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ElvisMatters #28

March 05, 2010 | Other

The most recent issue of the best fanclub magazine in Dutch was dropped in our mailbox this week.

We have to open with the free CD with this issue, since it's truly amazing. The CD The Piano Songs are recorded by the Dutch singer Bouke, with Glen Hardin on piano. Unlike many imposters Bouke doesn't really try to sound like Elvis, that's why he hits exactly the right atmosphere that made Elvis so special. Lead Me, Guide Me and I'll Take You Home Kathleen are just beautiful, but the real sensation is Unchained Melody. Bouke exactly hits every note, making this version better than any of Elvis's.
(note for the people that can't read properly: this is the opinion of ElvisNews.com/ Lex, but we thought it to be too short to make an article of it).

Okay, time for the magazine itself! #28 has the regulars of course, like reviews, of which the one on the Good Times release by FTD catches the eye.There's a huge article on the Circle G Ranch. You can also find one about Cirque du Soleil, one by Ed Bonja and one about the connection with the Boss in between the many ads. All together it makes sure you're busy for a couple of hours.

Source:Magazines: ElvisMatters

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Natha wrote on March 05, 2010
The magazine is as usual FANtastic. Always something to really look forward to! The cd is okay, the review does (in my opinion!) too much credit to it. I think Unchained Melody by Elvis is with much more sentiment than any other version I have ever heard.
Lex wrote on March 06, 2010
You might be right regarding sentiment, but I prefer quality.
JeroenNL wrote on March 06, 2010
Three points: 1. It is Glen D. Hardin not Glen Harding 2. Elvis Matters is a Belgium Fanclub with a Dutch branche 3. It is very weird (for anyone but certainly for an Elvis fanclub) to claim that Bouke sings better then Elvis Conclusion: above mentioned points prove that Elvis Matters is probably a good Belgian fanclub but not the best Dutch fanclub.
Natha wrote on March 06, 2010
For me both quality and sentiment is better. And jeroenNL, I second your three observations.
commoneverybody wrote on March 06, 2010
To what credit someone can say its the best dutch fanclub?? Only ´cause ElvisNews.com has connections with ElvisMatters i guess.......
JustPretend1975 wrote on March 06, 2010
JeroenNL 1. A typo...wow...great for you that you never make one... 2. Wrong...ElvisMatters has an official registered base both in Belgium and The Netherlands, it's not like you state. Besides that, saying who's the best is offcourse a personal taste, and everyone is entitled to vote for his own best...i know that Geert Wilders is voted as 'the best' last week in Holland, but i'm sure many people are thinking otherwise... 3. If you want to correct things, i can do it also; ElvisMatters never talked about being Bouke singing better then Elvis...ElvisNews is writing this review - these are their thoughts - but ElvisNews is NO fanclub...so, please, show me the article where a fanclub (!) is telling that Bouke is better...
Ton Bruins wrote on March 06, 2010
Bouke's version of Unchained Melody is better than the versions of Elvis...This is the last time I will type en mention the name ElvisMatters ever....what a pitiful statement about that Bouke guy...my goodness...In holland we say: Tegen zoveel domheid kan ik niet op.....
Aloha_NL wrote on March 06, 2010
I must say I am very suprised about the statement from ElvisMatters stating Bouke's version is better than any of Elvis'. Even though I must say I think Bouke's has a very good voice, to say that he compares to Elvis or even better is one step to far to my opinion !! Overall I am suprised by the enthusiasm showed by ElvisMatters about this singer, even organizing a big concert production with the original Elvis Band members ! Bouke has won a TV contest on Dutch Television. (The TV show was very poorly rated in the Netherlands with just very few people watching the program). So what has he done to proof himself worthy of being the primary artist in a big show production for Elvis fans ?? As said I think he has good voice but do Elvis fans really want to have a concert by a new Elvis sound-a-like that has never proven to be able to perform live with the Elvis band. Listening to the three songs on the promo cd I was certainly not convinced this guy would do well enough to capture an audience during a live concert. To me the performances sound like someone trying a bit to much to sound like Elvis; loosing the spirit/feeling in these songs. Where Elvis' voice gives me goose bumps on some of these songs I certainly can't say I feel the same with Bauke's versions. ElvisMatters should concentrate more on the real thing and stay far away of any impersonators or (wannabee) sound-a-like's !!
Jerome-the-third wrote on March 06, 2010
nice issue by a dedicated fanclub. BUT, this news item seems a commercial for this particular fanclub. And stating that Bouke's rendition is better than any of Elvis's is hopefully a typo. This guy does try to sound like Elvis and that annoyed from the moment I gave this disc a spin..
Kundala wrote on March 06, 2010
I listened to the cd and checked out on the internet. He really tries to copy Elvis (and fails to my opinion) and the stuff on the internet shows that he is an impersonator. On the flyer for the concert he is projected as a great singer and that the shows will relive the exitement of the Elvis era. Well, I personally will skip this concert after listening to the cd and viewing youtube. Also, preferences about fanclubs is personal. All try to serve the legacy of Elvis. There should be no competition.
Lex wrote on March 06, 2010
I have to apologize for the original news item (which I altered a bit just now). I overestimated the intelligence and ability to read of some fans. Again, sorry for that. ElvisMatters doesn't say anything like I did about the CD. And no, I don't think Bouke sings better than Elvis (pretty ridiculous), but I just said this particular version of Unchained is better than Elvis's versions. No wonder since Elvis was almost dead when he sung it, and obviously not healthy. I hope I clarified things enough... P.S. ElvisNews is an official fan club :-)
Jerome-the-third wrote on March 06, 2010
strange comparison you make Lex between these two versions, Elvis sung it live firtst of all, while playing the piano himself and Elvis had something, unlike Bouke, that's called the grain of the voice, one of the major reasons why he's still hear today and Bouke probably, although I wish him the best, will soon be forgotten..
Ton Bruins wrote on March 06, 2010
Oh, ok I understand now, it's Lex' opinion...don't know what to say Lex, foei !!!
Swen wrote on March 06, 2010
What´s going on here? The other day there was this guy who suggested Albert Goldman was right after all?!? And now one of our "experts" claim that a certain "Bouke" sings "UM" better than Elvis. I´m accustomed to reading so much nonsense about Elvis on YouTube, so I really don´t need it here. To compare the stunningly beautiful and heartfelt performance by the KING to the happy singing along of this young man is totally wrong and unjust. I think you are having trouble finding your role on this FAN site, Lex. I don´t think you´re always respectful to Elvis Presley and his fans. I don´t like to read "half dead" and that some fans aren´t so intelligent and not so good at reading. I´m sure you´re not Colonel Lex Parker for Bouke(?) LOL! :-)
Loesje wrote on March 06, 2010
I don't think Lex would do it for less than "General Parker" ;-)
Lex wrote on March 06, 2010
Swen, I just do not love it when I hear panting as loud as singing. There is a time for both, but not at the same time... I'm very glad my wife doesn't sing in bed :-)
tigerpawl wrote on March 07, 2010
Who is Bouke? This article makes him seem like he is better than Elvis. I though this website was called Elvis New not Bouke News.
John4126 wrote on March 07, 2010
Swen - thankfully we've moved on from Henry Ford's original motor car. One colour - one size engine. We all drive something different. We dont all agree on this site but that does not make us any less Elvis fans than someone like you.
Herman wrote on March 07, 2010
I agree tigerpawl. And Elvismatters, it's a good fanclub but too much about people like Bouke. He is also on the cover of the latest magazine, to crazy for words.
JustPretend1975 wrote on March 07, 2010
Herman, too much about people like Bouke...??? I would love to read your examples about who you are talking about...I have no idea what you mean...And as i look at the cover, there is a picture of the free cd that comes with the magazine...that's something else as 'bouke is on the cover', you make it sound like he is the main picture on the cover...:s
Herman wrote on March 07, 2010
Did you ever read that magazine JustPretend1975 ??? I guess not because you want examples but ok, no problem: what about the interview with Bastiaan Ragas and what about the Musical All shook up all this in in the magazine Elvismatters. I have no problems with people like Bouke and B Ragas but I don't have to read about them. I'm an Elvis fan and like to read about him, his band and his music. What about the cover: he is also in the picture: big or small. By the way, look at marktplaats how many people like the singel. I like also the free singels as long as Elvis has the vocals.
Ton Bruins wrote on March 08, 2010
Please stop discuss about this Bouke..please..
Lex wrote on March 08, 2010
I like to read about other people's opinion on Elvis... they are less predictable than 99% of the comments over here :-).
Herman wrote on March 08, 2010
OK you're right: no more talk about Bouke. Let's have a discussion about Ton Bruins..........joke !!
Ton Bruins wrote on March 08, 2010
Herman, that's a very good idea...:)
Swen wrote on March 09, 2010
Dutch discussion? :-) LOL! John: I would never dream of calling myself a better fan! Just wondering how you can be an Elvis Presley fan if you believe what Albert Goldman wrote. Lex: The fact that you like creepy, cheesy M. Bublé just goes to show how amazingly different we human beings are. Unbelievable! LOL! :-) and nice............
Lex wrote on March 09, 2010
Swen, I am glad to differ as much from you as possible reading your open minded and intelligent contributions to this site.
Swen wrote on March 09, 2010
There we go again! Thought we just shared a HOBBY? I actually wrote it´s NICE we´re different. But if you don´t agree with Lex you´ll be called "things". So I´m prejudiced and stupid because I don´t agree with you. I see. THANX a LOT! Elvisly yours, Sven.
Lex wrote on March 09, 2010
Just read your own reaction of the 6th....
JustPretend1975 wrote on March 10, 2010
well Herman, to your suprise, i own magazine EM 1 - 28. On 28 issues, you are 'complaining' about Ragas, All Shook Up musical and Bouke...3 things...wow....Ragas talks about his love for Elvis. the All Shook up musical is about Elvis' music AND licensed by EPE - but if that bothers you, i guess you don't like the cirque review either in this issue...and still..i don't get it why people are complaining about a FREE FREE FREE cd..??? if you don't like it, do with it what you want...but don't complain about somehting you did not pay for...you pay your membership that gives you 4 magazines each year (272p each year -> why complaining about maybe 10 pages in a year that are not about Elvis (in your opinion)), magazines are perfecly on time...in these 28 magazines, EM gave away 6 CDs and 1 DVD. Please, tell me another organisation who did the same. Stop complaining about useless things. You have to be ashamed...thousands and thousands and thousands of people are homeless or the victim of disasters, and you are complaining about a free cd you don't like...oh my...
Herman wrote on March 10, 2010
I am sorry JustPretend1975, it really make me sick that you mension about people who are homeless or the victim of disasters, and that I am complaining about a free cd ?!? These things have nothing to do with it, I just gave my meaning about it and I am not complaining about useless things. Do you really think that I am screaming every day: O my....I don't like this FREE cd. You seems like a very funny person, ha ha Look in the mirror and tell honesty to yourself that you never complain about something? People like you make me really laugh because you are right: the way you wrote was really a disaster !
Natha wrote on March 11, 2010
It is a fantastic magazine, full of info on Elvis and Elvis related news. News on TCB band members. Also their shop is accurate and the fastest. Their site is worthwhile visiting regularly (ElvisNews gets a lot of news from them). They organise great events. Are really on top of a lot of things happening. Their enthousiasm is enjoyable as are most of their activities. Only thing is that like this time it seems that the singer is more upfront in the billing than the TCB band and the original cast that comes (viz. back of the magazine). It is their choice of promoting. Maybe it reaches out to other people (too). The point is: let those going enjoy themselfs.