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Contract Graceland For Sale

March 24, 2010 | Other

Just weeks after successfully selling the original marriage certificate issued to Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley in 1994 (for $70,800), Philip Weiss Auctions is offering yet another blockbusting piece of rock ‘n’ roll history: the original contract to purchase Graceland in Memphis, Tenn., in 1957, signed by Elvis Presley and both his parents.

The rare document – plus other property contracts signed by Elvis -- will be offered on the weekend of Apr. 23-25. The consignor of the Elvis documents is a gentleman who had worked at a law firm in Memphis that specialized in real estate. In 1987, the company was purging its old files and one file – marked “Elvis Presley” – was about to be thrown out when the gentleman retrieved it from the trash.

Also in the file (and to be offered Apr. 25) was the contract to acquire the home Elvis initially purchased in Memphis, at 1034 Audubon Road. That document is also signed by all three Presleys and details the price paid and the terms. Later, when Elvis purchased Graceland, part of the agreement had him turning the Audubon Road property over to Ruth Brown Moore.

Also sold will be the documents for Elvis’s purchase of the Circle G Ranch. The remarkable thing is that the documents are coming to auction at all; normally, they remain within a family or get loaned to a museum. Rarely do such items come up for bid.

Dan wrote on March 24, 2010
give it to Graceland....let the fans enjoy it!
lamp light wrote on March 24, 2010
This should never be up for auction these documents definitely belong at Graceland. I guess the almighty dollar rules it's a shame.
dgirl wrote on March 24, 2010
I agree - should be on display in the manison. Come on EPE, purchase this and display it. This one is a no brainer.
2kisses&3scarfs wrote on March 24, 2010
Is this really the original, or is this a copy of the original contract? I thought Graceland had this on display when they were celebrating the 50th anniversary of the purchase, and they had that special exhibit in 2007. Am I wrong? If Graceland doesn't have this, then absolutely they should buy it.
Tony C wrote on March 24, 2010
There are always at least two copies of these contracts, one for the buyer and one for the seller.
benny scott wrote on March 24, 2010
Very good remark Tony ! In any case, there should be 1 copy staying at Graceland. If there is one already : OK . If not : would really be a shame if they didn't purchase it ! Agree with Dan, lamp light, dgirl and 2kisses ! Always El.
LuckyJackson wrote on March 24, 2010
The deeds were on display as part of the VIP when I was there 2008 - think this sale is the contract the real estate office keep on file.
elvis14 wrote on March 24, 2010
a friend of mine gave me a copy of this.
KTemple wrote on March 26, 2010
So Elvis14, you have a copy of this as well??
sunrecords56 wrote on March 30, 2010
This is being done in oceanside New York about 25 miles from New York City. But this is just the real Estate offices copy, not the Property of the Presley Family yes they are the Presley signatures, but not the Property of the presley family. But people are dumb enough to out bid each other to buy anything, Like the Red Jailhouse Rock Jacket. PT Barnum was in love with these kind of people. And when the auction is over, i can get you a good deal on this Bridge in Brooklyn that connects with New York City.
Mystery Rider wrote on April 01, 2010
Further good news for the bidders who will out bid each other to own what is not a Real Elvis Presley item but a Real Estate Copy, 15 Percent sellers Premium, and 13 Percent buyers premium. So go for it you sillies, and make somebody rich.
Jumpin Jehosaphat wrote on April 02, 2010
Hey you forgot the 8.65 percent sales tax in NY...so that makes a 50,000 sale cost over $ 61,000 , amazing I love it