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Elvis 75 In Belgian Media

February 24, 2010 | Other

The Belgian press has picked up on the “other” concert, “Elvis 75” with the TCB Band, Joe Guercio + orchestra and lead singer ‘Bouke’. Although there’s a show in Holland as well (May 22nd, Utrecht), the Belgian news paper ‘Het Laatste Nieuws’ mentions the show in Belgium (May 23rd, Turnhout) only. Anyway, if you’re interested to see the Band & Orchestra live, be sure to order your tickets today.

Peter @ ElvisMatters wrote on February 25, 2010
Hi there - It's never "business as usual" with ElvisMatters, as we've proven over the last 7 years with our numerous concerts. I talked to the TCB Band just the other night and they assured me that they will be available for the fans after the show, as is always the case with our events. The 'meet and greet' is part of the evening, actually - with no extra charge...