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Preview Last Stop In Mobile

December 18, 2009 | Music

This is a preview of the "Last Stop In Mobile" import CD from the Rainbow Records label which is due later this week. This CD features Elvis Presley's very last concert in Mobile, Alabama as recorded June 2nd, 1977. The disc comes with a 20 pages in full colour booklet.

Ciscoking wrote on December 18, 2009
This Mobile show was the last of the tour and probably the best of it..forget the dreadful Baltomore concert..he gave on May 29....this time he was all there and the Mobile audience loved their hero..he knew it and he gave the best he was able to....Augusta, Rochester, Binghampton and Mobile were the best shows of this tour....the sound is really o.k.according to the CDR source which is floating around..if the guys from Rainbow even improved it a bit even found a better source ..we have a decent AR..
marco31768 wrote on December 20, 2009
Thank you Ciskoking for your news about Elvis show. You are the best !
benny scott wrote on December 21, 2009
I ordered my copy after reading your post. So thanks Ciscoking for the small review ! Always El.
Ciscoking wrote on December 22, 2009
Yes..just please conisder..we are talking about 199..you can`t expect elvis being good as back in 1969..the show is decent for the time he gave it..