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We Want Gaga And... Elvis

March 19, 2010 | Other

The British public recently voted that the duet they’d most like to see happen would be with the late Elvis Presley and Lady GaGa, according to a new online poll by Match.com.

Kate Taylor from Match.com said: “Lady GaGa and Elvis are both strong vocalists, with great charisma who just ooze sex appeal. They’re passionate, powerful performers who aren’t afraid to show their emotions through their music. Just think of the fireworks if these two had ever shared a stage together.”

She continues: “Today over half of us believe a potential partner’s taste in music is very important (55%). Why? Because music helps forge a bond at the start of a relationship, provides strength during difficult times and triggers happy memories to keep the spark alive.”

The top 5 most-wanted duets as voted by the UK public are:

  1. Lady Gaga and Elvis Presley
  2. Michael Buble and Nina Simone
  3. Aretha Franklyn and Luther Vandross
  4. Barbara Streisand and Will Young
  5. Bonnie Tyler and Meat Loaf
Steve V wrote on March 19, 2010
This would be a mega mega mega hit record. She actually has a pretty good voice behind all the hoopla & outfits. I hope this happens. She did a duet with Elton John at the Grammys that worked pretty well. This could even be better.
italianfan wrote on March 19, 2010
I think this could work well too. As long as she realised it was Elvis with Lady Gaga, and not the other way around. She cant try to fight Elvis for the spotlight.
dgirl wrote on March 19, 2010
It would work and it would sell tons The right song could be a lot of fun. There is no one bigger than Gaga right now in the music industry. No one! You want folks to discover Elvis? You want a # 1 hit? You want younger fans? This is the ticket. Not Camdens, or new comp CDs. The only way Elvis will be heard on radio on stations that matter would be something like this. Then maybe an interest may sparkle for new fans to buy some back catalog. Bring it on! I can hear the downloads starting already.
theoldscudder wrote on March 19, 2010
Here's the sonario. They do a duet & it sells. Some youngsters are interested in Elvis. Is it curiousity on their part? It really does not matter. The point is they are willing to plop down a few scheckles for the King. A good thing. But what I see happening is the parent company puts out a new album with Elvis & Gaga. They then slap together 10 more tired movie soundtrack songs & a live tune or two & completely turn off the people that bought the thing in the first place. Deja Vu another Elvis Sings Burning Love & Hits From The Movies.
sitdown revamped wrote on March 19, 2010
what would be a good song to come up with, any info about Gaga's preferencies...it's not gonna be a Christmas duet, I guess ;-) How about: Way Down, High Heel Snkeakers, It's Only Love, Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues...If you Don't Come Back...done with a real soul feel...
Harvey Alexander wrote on March 20, 2010
Elvis and Des O'Connor would be much better. Des has just as much credibility as Lady GooGoo. And he's better known to the British public. And he has a nicer smile. And they're coming to take me away. Ho ho, hee hee, ha ha.
NONE000000 wrote on March 20, 2010
It is weird that I am so in favor of trying the remix treatment on most any Elvis song, but generally so opposed to duets--even if it is someone I really like (Springsteen, Prince, Sting or Lady Gaga or many others). I am not sure if this is because that Christmas CD was such a horrible horrible travesty or because that duet with Celine Dion was even worse than the Christmas CD. I guess there's a sense that while singing a duet with Elvis Presley certainly will raise the profile and make any singer feel like they've really "made it", all it can do is bring Elvis down a notch. I mean, on the Christmas CD all I could think was "Wow. If Elvis were alive the only way he'd have sung a duet with ________ was if it was the 1960's and you got cast as Petunia, the gardener's daughter. I just don't think they work for some reason. Most Elvis songs just do not work as duets (in my probably-unpopular opinion). I think "Don't Cry Daddy" with Lisa Marie worked, but nothing else has (not "In The Ghetto", none of the Christmas songs and definitely not "If I Can Dream"). If he were still alive, and if it were something he wanted to do (so so sooo seriously doubtful) then maybe it could work--the way it did with the 2 Sinatra duet albums or the way kd lang and Tony Bennett did it, but those jazzier types of songs seem more likely to work in a duet setting. They did a posthumous Dean Martin duet cd not too long ago and with the exception of one track, that cd really didn't work either (again, just my dumb opinion). The song that worked is called Baby-O and it is a very jazzy swinging song. Maybe if they tried a track like "Such a Night" or "City By Night"? I don't know. I think I feel about the duets they way a lot of you feel about the remixes.... just not a good idea.
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on March 20, 2010
Lady Gag-her....what's all the fuss about,you won't hear of her this time next year...hopefully !
Steve V wrote on March 20, 2010
deke - she just sold out 3 shows at MSG yesterday in a matter of hours. I don't think she will be forgotten that quickly. A duet with her could get Elvis a #1. The fact that she is doing a world tour only helps. The fact that Elvis never did one still disgusts me to do this day. But we have those cheesy movies to enjoy I guess.
Sirbalkan wrote on March 20, 2010
Lady Gaga was just at 02 arena before Elvis concert in February. Extra date added to her schedule. Well belive it or not we will se her next year too. She is considered as the next Madonna and her video clips numbers passed even the biggest video hits like 143 million. I can not imagine Lady Gaga and Elvis singing Let yourself Go. Wow !!!
FJE wrote on March 21, 2010
Take it easy guys. Just because this was voted as the first choice by the British public doesn't mean it's going to happen. I'm sure Lady Gaga, who has been doing quite well for the past two years, doesn't need Elvis to help her career. Just ask my 16-year-old niece, who has been a fan of her ever since she appeared (twice) on the Isle Of MTV Show here in Malta. But, on the other hand, if it does happen it would sure give Elvis' popularity a boost, especially among today's youth.
Harvey Alexander wrote on March 21, 2010
In answer to a couple of posts here: 1) Gaga the next Madonna? Let's hope not. One is bad enough. Just because someone is popular doesn't make them good. (Think Boyzone or Justin Timberlake.) Listen to Madonna's mangling of 'American Pie' - proof positive that she hasn't got a clue about music. Could she jam with a band in a bar? No. She's one of those performers who needs dancers on stage with her to create an atmosphere and pro-tools to make records. 2) As for people discovering Elvis. I fail to see how they can't fail to come across him. He's everywhere - more so than any other entertainer. I hear him on the radio every day, his films are always on TV and theres nearly always refrences to him (either good or bad) in the media. He's been dead for 33 years. His legacy speaks for itself. Why try making him something he's not via association with the latest flavour of the month pop star? It smacks of desperation. 3) We already have Elvis singing 'Let Yourself Go'. Please explain why any 'fan' would want part of that removed in order for somebody else's voice to replace it? 4) Elvis doesn't need hit records. He's way beyond that. His records continue to sell in huge quantities. As far as hit records go, he's had more than anyone else ever will. He's The King, after all.
Deano1 wrote on March 21, 2010
Whether it would ever happen or not is really a secondary issue. The fact that the British population (or at least the population that uses Match.com) is still interested in Elvis is good to hear. Lady Ga-Ga may fade from the scene and never be heard from again, but right now she is the hottest thing in the music business and for Elvis to still be considered hip is a credit to his career. If they did the duet, would I be mad? No. Would I buy it? No. Would it be good to see Elvis name in the top 10 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart again? Yes.
NONE000000 wrote on March 21, 2010
Harvey Alexander~~ Just wanted to say I agree with everything you said! (well, except #4 kinda. I agree he doesn't need more hit records at this point, but I still love it when it happens. "Little Less Conversation" was such a cool thing to happen. Being out at a dance club and hearing Elvis and seeing tons of kids on the dance floor was a very very cool feeling. But really that stemmed from 2 things: the non-remixed version was used in a popular movie--Ocean's 11--and then a remix of that song was used for some sports thing on tv, so it got a really wide audience and won them over. It was a fluke. And though I firmly believe Elvis has not seen his last #1 hit song, I also don't think it can be manufactured at this point. I think it will be another out-of-left-field fluke, where some director decides "Long Legged Girl" or some other obscure track would be perfect for the movie they are shooting and maybe it captures the public's attention. But I'd be willing to bet it certainly will not be a phony duet with whomever is the popular artist of the moment.)
Sirbalkan wrote on March 23, 2010
Harvey... As you already know, Rubberneckin' and LLC wroked very well. Even Spankox' singles gave Elvis number ones in charts. Today if you release a single of Elvis, I am not sure if he successes as much as he didn in 2005 in UK. We are talking global so nobody will pay for a single today. "Fan" wants to keep Elvis' legacy alive as long as it's very professional. Today Lady Gaga is considered Madonna ( She has more talented than American Pie, Elvis is more talented then Old McDonald too) and it's very good to see that still people vote for Elvis instead of Justin Timberlake. I think it could work fine with Let Yourself Go. The original will always be the original but what's wrong with releasing a cover with today's talented signer,performer?
dgirl wrote on March 23, 2010
Amen Sirbalkan. You will always have the original to play and to be discovered by new fans. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this idea. Gaga is way more talented than Madonna as a singer and it could work well. I dont think Elvis will ever hit #1 again unless it is something like this or a fabulous remix like ALLC which by the way had other elements working for it like the Nike ad and being featured in movies. I dont know about a whole album of duets, but there is nothing wrong in the perfect single. 'C'mon Everybody' ,don't be stuck in the dark ages. Let's progress a little.
Sirbalkan wrote on March 23, 2010
Thanks dgirl... Always EL... ;)