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February 02, 2010 | Other

Elvis Live In Concert -- Vegas Dinner Show from January 27, 1974
Tues 2/2 6:00 am ET
Memphis’ Charlie Rich is in the audience for this Las Vegas show from 36 years ago just after the King’s 39th birthday. (1 hr)

King Size Bonus Replay-Bill Rock’s -- Special Edition: Elvis 75 - That’s The Way It Is
Tues 2/2 8:00 pm ET
Bill Rock takes an in-depth insider’s look into the groundbreaking music documentary Elvis-That's The Way It Is. You will hear from the close-knit group of musicians with whom he worked, from fans who remember the lasting impact and power of The King, and, of course, Elvis’ rehearsal and concert performances at his peak physical condition as he rocks out at the top of his game. The more you learn about Elvis, the more you’ll want to know. (2 hrs)

Soundtrack Saturday Night -- Jailhouse Rock
Tues 2/2 10:00 pm ET
For this week’s Elvis Movie Of The Week feature on Soundtrack Saturday Night, Bill Rock will take you deep inside the comprehensive special FTD release on Jailhouse Rock. You’ll hear plenty of outtakes and alternate versions of some of the most popular songs from the 1957 recording sessions attended by Elvis’s close pal, SIRIUS XM Elvis Radio DJ George Klein. (2 hrs)

Elvis Live In Concert - Vegas Midnight Show from February 15, 1972
Fri 2/5 8:00 pm ET
The ladies had to be at the King’s Valentine shows in Las Vegas, so guys you better make plans now for this concert, one of Elvis’ best. (1 hr)

Rebroadcast: Sun 2/7 12:00 am ET; Sun 2/7 10:00 pm ET; Tues 2/9 6:00 am ET

Saturday Special - Elvis Football Stories For Super Bowl 44 Weekend
Sat 2/6 12:00 pm ET
Elvis LOVED football! You know he would have delivered a killer NFL Super Bowl half time show. This week’s Saturday Special features the King’s high powered live rock songs that he would have performed live at Super Bowl, plus some of the best Elvis football stories. The more you learn, the more you want to know! (1 hr)

Soundtrack Saturday Night – King Creole
Sat 2/6 10:00 pm ET
Elvis’ last concert performance was in Indianapolis, and his first on-location movie was in New Orleans…celebrate Super Bowl 44 weekend with Bill Rock as he features King Creole for the Elvis Movie Of The Week on Soundtrack Saturday Night, (2 hrs)

Rebroadcast: Tues 2/9 10:00 pm ET