sound is bad - I encourage all those without the originals to pick these up. They are two of the best shows from his 1976 tours. I just want to go on record as saying that I must be one of the few who got a great pressing of "At Full-Force." The sound is cleaner and more up-front that on the original - another reason I won't be purchasing this one for the third time.
Natha wrote on April 10, 2010
It is logical that FTD plans to release these shows. The imports are pressed by the hundreds. Most of the regular fans don't have access to these. many a time I read here the question on how to get them! Their objective is to serve a wider scope of the fans. I for two (with Orion) am satisfied with the copies I have. I will only buy this one IF the FTD version is so outstanding soundwise that it is a more than just a noticeable improvement. But again: am happy about the official release.
GeertFromNl wrote on April 10, 2010
The sound was so much ruined on "High Voltage" that you had the feeling that you're listening to the concert through a cotton-wall. The fake stereo effect and the ugliest front cover of all time didn't help either. "At Full Force" was even worse. It's simply the weakest reissue in the bootleg history. The sound was 10 times worse than on the original Fort Baxter CD. After such disastrous attempts this new reissue should be only better. It's very hard to admit but i prefer Lene Reidel over the so called sound engineer (or sound destroyer?) of the Audionics label. The FTD has to be better. And you'll get 2 shows for your money.
benny scott wrote on April 10, 2010
Well, I must be, together with Orion and Natha (and also a few others declaring on another Elvis- site they have a very good sounding copy of "At Full Force") one of the lucky ones who got a indeed very good sounding silver disc of AFF. This doesn't mean I don't believe the fans writing about "a disaster" or "worst re-release" soundwise. They are right I suppose, but this proves to me that something must have been going wrong during the pressing-process of this "import" and very bad sounding copies found their way to different buyers . There are good-sounding copies of this disc around, believe me , and don't tell me this has something to do with my and/or some others' hearing. I've been a singer-songwriter for over more than 30 years and spent countless hours in recording-studio's, so I know when a finished product sounds very bad, bad, acceptable, good or very good. There has been so many bashing of this Audionics-release, and,once again I do believe there are many bad-sounding copies around, but not all of them ! As for the FTD release, I'm looking forward to it, hoping that this will be the end of an endless discussion about the sound-quality of this/these concert(s) on CD. Always El.
I Saw the Light wrote on April 11, 2010
Hey Benny, did you try to compare your 'good sounding' copy of 'At Full Force' with 'A Hot Winter Night In Dallas'? My copy was the c.r.a.p.p.y. one. I sold it, and now I'm waiting for the FTD edition. If there is a significant sound improved I'll buy it.
benny scott wrote on April 11, 2010
Hi i saw the light. No I didn't, due to the simple fact I wasn't able to buy the "A hot....". But i'm really not interested in comparing if I had the chance, because my Audionics copy sounds aweful. And by the way : when a cd,while playing, gives you good bass,midrange and treble, when the voice is nice upfront but not too much and well balanced with the band, when the backing singers do not dominate the sound, and when all the instruments are sounding clear and without distortion, (and ALL THIS I HEAR on my copy), would you pls be so kind to explain what, for heaven's sake, can one ask for more ? And what about our friend Orion, stating his copy sounds EVEN BETTER than the original ? That means he must own the two discs and must have compared. It's really unbelievable how stuburn and unwilling to believe some facts some people can be. I do believe, as I wrote before, that there are bad sounding copies made their way to ( probably a lot) buyers of this release. Is it that difficult to believe US who received a good one ? My experience as a recording artist is enough for me to have a personal judgment about the quality of the copy I own.I'm glad with the copy I own.Nothing personal of course, but if you want to react that's OK with me, you have the right to ! I'll read forthcoming reactions, but won't answer them anymore.Just (again) one last thing : i'm looking forward to the ftd release, not with , in the first place, the intention to compare, but to have this ftd in my collection. Always El.
benny scott wrote on April 11, 2010
Jesus, what a typing error !!! Of course I meant " my Audionics copy sounds AWESOME ". Must have been due to the fact I read so many times "awful" in connection with this topic. Sorry ! Always El.
I Saw the Light wrote on April 11, 2010
Come down, mate, I didn't mean to upset you. If you are happy with your cd, I'm happy for you.
benny scott wrote on April 11, 2010
Hi again i saw the light : i know you didn't mean to upset me (and you didn't ), that's why I wrote "nothing personal".It's just the fact that in the near past I wrote my opinion about this release in the context of another topic, and some members reacted in a not very polite way, so in the end one starts to get fed up, see. So no harm done, and I'm really sorry for you, you got a bad sounding cd.Wished you had a good one, so let's hope (as you wrote ) the FTD-release will be OK soundwise, and we all shall be happy having this concert(s) in our collection in good audio-quality. Always El.
FLY-TROUBLE! wrote on April 11, 2010
Benny,if you're satisfied with your faulty copy then be happy with that. The most important thing is that you are satisfied. At least you:)
Orion wrote on April 11, 2010
I'm not sure as to what constitues a "faulty copy" of "full-Force. I simply know that I have the original on Ft. Baxter and a just received the Audionics last week or so. The copy that I recieved sounds fine in comparison to the sound on Baxter's release. I listened to certain songs back-to back and there are differences in the sound. major ? no, but as I've already said these are mono soundboards and there's not a lot of studio magic that you can do to improve the sound. I'm sure FTD's will be a weeeee bit better because what they have should be the 1st generation copy of Bruce's cassette from the soundboard, and Baxter and Audionics might have really only to been able to get their hands on a 2nd or 3rd generation. The best example of what the difference might be is when you campare the Baxter release of Aug. 19, 1974 to the sound of the same show on FTD's "Nevada Nights." Are there diffrences ? yes, but not enought to claim the discovery of the holy grail. So, my advice is don't think you'll be blown away by a re-release of an older "import", but if you don't have the original then place your order for this upcoming FTD as they are both very enjoyable shows from a late-period Elvis show.
benny scott wrote on April 11, 2010
Fly-Trouble : that's what I meant writing " some stuburn people ". If you want to be one of them : suit yourself . It's as simple as that : YOU have a bad sounding copy , well, from your point of view EVERYBODY is supposed to have a bad sounding copy! Sorry chap, but it's not up to you to judge if my "at full force " sounds bad and is "faulty". And what do you have to say about Orion's statement ? Hope you have the fair-play to give your opinion on that statement either. Oh, and by the way, no, Orion, Natha and myself are NOT the only ones being satisfied with what we got. As I mentioned earlier, there are others ( on another Elvis-site , but I'm not allowed to name it ) claiming their Audionics sounds fine. But I suppose you won't believe them either. Well, seems it's really becoming hopeless....... But :I wish you good luck with the forthcoming FTD, and I mean that.Gonna buy it myself anyway. Always El.
whetherman wrote on April 11, 2010
benny scott, I believe you when you say you got a good sounding copy of At Full Force, because I got a good one too. In fact I was delighted with it and I do have the Fort Baxter release, as you say everything about the recording is pretty near perfect (on our copies). However, unless FTD screws up badly then it will all soon become irrelevant.
benny scott wrote on April 11, 2010
Hello whetherman , I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your posting ! I'm hoping that all the members who unluckily got a faulty copy will obtain a good sounding FTD. I have no hard feelings for those who didn't believe me, but sometimes it's hard to convince someone. And, like you wrote, let's hope FTD doesn't screw up the forthcoming release ! Wishing you and all the other members of this site, in spite of our different opinions, all the best ! Always El.
Edge_Of_Reality wrote on April 11, 2010
I'm still shocked how bad the sound on At Full Force is,so i'm waiting for the FTD version with open arms. Lene,please don't screw it up.
benny scott wrote on April 12, 2010
To all of you who got a bad sounding AFF : why not try to obtain a full or partial refund from your dealer, like Erika Freiburger did ? I'm really glad for her she obtained a partial refund. Nobody should have to lose (in many cases hard-earned)money because of a bad product . Just give it a try, if one doesn't try, one can't win ! Always El.
elvis9865 wrote on April 12, 2010
this may sound weird to some people, but i only think it is worth buying these if "you gave me a Mountain" and "jailhouse rock" is complete on the Dallas show because it is not complete on " hot winter in dallas"... because I believe those two songs made an Elvis concert =), otherwise I'm happy with the originals =)