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Get Down And Dirty

February 20, 2010 | Music

Gravel Road Music will add another TTWII-rehearsal to their catalogue, this time it's the rehearsal of July 15, 1970 (partly released on Fort Baxter's Get Down And Get With It).

The press-release

This deluxe, double CD pack with booklet is the third Gravelroad Music (GRM) release spotlighting Elvis Presley's wild rehearsals in the summer of 1970, filmed for the MGM documentary “ Elvis: That’s The Way It Is.” 

The character of the rehearsal is different from the 2 previous acclaimed releases, “The brightest star on sunset boulevard (2cd)" & “Plugged in and Geared up” by GRM.

Its the second day of the rehearsal shooting, Elvis is studying songs, malfunctioning microphones, uncensored talking & singing. That’s one of the reasons to rename this historical rehearsal Get Down and Dirty,

Includes more than 25 minutes unreleased material!


Stagger Lee
Any Day Now
I Got My Mojo Working
Mary In The Morning
Stranger In The Crowd
I've Lost You
The Next Step Is Love
You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
Sweet Caroline
Hey Jude
I Can't Stop Loving You
It's Your Baby, You Rock It
Crying Time
(Ghost) Riders In The Sky
It's Now Or Never
Danny Boy
Peter Gunn Theme
Walk A Mile In My Shoes
Love Me
One Night
Alla En El Rancho Grande
Twenty Days And Twenty Nights
That's All Right
Roll Out The Barrel
That's Warner Brothers Theme
I Could Have Danced All Night
Danny Boy
I'll Never Fall In Love Again
Suzie Q
Patch It Up
Cotton Fields
Mona Lisa
How The Web Was Woven
I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen
My Wish Came True

Jerome-the-third wrote on February 20, 2010
wonder how much new stuff this will bring that's is actually listenable..
Jerome-the-third wrote on February 20, 2010
but what a great cover..
Santa Claus wrote on February 20, 2010
We are re-releasing news now, too. This was already announced month ago. And now again no release-date is given.
Ciscoking wrote on February 20, 2010
Definitely a nice addition ..even when you have the old Ft.Baxter...we have new bits and pieces with the tape running 20 minutes longer..the layout and sound will be great..I am sure..for newbies essential in any case...thumbs up..!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on February 20, 2010
I am puzzled as to why Ftd has never released a rehearsal from 70,just snippets on the way it was,i guess those soundboards are more important! This design we have here for this release looks like it was done with some thought,not thrown together like most Ftds! When you have no passion for what you do its best to call it a day!
Orion wrote on February 20, 2010
I'll be digging this one for sure. However, it should be noted the sound is not "perfect" throughout - hence, the "malfunctioning microphones..." This was true on "Ghost Riders" and a coule of others; However, the sound was good enough that Alla En El Rancho Grande was released by RCA on their 70's box set. I can't wait for this one.
marco31768 wrote on February 20, 2010
This is another winner ! This label is fantastic !
Monster wrote on February 21, 2010
The original Fort Baxter CD was the first import I ever bought and I got it to hear a 1970 version of It's Now Or never. The bad news is that all you can hear is a (very enjoyable) instrumental version with Elvis waaaay in the background. The same is true for quite a few of the songs in the second half of the disc but this shouldn't take away from the first half. I can't get enough of these rehearsals. I'm guessing some of those newer songs are instrumentals or one liners or the press release would be shouting about them from the rooftops. Might be worth a spin though. :)
Ruthie wrote on February 21, 2010
Ok, sounds like something I would like to add to my collection. How does one purchase this CD? There is no way I would find this in my area.
burton wrote on February 21, 2010
Right On Ruthie!
drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on February 21, 2010
Ruthie,burton........try Ebay always a way in for imports.....failing that email me.
Ton Bruins wrote on February 21, 2010
Only a good release for fans who didn't get the Fort Baxter releases in the "old days"..more than 25 minutes of unreleased material ? Really...? I am lost...The cover is great !
Rebelking wrote on February 23, 2010
Ourking4life , I don’t see your point related to this 2cd set. Your only talking about upcoming releases of FTD. I like what they have in store for us but I miss the link to this one? I love this release, I read on a forum that it’s really 25 minutes unknown audio and solved a lot of the old problems, the sound is great . A sure improvement over the old Baxter release and much longer running.. I bought all releases of Gravelroad , only missed Vegas rhythm. Every single release they made is far superior to the old one in sound and package. If they would make a poll about design and sound, they would be on top. Gravelroad releases are always safe to buy. Well, that’s my 2 cents.
circleG wrote on February 23, 2010
you know it totally skipped my mind that 2010 is the 40th anniversary of TTWII. why is that EPE/FTD? come on, don't leave it to the bootleggers!
Sidfan wrote on March 04, 2010
How's the quality of this one ? Can someone comment on this who has actually listenedn to it ; only then, I'll buy this Get down & dirty CD although I do already have the original boots which indeed could have had a better quality.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on March 06, 2010
Some people seem to be collecting user names! On topic-i would guess the full mojo cut os on here, but what it makes it great? the cursing? Can someone please explain why Ftd has not issued a box set on the 70 rehearsals and shows? Oh silly me they have those great soundboards to release! oh well i wasnt thinking!
Greg Nolan wrote on July 09, 2010
Just finally got it. Line up this with the other two Gravel Road 1970 TTWII sets and you have yourself a gem of a "boxset." This is a fantastic release and easily could pass as professional mass market deluxe release, not an bare-bones version like the original, with all due respect to that classic. It's in another league. If you can spring for it, do it. A casual fan friend of mine was blown away when he saw this and other "bootleg" titles. The "bootlegs" of yesterday (and still of other artists today) have nothing on the professionalism of high-quality "just for serious fans" releases like this one, from packaging to sound, etc. I find it a great "RAW" Elvis and quite rocking. I enjoy even the occasional noodling around. It's a raw Elvis akin to his '68 comeback sessions and I applaud the label for knowing we want it all, in much improved sound I would say and in great packaging. For serious Elvis fans only, perhaps, but I think a release like this would have gotten nice reception if it was done when the market still took CDs seriously. Bravo, Gravel Road.