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Live On Tour New Version

February 03, 2010 | Video

This will feature footage of Madison Square Garden, the March '72 " Rock'n'Roll Medley " rehearsal, the complete Jaycees documentary, the most complete Madison Square Garden Press Conference, the complete Houston Press Conference, superb, never-before-seen-quality video of the hit single "Always On My Mind," plus a few extras!

Source:For CD Collectors Only
Herman wrote on February 03, 2010
Looks great, so we can taste a little bit from the new On Tour DVD.
Rob V wrote on February 03, 2010
So this is a proper (silver pressed) DVD and not a DVDR. A big thumbs up. Bring it on!
Brian Quinn wrote on February 03, 2010
Please do not be fooled into thinking that this DVD is the forthcoming Warner Release to be re-issued on blu-ray and DVD. However, it still looks a nice package with some interesting footage.
Jimmy Boy wrote on February 03, 2010
It's Just another cheap bootleg dvd being sold from Holland!
FJE wrote on February 04, 2010
If this is from the guys who gave us "Elvis Now - Hampton Roads" a while back (anyone knows?) I will not touch it with a ten-foot pole and one I would recommend to avoid. That DVD had horrendous picture and bad out-of-synch audio. Awful!
Wiebe wrote on February 04, 2010
I just got it today. And it's an interesting release. It contains pro footage from MSG on june 9 with sound. You get to see Jackie kahane being booed, The Inspirations and Elvis (three songs). Most of the Elvis footage we've seen before, but not like this, complete songs and good quality. And then there's is the Houston interview, and some nice footage of Elvis doing the oldies but goodies in march 72 in very good quality, better then the On tour outtakes. So I like it. Only thing I didn't see the Jaycee thing and Always On My Mind wasn't on there either.
Rob V wrote on February 04, 2010
Wiebe, many thanks for the info. What about the MSG press conference? Is it the "most" complete we have seen? And the quality? Wonder what happened to the Jaycees documentary and Always On My Mind? This is "supposed" to be the REAL DVD! Still, I look forward to seeing it.
Elzo wrote on February 05, 2010
Wiebe - I guess you have the DVD-r which doesn't contain the Jaycee & MSG Pressconference stuff. Jimmy-Boy: Maybe it is 'just another bootleg from holland', but not one I would have liked to miss. The quality of the DVD-r is great and this is one of the best bootleg-dvd's I've ever seen. At least it brings something new (to my eyes anyway). I will buy the silver-disc for sure.!
drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on February 05, 2010
There seems to be 2 versions of this??...one i got some weeks ago and now this 2nd version,the stripes down the left/right side of the dvd cover are not on the 1st version and some of the content on the 1st version is not on the 2nd one???....also the 1st is a dvd/r...but having said all that all the footage was really nice quality and i look forward to seeing what's on the 2nd one when it shows.If you have not got the 1st version don't panic and get the fuller 2nd version on a factory pressed dvd.
JerryNodak wrote on February 13, 2010
OurKing4life: It's NOT up to EPE to do anything about about "On Tour." They DON'T own the footage. It's up to Warner to do something, and they are later this year. All 200 hours of footage? Dream on!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on February 16, 2010
You want 200 hours of footage? first of all why? and second of all your not going to get 5 let alone 200 hours! I just want the shows on cd i have forgotten about an On Tour set!
catmommeg wrote on February 19, 2010
I live in the USA, how can I get a copy of this DVD? Where can I purchase it online? I saw Elvis in MSG in '72 and I want any and all footage I can get of the MSG performances!