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Elvis On BBC Two

December 30, 2009 | Other

The British TV Channel BBC2 will start 2010 and the celebration of Elvis' 75th birthday in a great way. On January 2 and 3, the whole evening is filled with Elvis concerts and documentaries. The largest part of the broadcasts is already known by the die-hard fans, but it is great to see that the British national TV will spend two whole evenings on airing Elvis specials. On Sunday January 3 at 8pm, there will be a brand new docu that is produced by the BBC, called 'Elvis In Vegas'. The docu shows "How Elvis Presley transformed Las Vegas in the 1970s and how Vegas helped to destroy him. "

bray1977 wrote on December 31, 2009
Great to see this happening. I'll be tuning in for sure.
tigergirl wrote on December 31, 2009
Don't get your hopes up, I can only see two programmes listed at 8pm not all day as the article states below. "Celebrating Elvis in a big way"? Don't make me smile!!!
DeLorean wrote on January 02, 2010
So a weekend of TV and radio programmes on Elvis isn't enough for you? There is no pleasing some people.