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Book & CD: Elvis Presley For Trumpet

January 09, 2010 | Book

A new book for Elvis fans who likes to play the trumpet has been released om Dec. 15, 2009. by Hal Leonard Corporation with the title Elvis Presley for Trumpet, Instrumental Play-along book/CD pack. The CD contains 15 songs.

Source:Elvis Today, Tomorrow & Forever
sitdown revamped wrote on January 09, 2010
I kinda like the "Elvis Presley for President" thing much better...LOL
Smile:-) wrote on January 09, 2010
Eh, I thought Elvis for bass, guitar, drums and keyboards would be the natural firsts. But Elvis for TRUMPET...? Not exactly Rockband... But on the other hand, if I was a trumpeter, I would probably love this release:) I can't wait for the panpipe edition!
theoldscudder wrote on January 10, 2010
Does it come in a tin can?
Dixieland Rock wrote on January 10, 2010
Maybe there will be a Bagpipe, Tuba or Ukelali versions of this. I'm trying to picture someone belting out on a Tuba, "Song of the Shrimp" or "Long Tall Sally" on Bagpipes or banging out "Way Down" on Ukelali.
drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on January 10, 2010
Doh?........and they put a nice picture of Elvis playing a guitar on a book about trumpet playing? an absolute compulsive purchase.......NOT.
Jerome-the-third wrote on January 10, 2010
I actually bought and tried it- although I had quite some fun, my wife soon left me after this..
loftmanuk wrote on January 10, 2010
FTD won't be pleased. They had this down for release late in 2010. Looks like they have been beaten to the post again.
Jim Hoff wrote on January 10, 2010
Brings back strange memories: I once played Petunia, The Gardners Daughter on trumpet .... in minus 10 degrees for my parents-in-laws for their silver wedding anniversary. The trumpet had to be scraped off my lips with a butter knife and lots of hot danish snaps (My mother-in-laws father was a gardner). And that's the only thing most folks remember from that day ;-)
davrid wrote on January 10, 2010
There are dozens and Elvis books for guitar, keyboads etc - including many from the Hal Corporation. This is one of a series of 10 for other instruments and includes trumpet, clarinet, violin, viola, tenor sax, alto sax, horn, cello, flute and horn. More instruments will follow.
Harvey Alexander wrote on January 10, 2010
Maybe it contains the trumpet part as heard on all those awful versions of 'It's Now Or Never' from '76 and '77?