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Get Down And Dirty - Correct Tracks

March 05, 2010 | Music

Today we received a corrected tracklisting for the upcoming Gravel Road Music release Get Down And Dirty.

Reel 1

01 Stagger Lee/Any day now
02 I Got my mojo working
03 Mary in the morning
04 I’ve lost you
05 I’ve lost you
06 Stranger in the crowd
07 The next step is love
08 You don’t have to say you love me
09 You don’t have to say you love me
10 You don’t have to say you love me
11 Sweet Caroline
12 Yesterday
13 Hey Jude
14 I can’t stop loving you
15 It’s your baby you rock it
16 Crying time
17 Riders in the sky / Surrender
18 Runaway
19 It’s now or never / Danny Boy
20 Peter Gunn theme

Reel 2

01 Walk a mile in my shoes
02 Love me
03 One night
04 Alla en el rancho grande / Twenty days and twenty nights
05 Thats’s all right
06 Twenty days and twenty nights
07 That’s all right
08 Roll out the barrel / That’s “Warner brothers”theme / I could have danced all night / Danny boy
09 Twenty days and twenty nights
10 Twenty days and twenty nights / I never fal in love again
11 Suzie Q
12 Patch it up
13 Cotton fields
14 Sylvia
15 Stranger in the crowd
16 Stranger in the crowd
17 Mona Lisa
18 How the web was woven
19 I’ll take you home again Kathleen / My wish came true

Ciscoking wrote on March 05, 2010
Somehow it really looks interesting....I got curious....25 more minutes of unreleased material..
Linda Kovalcik wrote on March 05, 2010
25 minutes of unreleased silence,hamburger eating,f.rting and belching. I can't wait to hear them.
Rebelking wrote on March 05, 2010
On this tracklist is more there are more songs than I have on the old Get down and get with it by Baxter. plus the sound will be better if I think of their previous releases none were disapointing.
HangLoose wrote on March 05, 2010
'You Know,It Don't Have To Be Strictly Country' was disappointing. Just for the record.
benny scott wrote on March 06, 2010
Linda Kovalcik : 83 typed characters, full of b...sh.. and rudeness ! Better spew out your poison if you have a reason to do so, but AFTER having listened to the release , and not before ! Always El.
Jerome-the-third wrote on March 06, 2010
well Linda could be right- on The brightest Star many minutes of silence can be heard- this might be the same here..
I Saw the Light wrote on March 06, 2010
If there is something good in this 25 minutes, it would be released on the old Fort Baxter cd. Both labels have used the same tape, anyway. But, maybe I'm wrong, lets wait and see..
SnOwMan wrote on March 06, 2010
Linda is right. When this label reissued 'The Brightest Star On Sunset Boulevard' 1 year ago they advertised that there will be unreleased material on it. But finally there wasn't! Now it seems that we'll get 25 minutes of unreleased silence and barely audible talking. Great...
Rebelking wrote on March 06, 2010
Well, according the liner notes of Strictly country, they gave us the original acetates and wanted to give it the way it was recorded back then, Not an enhanched version only cleaned which would change the original recordings. They delivered IMO. I guess some really don't have it otherwise they would have known it and read the linernotes . With The brightest star release of last year, I don't hear silence inbetween only when i play it the car. Its by far one of the best released, Guess a cheap hifi set is not suited, like my car stereo ;-( On the other hand , we will have new stuff, I notice more tracks. The sound of Gravelroad is always the best compaired to what has been released.
HangLoose wrote on March 06, 2010
'You Know,It Don't Have To Be Strictly Country vol.1.' was such a big failure that the planned vol.2. wasn't even issued. Due to the low sales and unsatisfied fans G.R. rather reissued 1970 rehearsals which were far more popular. As for G.R. and good sound quality,basically you're right,they offer good sound quality usually. But they screwed up a few things here and there. For example 'The Brightest Star On Sunset Boulevard' was mastered way too quietly. You have to turn up the volume to hear Elvis and the band but then it is too hissy. Even worse,the second half of CD2 was mastered much louder. The sudden change in volume is not that horrific as on the Today FTD (between track 10-Green Green Grass Of Home and track 11-Tiger Man) but still quite noticeable.
benny scott wrote on March 06, 2010
Rebelking : that's what I meant : let's wait for the release before slamming it down. I can hardly believe the label announcing 25 minutes of unreleased material and then come up with "just silence", this would be "false information given "! And even if there should be more talking, I wouldn't care, being a singer myself I know what's going on in a recording studio, and studio-banter can be interesting. I'm not saying it always is ! So I repeat : let's wait and see. Always El.
Linda Kovalcik wrote on March 06, 2010
Benny Hill: then re-buy the same rehearsal and be happy with the extra 25 minutes of nothing! Yes,the studio banter can be interesting. But only if it's audible...
benny scott wrote on March 06, 2010
I'll check for myself if this release was worthwhile buying. I never judge in advance. Linda : you can call we what you want, I just don't give a damn at all. ( maybe I should be honoured, Benny Hill was a very good comedian and actor and loved by millions) Lol! Always El.
drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on March 06, 2010
I see the usual comments trashing releases before they are out have again shown there colours.I don't understand why people have to slate a release again and again?......what do you people actually buy?..this release will be in my collection as with everything else i buy because that's what i do and it gives me a little bit of magic that is Elvis Presley,i remember buying the vinyl 'From the waist up' when it was released and thinking just how fab it was when i played it....since then all the material on that album has re-emerged on different formats and sound has been improved, but back then fans were happy to get what they could....to me this is still the same today as it was back then,why oh why can we not be thankful for all things Elvis and if you don't want to buy any release then no problem.By the way may i thank the usual 'positive ' fans and you know who you are for the excellent reviews and comments....this forum will be much better with imput from fans like you.
Jerome-the-third wrote on March 06, 2010
Benny Hill :-)..
Steve V wrote on March 06, 2010
Benny Hill was a funny guy, Im just saying.
benny scott wrote on March 06, 2010
drjohn : a big "amen" to that ! Always El.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on March 06, 2010
I see the usual you cant have a view unless its a nice one comments! Brightest star on sunset blvd reissue had issues,including the sound being too low and the mix not right! Not to mention the unreleased material that seemed to dissapear on that release! People really need to understand that someones view is there view,it makes no difference if you think there view is wrong for whatever reason, of course this will never happen! Just understand that everyone doesnt buy everything and for some quality matters!
benny scott wrote on March 06, 2010
Mature, that's not the point IMHO . The point is that some releases are being condemned again and again by (almost always ) the same people ,even before the product saw the light of day. In that case, how can one judge the quality of such product ? Always El.
Natha wrote on March 07, 2010
Benny Scott, again I like to state that compaired to the seventies we are all very spoilt with release after release. People obviously have not much to look forward to anymore. Apart from tits and bits most is released. Yet there are many new fans who do not have (or could not buy) earlier releases. Hence - as you rightly stated - we should wait for report by those who bought this CD and give a neutral report on content, sound quality etc. Some here can do that, others are only expressing opinions. My personal motto is: only read valuable reports. It has nothing to do with 'only nice comments'. Every one of us have preferences. It is however sometimes annoying just to read the same story over and over again. And as it is many times stated: if you (don't) like it, (don't) buy it.
benny scott wrote on March 07, 2010
Hi Natha, couldn't agree more with your statement ! ( seems ,in the passed,we've been more than one time on the same track !) . Well, I'm not a new fan at all, but missed a lot of "imports" in the past, at that time not knowing where to get them. Some time ago I managed to obtain most of those imports. So "Get Down And Dirty" will find it's way to my mailbox. Only after having had the possibility to listen to it I'll be able to judge this release . Wishing you all the best ! Kind regards from my small country ! Always El.
Natha wrote on March 07, 2010
Hi Benny Scott, indeed we regularly share the same views. I wonder why?! Believe it or not, but have been an Elvis Fan for more than 40 years and only discovered the existence of the ELVIS CDs in 2002. Now having some 500 CDs I still appreciate that a lot of people take the time to produce those CDs. Now I have the time and the money (!) to enjoy and afford the richness of the Elvis Legacy. I skip a few (thanks to Ciscoking's useful remarks) lately. I have to check my database by now to decide, but only AFTER report of actualy listeners. Keep me posted! Elvisly yours
Linda Kovalcik wrote on March 07, 2010
Sathan and Benny Hill: you share the same views because you're both grumpy old men over 60. You have too much free-time and more than enough money to buy these rehash releases. A suggestion: ignore these reissues and send the money to the Haitian orphans instead!
Natha wrote on March 07, 2010
Luckily I am neither grumpy nor over 60 :-)
Ciscoking wrote on March 07, 2010
I`d say this beauty should have its place in a well assorted collection..great stuff in any case.. If you have the old release you might ignore it..but I will get it anyway..nice upgrade..
dgirl wrote on March 08, 2010
I love Jack Scott - have all his records and I am almost 60. But am I also into some of todays artists. I just cant understand fans that keep buying the same stuff under new covers in hopes of finding a hidden gem when u know that is impossible, Truthfully do any of you play these CDs more than a handul of times? Dont kid yourself, they wont be collectors items. Better to get into some new (or old) music which you havent discovered yet. You may find out there is a lot of music out there you may actually wind up playing more frequently than you imagined. This coming from a 50+ year Elvis fan. Elvis usually gets a spin weekly but I'm so happy I have moved on before it is too late. Variety is the spice of life.
Natha wrote on March 08, 2010
DGirl, I listen to other rock 'n' roll too and I listen to Elvis everyday. At least I listen to the Cd recorded on the day. An the recently bought ones. So at the end I hear them all. I stated that I will check out what's new. I am not going to buy the same stuf over and over! So let's wait and read what is actually new before judging.
benny scott wrote on March 08, 2010
Hey dgirl. This is gonna be a rather long posting ( normally I keep them as short as possible.) First of all : my respect for having the guts of writing your +/- age. Personally I'm way over 60, but not at all grumpy ( as another so-called "fan" sujests), I'm alive and kicking, and as a singer doing next week 2 concerts with a live band, in my hoimetown Bruges in Belgium.Glad a
benny scott wrote on March 08, 2010
Oops, having trouble putting this on the net. Anyway, dgirl, seconly: I do NOT rebey over and over. As a matter of fact I do not own the previous Fort baxter, so this Get Down And Dirty will be new in my collection. And thirdly : as for other music and singers here's the music I listen to on an almost daily basis, not coming from the radio, but from my persinal collection of vinyl and CD : elvis (of course), jerry lee lewis, eddie cochran, buddy holly, little richard, fats domino, chuck berry, bill haley, gene vincent, carl perkins, carl mann, roy orbison, everly brothers, conway twitty, jack scott, johnny cash, johnny burnette,marty robbins, bobby darin, johnny ray, frankie laine, creedence clearwater revival, the mavericks, the platters, the four aces, the inkspots, the mills brothers, the bachelors, tommy edwards, brook benton, jerry vale, frank sinatra, nat king cole, mario lanza, dion and belmonts, bobby vinton, the beatles, cliff richard, the shadows, les paul and mary ford, freddy fender, louis prima, ray charles, abba, billy holiday, vera lynn, shirley bassy, doris day, connie francis, patsy cline, edith piaf, gilbert becaud, charles trenet, charles aznavour,michel sardou, felix leclerc, freddy quinn, rudi shuricke, salvatore adamo, billy vaughn, santo and johnny, andre moss, toon herman, wim sonneveld, rob de nijs, louis neefs, ... ansd some others, not coming to my mind immediatly. And if there are no modern names among them,well, so be it. It's the kind of music I like and love .After all, that my choice. Best regards, and also to Natha who I, even if i don't know him personally and not knowing in wich country he lives, consider as a soulbrother and who's postings I always read with pleasure, because they always give proof of common sense. Always El.
benny scott wrote on March 08, 2010
Sorry, typo, mean "rebuy". Always El.
Natha wrote on March 08, 2010
Dear Benny Scott, your list is very impressive indeed. I join you in appr the first 10. And also in the freedom not to enjoy per se modern music. One person's spice is not the others! By the way I live in neighboring country NL. Elvisly yours.
KTemple wrote on March 08, 2010
hey dgirl, you're very funny, Im laughing at all your posts here. You sound like a clown.
dgirl wrote on March 08, 2010
Ktemple. I am very glad I make you laugh but I am comfortable with whatever I post. The real clowns are the people who post things like, 'whatever Elvis sang was the best version ever', or I have over 500 cds, I dont have to play them I just have them'. Now thats a clown. By the way Benny, I do respect you and enjoy reading your posts. I play most of the artists on your list also.
benny scott wrote on March 08, 2010
Hey KTemple, with all the respect IOU, but may I hope your remarks about Dgirl were not meant seriously ? What is it in her posts that make you laugh and pretending she sounds like a clown ? As far as I can recall, her comments are absolutely normal, no bad or mean language, and giving proof of maturity. She's a real Elvisfan and means well . Hey buddy, no hard feelings, just asking ! I'm convinced you're a true fan of our man too ! Wishing you all the best ! Always El.
Linda Kovalcik wrote on March 08, 2010
He meant you,Bunny,just reversed the usernames.
Thorsten_Germany wrote on March 08, 2010
Hello out there! After years of reading only I decided to register myself here. too. I am Thorsten from Germany, 37 years old and a fan since 25 years. I enjoy this fine site full of useful information for years. Please excuse any errors since Englisch is not my native language. My comment to this release: I have the original fort Baxter release. From the beginning I was fine with the content but saw improvement in the sound quality. If we get those great recordings with additional material and in better sound quality - don't judge before you've heard it. Nowadays we are really spoilt. I remember when I was a boy in the mid 80s and spent all my pocket money birthday/christmas presents to buy Elvis "imports" which were hard to find in those days. And I was happy to get any bad audince recording of our man in concert. No thoughts about soundboard recordings...
benny scott wrote on March 09, 2010
Hi Thorsten : "Welcome to the club" . Your English is very good by the way ! Always El.
KTemple wrote on March 09, 2010
Benny you fall under the same category as dgirl, infact you're worse. Who are you to say "I'm convinced you're a true fan of our man too !" Of course I am!! Why dont you just buy the cd if you want it, dont buy it if you dont want to.
benny scott wrote on March 09, 2010
KTemple : what the hell is this ?????? I think you ow me an apologie . When I wrote " welcome to the club" I meant every word of it , and this welcome-words were pointing at your membership of this site !!! These words had and have nothing, I repeat, nothing to do with buying or not buying any CD at all . I've been an Elvis-fan for over more than 54 years,buddy, (yes, I'm that old ), and I also meant what I wrote about your english. I also wrote I was sure you are a true Elvis -fan, and that was NOT, I repeat NOT meant in a sarcastic way, on the contrary. This is the first but also the last time I welcome a new member on this site. Always El.
benny scott wrote on March 09, 2010
re-KTemple : my previous posting was a mistake, my welcome-words were meant for new member Thorsten-Germany. As for you KTemple : I hope you have the fairplay to re-read my posting of yesterday . I clearly wrote : 1)"with all the respect IOU ( I Ow You ) " 2) " "No hard feelings, JUST ASKING " 3) "Wishing you all the best" 4) " I'm convinced etc.... " Well this goes for you as for my post to Thorsten : I really mean what I wrote, so I'm really sure you're a true Elvis -fan, this was NOT meant in a sarcastic way ! Nevertheless : I still don't understand what's so funny in connection with dgirl !!!???? Always el.
dgirl wrote on March 09, 2010
I am totally lost in this thread. Maybe that's a good thing.
Linda Kovalcik wrote on March 09, 2010
I'm the only good thing here. Without me this site would be boring. So be thankful that i'm here.
benny scott wrote on March 09, 2010
Gosh, you must be beautiful when you're angry Linda !!! Lol. Always El.
Rebelking wrote on March 09, 2010
Maybe I'm wrong but, wasn't it the idea to talk about the new tracklist of GET DOWN AND DIRTY ? I see that some of you get DIRTY but not in the way intended. Anything good to say about our man and his rehearsal ?
Steve V wrote on March 09, 2010
who cares about an umpteenth release of a 40 year old bad sounding rehearsal? I want to know more about the exciting Linda.
Natha wrote on March 10, 2010
RebelKing, you are so right. I think the rules should be applied more rigorously. There must be a relation with the article, no bad (insulting) language, no personal attacks. Maybe the editors should set up a seperate forum if there is a need for all the other things people want to state.
Natha wrote on March 10, 2010
RebelKing, I just discovered CiskoKing's website. (I know CiscoKing I'm slow!) It is a real wealth of information on all the releases. Useful to decide what to buy and check out things.
benny scott wrote on March 10, 2010
Well, back to basics then. I'm looking forward to the upcoming Get Down and Dirty. I missed the original Fort Baxter. I'll take a chance on this. If the sound is bad : unlucky me. If the sound has been improved : lucky me. Some people who own the originals seem to forget that others missed the chance to obtain them when they were first released .Always El.
Steve V wrote on March 10, 2010
OK folks back on track now. I had the 2 Fort Baxter cds , listened to them twice, then sold them. I cannot keep stuff in my collection that will just sit & gather dust. Maybe its me, but I cannot get excited about CDs like this anymore, bad mix, long pauses, fooling around, cursing, etc. I'd rather hear masters by Elvis (or anyone) then suffer through boring stuff like this. Maybe a video of it is worth having but this type of stuff on CD is not my cup of tea anymore. Ive moved way beyond it. By the way, Elvis never intended for any of this to be heard, so there!
Natha wrote on March 10, 2010
Steve V, you are right about the content. For me, driving long stretches (from time to time about 8 hrs) it is nice to listen to this type of cds. Not regularly of course. Sitting alone in the car I have the opportunity to listen to it, while at home that is impossible. And also you are right about not meant for the audience. Same holds for all the cds with takes 1 to zillion. Yet it can (sometimes) provide me insight in how a song developed and why one was preferred to another.
Orion wrote on March 11, 2010
Steve V - I agree with some of what you say, but have a few points that I disagree on. First, when you collect someone's music who was as prolifically recorded as Elvis there will ALWAYS be things that sit on a shelf. The sheer volume makes that a no-brainer. Second, I'd rather have this material on CD so I can listen at will whether on the treadmill, or in my office, or at home. A DVD would require I really sit down for a couple of hours giving it my full attention. Last, "That's All Right" was at first just foolong around and not meant to be heard. Thank Goodness Sam Phillips knew better. Even "My Happiness" wasn't meant to be heard, but I'm glad it was rescued and it's in my collection. So, I always go into CDs like this with the hope there might be a diamond or two in the rough.
Greg Nolan wrote on July 09, 2010
This is a fantastic release and easily could pass as professional mass market deluxe release, not an bare-bones version like the original, with all due respect to that classic. It's in another league. If you can spring for it, do it. I find it a great "RAW" Elvis and quite rocking. I enjoy even the occasional noodling around. It's a raw Elvis akin to his '68 comeback sessions and I applaud the label for knowing we want it all, in much improved sound and in great packaging. For serious Elvis fans only, perhaps, but I think a release like this would have gotten nice reception if it was done when the market still took CDs seriously. Bravo, Gravel Road.