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1971 Summer Festival

March 19, 2010 | Music

Coming soon from the Showroom Label is this 4 CD Longbox with Booklet. It contains 4 Shows from the 1971 Summer Festival: Aug. 21 M.S., Aug. 24 M.S., Aug. 30 D.S. and the Sep. 3 M.S..

All 4 Shows are good Audience Recordings and 3 of them never before released on factory made CDs.

GEORGE (GK) wrote on March 19, 2010
Love that Jumpsuit on the CD cover and back cover. I wish Elvis had worn that suit more often on stage. I hope the CDs are of great quality !!
lamp light wrote on March 19, 2010
Love him in this Jumpsuit it's rare to see him in this one he didn't wear it that much and i don't know why he looked fantastic in it. Will definitely get this CD when it comes out.
elvis sweden wrote on March 19, 2010
2 of them haven't been released on silver disc before 1971 30 august d.s and 1971 3 september m.s
Linda Kovalcik wrote on March 19, 2010
Nice cover but i won't buy bad audience recordings.
elvis sweden wrote on March 19, 2010
Correction from me it should be 1971 24 august m.s and not 1971 30 august d.s that have been on silver disc before :))
Ciscoking wrote on March 19, 2010
21.8.71 MS we had on The Cisco Kid Strikes Again 24.8.71 MS we have on CDR Stronger Than Ever 30.8.71 DS we had on Las Vegas Stage Show 3.9.71 MS we have on CDR His Latest Flame All 4 shows belong to the better ones of this season with the one from September being the best i think..with a few lines of His Latest Flame. The sound throughout is ..let`s say average..perhpas they ever improved it a bit. The tape we have from 24.8. MS is incomplete with Opening and intros missing. I am curious what they did..;-)
Ciscoking wrote on March 19, 2010
I meant ..perhpas they even improved it..sorry for the typo
Pedro Nuno wrote on March 19, 2010
The spetember show is outstanding. Just fantastic. Hope the source is better than the one in "his latest flame".
NONE000000 wrote on March 20, 2010
I pretty much never manage to get hold of any of these bootlegs, but that sure is nice packaging!