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Alvin Stardust Tribute

March 30, 2010 | Music

Alvin Stardust, who had big hits with Pretend and A Wonderful Time Up There, among others, recorded a tribute to Elvis, called My Sweet Elvis. Here you have a personal message by Alvin to us, Elvis fans.

Source:Todd Slaughter
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on March 30, 2010
I alway thought he was more like Dave Berry or Gene Vincent on stage. Repeat's himself a lot. Never a fan of his.
Tony C wrote on March 30, 2010
I've always liked Alvin Stardust, he has made some great records and is a good live act. He has always been very complimentary towards Elvis, he hosted a radio tribute special in August 1987.
Ruthie wrote on March 30, 2010
What a delightful guy! Sorry to say I have never heard of him but I am sure he would be a fun & interesting guy to meet. And I am glad to hear I am toasting Elvis & enjoying some great Jack with Alvin & his friends!
al shookup wrote on March 31, 2010
Never been a fan of his, even when he was 'Shane Fenton' in 'The Fentones'. Very much a poor mans Billy Fury! How much of this is him just plugging his own album?
old shep wrote on March 31, 2010
Born Bernard Jewry, then changed his name to Shane Fenton and later to Alvin Stardust which was his most successful incarnation. Saw him perform once on a tour with Suzzi Quatro very good too. Among Alvin's guitar collection which we see in this video, he has a battered old acoustic which was signed by the likes of Eddie Cochran and Buddy Holly who he toured with in 1959. Anything positive regarding Elvis is good news so it's nice to see that artists such as Alvin, Marty Wilde and indeed Cliff are still singing Elvis' praises.
Natha wrote on March 31, 2010
Maybe he is (also) plugging his own album, All Shook Up. On the other hand there is an exposure of Elvis to his fans which may lead to a better understanding of the King's influence on the popular music scene as a whole. It is great to hear and read people of different musical standings show their appreciation and exitement regarding Elvis and his inflence on their music/life. The modern youths should heed this more. Then we can counteract the silly representations of the King!
Harvey Alexander wrote on April 01, 2010
To Old Shep - Alvin never toured with Buddy Holly in 1959. He met him on his UK tour in March 1958. This was before Alvin had made his first records as Shane Fenton. He's a nice guy and I'm sure his Elvis tribute is genuine.
Charo wrote on April 01, 2010
It's always nice to see a present day artist of long standing who tells the world proudly that he is an Elvis fan. Yes he is plugging his own album, but he has also written a tribute song to Elvis, and we need all the decent comments about him to counteract all the nastiness written by Elvis' so-called "friends". Those were wonderful times too, and he invokes such memories of hearing Elvis for the first time. So I hope younger fans can also enthuse about when they first became aware of Elvis, and of how much he means to them.