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April 01, 2010 | Other

Elvis’ All-Time Best Practical Jokes for April Fools 2010!  Hourly, 7 am - 11 pm ET

Argo, Big Jim and TY will share the Memphis Mafia and touring musicians’ favorite stories of the tricks and jokes Elvis played on his friends and pals. From Red West’s water balloons and Joe Esposito’s "snakes on the set" to playing "hit man" possum in his Las Vegas suite with the boys and his backup singers, you’ll LOL with Elvis Radio! You can bet you’ll hear the laughing version of "Are You Lonesome Tonight" at least once.

Elvis Live In Concert: The Streisand Midnight Show March 28, 1975, Fri 4/2 8:00 pm ET

A “Star Wasn’t Born” on this night, although Elvis experts still question the “what could have been(s),” had Elvis taken Barbra Streisand’s offer of co-starring in her movie remake of A Star Is Born. Barbara and rookie producer/beau Jon Peters sat up front for this Vegas performance, and Jerry Schilling remembers after the show, how he and Joe Esposito were in the small meeting room backstage with Elvis and Team Streisand to discuss the potential opportunity. Colonel Tom Parker says Elvis didn’t want to do the movie. George Klein and Jerry say that Elvis most definitely wanted to make the picture. Esposito says Streisand and Elvis would not have worked well together, and perhaps disaster in Hollywood was averted. (1 hr)

Rebroadcast: Sun 4/4 12:00 am ET; Sun 4/4 10:00 pm ET; Tues 4/6 6:00 am ET

Saturday Special: Elvis’ Easter Special, Sat 4/3 12:00 pm ET

This Follow That Dream collectors label release features rare and powerful gospel outtakes. Elvis Radio gets your Easter weekend off to a very positive start with this special program. (1 hr)

Soundtrack Saturday Night: Fun In Acapulco, Sat 4/3 10:00 pm ET

Bill Rock’s Elvis Movie Of The Week is 1963’s Fun In Acapulco, which was not filmed in Mexico. Colonel’s faux pas created a PR media controversy for the King south of the border! (2 hrs)

Rebroadcast: Tues 4/6 10:00 pm ET; Thurs 4/8 5:00 am ET