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Rockin' Rebels

March 13, 2010 | Music

Those who missed the classic bootlegs or last year's CD-versions... there'll be another change soon to get the Rockin' Rebel series, since it will be re-issued later this month. They will be available on Amazon.co.uk.


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marco31768 wrote on March 13, 2010
Amazon ? Amazon sells boots ???
Tony C wrote on March 13, 2010
They are not bootlegs any more, the material on them is now out of copyright. This probably means that new compilations will also be created like they have with the "Legendary Performer" series. We will probably have "Rockin' Rebel Vol.16" by Christmas! I can still remember my joy around thirty years ago over picking up volumes one and three at an Elvis convention in London. The covers were amazing enough and I could not wait to get home to play them. I picked up volume two a year later. Exciting times, made more so because we were being starved of new material by RCA. How we longed for what would eventually become FTD.
drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on March 14, 2010
Ahh the good old days of record fairs and Elvis conventions when you would queue up just to get in first to grap the latest 'bootleg'...aka 'imports' ,i too remember grabbing these beauties in the early 80's and wishing RCA would release material like that?....There are so many classic early boots on vinyl and some have found there way on to the cd-format over the years. Hope more do find there way on to the public domain banner and are released in the same covers etc as that was part of the thrill sometimes of buying these classic vinyl......loved the raw sound on some of these and let's hope it has not been tampered with and they stick to the sound as per original boot.....most if not all material on Rockin' Rebels series has been issued officially on some early boxsets so if you have not got these now a chance to grap some classic covers and boots......
Natha wrote on March 14, 2010
Indeed. Indeed. When you see those wonderful covers and listen to those lps, one recalls those days. Yes after a few spins maybe not as crispy any more, but what a sensational time. The material has been published already, but still. It makes me appreciate these days where we can get a flood of cds.
Ciscoking wrote on March 14, 2010
Plain C-R-A-P...superfluous.. But those were the days.when YOU were a King , too..I remember getting the first Volume..I was the proudest man on earth..believe me..I couldn`t get enough from these beauties..my father mustn`t know about them casue they were way too expensive. lol..so I let em come via PO Box...lol..
Steve V wrote on March 14, 2010
Great back in the day, but their time has long past. Putting these out on CD now is only a way for the marketer to separate the more fanatical fans from their money. No need for this at all.
theoldscudder wrote on March 14, 2010
I had these when they first came out. I agree with Steve V, they were good in the day. I wouldn't buy them today.
Natha wrote on March 15, 2010
Steve V you are so right. Actually I was only referring to the fact that in those days it was hard to lay your hands on such an LP. Sometimes there was only one and one just missed the opportunity. Now-a-days there are many and copying is easy. I won't be buying this one too, as I have the content on other cds.
lamp light wrote on March 15, 2010
I also have these when they first came out and i love them don't think i will be buying the re-issue ones though. They are a nice collection.