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The Complete ´58 Sessions

February 26, 2010 | Music

A 2 CD release from the Chrome Dreams Label with all the well known masters from 1958 and some interviews.


CD 1:
Don't - I Beg Of You - Interview, Draft Board, Memphis, Tennessee - Interview - Fort Chaffee, Arkansas - Wear My Ring Around Your Neck - Doncha Think Its Time - Hard Headed Women - Don't Ask My Why - King Creole - As Long As I Have You - Trouble - Dixieland Rock - Lover Doll - Crawfish - Young Dreams - Steadfast Loyal And True - New Orleans - Interview - Friedberg, Germany, Oct - One Night - I Got Stung

CD 2:
Press Interview - Newsreel Interview - Pat Hernon Interviews Elvis - Turtles, Berries And Gumbo / Craw - Lover Doll - Trouble - Banana (?) - Dixieland Rock - Young Dreams - New Orleans - King Creole - Don't Ask Me Why - As Long As I Have You / Outro - Press Interview, September 22, 1958

Source:Elvis Club Berlin

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drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on February 26, 2010
Crome Dreams over the years have tried to bring out interesting compilations, The Complete Sun sessions,The Complet 56,57 and now 58 sessions, nothing new of course but have to say all together the packaging and compilations are much better than the usual Public domain same old releases are?....look forward to future releases from these people and at £9 for a 2 cd set it's not going to break the bank.
dannyboy1 wrote on February 26, 2010
More pilfering of the Elvis catalogue now that the 50's output is in the public domain. It may not be against the law but it's still criminal.
japio wrote on February 27, 2010
dannyboy1. tell me why you call it criminal. In the 70's 80's and 90's there were ,K-tel ,Arcade,EVA and many. These albums sold very,very well,. Then nobody complains.Ok there are labels that bring ripp-offs and mostly cd-r.Burned at home.In that case you're right.And also cd-r versions of old RCA cd's While you pay on some site almost 15 euro's ,while the costs are 50 cents. ánd in that case you're right. But these company brings good compilation for a few euro's . And thats a better release then a compilation or a movie cd with a very,very short playtime.But what's criminal. So when people buy it they are criminals. Think before you say something.You acuused people who buy's a official product.And banana?. i think on cd 2 are the movie versions. But it's only for the general cd buyers.nothing new for the fan
drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on February 28, 2010
japio, well put and agree with all you have said,the cd-r problem has been on going for some time and have lost count of the number of Camden,K-tel,Arcadeto name a few that have had the cd-r treatment and charge strong money for what they cost to produce. The Crome Dreams releases give you nothing new contents wise but are streets ahead of the same old public Domain releases....get a copy and see just what the differences are with this label compared to the other cheapies out there...hey you may be surprised!.....if not for you no problem but as a avid Elvis collector i like them and again look forward to other releses from these people.
japio wrote on March 13, 2010
OurKing. Ersnt (or have do i say sony) has the sessions tapes.I read also in a book from a year or two ago.There tells Ger Rijf how they invited by RCA to come for to clean up the vaults.And he tells that they also find the session tapes of king creole. But i read in 1989 ( time flies i know) in a magazine also what tehy have found.And almost all what they found then are released on FTD So they have the king creole tapes.But it stays in the vaults for a long time..But indeed this cd is a nice compilation for the wider public.