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Elvis Files, Book Serie

February 09, 2010 | Book

From the author of the critical acclaimed book Elvis - The King Of Las Vegas comes a six-volume series. The Elvis Files volume 1-6 carefully documents almost every single day of Elvis Presley’s life from 1954 to 1977, covering everything from what he wore onstage to whom he meet that day. Each book contains 360 pages packed with over 1200 images, many of them never seen before, interviews and concert reviews. –This is a labour of love for me, says Erik Lorentzen, author and long time Elvis fan, who have found images and information never revealed before.

The Six-Volume series contains:

The Elvis Files Vol. 1, 1954-1956,
The Elvis Files Vol. 2, 1957-1959,
The Elvis Files Vol. 3, 1960-1965,
The Elvis Files Vol. 4, 1966-1969,
The Elvis Files Vol. 5, 1970-1973,
The Elvis Files Vol. 6, 1974-1977.

The first book The Elvis Files Vol. 3, 1960-1965 will be launched in April/May 2010. The next one three months later.... The series is published by Flaming Star, so quality is guaranteed.

CLAIR-TCE wrote on February 09, 2010
Any one any idea of prices?
Steve Morse wrote on February 09, 2010
"Elvis - The King Of Las Vegas" is one of the finest specialist books ever done on Elvis. Though expensive (around £60), it is much better value, pound-for-pound (both £ and lb), than the superb "Elvis - Vegas 69" book by Ken Sharp (around £40). It is unbelievably lavish, with hundreds of high quality photos, beautifully reproduced and some great original reviews - indeed a labour of love in itself. Thus, I expect this new series to be equally good and it may prove to be, perhaps, the definitive illustrated biography. Incidentally, I have no connection whatsoever with Erik Lorentzen or the publishers of these books.
theoldscudder wrote on February 09, 2010
Wonder if it states what Elvis had to eat everyday?
lamp light wrote on February 09, 2010
Wonder if these will be available through Amazon would like to have the set if not to expensive.
NONE000000 wrote on February 09, 2010
The 1st book to come out will be volume 3? That's kinda odd
circleG wrote on February 11, 2010
i've never seen a book with photos in the correct chronological order. its a tall claim and i hope they get it right but it does look interesting
Smile:-) wrote on February 12, 2010
I think the idea to release vol. 3 first, is that many consider (apart from the year 1960) this period as the least interesting. If the buyers find this book exiting, they automatically will think that the other books will be even better. Because of the more interesting periods and photo material in which Elvis will look fabulous (apart from 1966-67 and 1976-77 maybe...). I look forward to these series. Hope the price will be "sane".