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Myrna Not Allowed To Leave Hospital

March 24, 2010 | People

Despite the good hope that Myrna had to travel to Vienna today to perform with The Sweet Inspirations, The TCB Band and Dennis Jale, things turned out differently. The doctor did not allow Myrna to leave the hospital because he thinks she is not ready to go yet. It is the highest priority that Myrna will recover 100% before getting back on stage! We all know that we would love to see that Elvis was surrounded by a good medical staff that obligated him to wait for a complete recovery before getting back on tour. The owners of the TCB Fanclub: Ross, An and Bridget are with Myrna to take care of the practical things! The TCB Fanclub knows how to TCB

FLY-TROUBLE! wrote on March 24, 2010
Get well soon,Myrna.
MarkJ wrote on March 24, 2010
I know the older fans will drill me on this but all of them old time musicians need to take advantage of their senior citezenship and stop working for a living. Get out and enjoy what little life they have left with their grandkids. This woman is putting her health at risk touring all over the world on a daily schedule to make Elvis fans happy. She needs to be relaxing before she ends up dropping dead of a heart attack.
Sodman wrote on March 24, 2010
In which hospital in London is Myrna? I´m going to London tomorrow on vacation. Can anyone visit her? What are the visiting times?
JustPretend1975 wrote on March 24, 2010
I visited Myrna last weekend in name of ElvisMatters so i think i can answer: Sodman: That info is kept private - how good all intentions may be, it would not be ok to spread out private details like this... MarkJ: i don't think you can speak in stead of the musicians. they are not performing anymore for the money...they do it because they WANT to. They love to go on stage, they love to have contact with the people. Staying home is just the thing what they don't want and they rather travel. It's their own personal choice and they know what best they can handle or not - example Jerry Scheff: he is still a member of the TCB Band (performing again this weekend), but he decided to be selective in the concerts/tours he wants to be part of..The last video concert tour was to busy for him, so he skipped that. Also, any one can get sick at any time. Fact that it happened to Myrna in a strange country is just bad luck.
Martin DJ wrote on March 25, 2010
The sad truth is that most musicions don't have pension plans and have no source of income, hence they are forced to keep working. Composers (if they are successful) receive royalties they can live on, musicians don't. (That's why a lot of jazz muscions perform into their eigthies.) Still, the members of the TCB band obviously enjoy performing, although it must be exhausting to travel. A couple of years ago the band were late leaving Paris, they left at about 5 O'Cclock for Rotterdam, didn't have time to check into their hotel and were on stage at 8 for Elvis the Concert.
Mofoca22 wrote on March 26, 2010
i hope she dont get back on stage till she is better. she needs to take care of herself before making us fans happy. because if shes sick and not well how will she make any of us happy if she dies on us. we want her to be healthy and living way past 100