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Help Me Make It In Pittsburgh

December 12, 2009 | Music

The new Rocky import label announced a totally unpublished concert from June 26, 1973 in Pittsburgh. A special day, as it is the 64th birthday of the Colonel and Elvis congratulates him in the show. According to the information we received it should be a really good performance in best audience recording quality with many bonus tracks complete this CD, amongst others the spoken version of "What Now My Love" from February 23, 1973.

JimmyCool wrote on December 12, 2009
If the guy who made that cover (apparently on MS Paint!) also made the mixing, then thanks, but no thanks!
Ciscoking wrote on December 12, 2009
Well..it isn`t totally unpublished..it circulates in collectors hands as CDR for years now ..the show is excellent as were all from this fabulous tour..the sound is not good at least on the CDR floating around.....Elvis is too far away from the recorder with hiss and the sound is dull.....hopefully the sound could be improved..otherwise it is a disappointment...however..as I said..the show is fantastic...
Ciscoking wrote on December 13, 2009
Sloppily done, many mistakes, typos, setlist doesn`t match to the actual show. Summary: C-R-A-P. Pity..!
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on December 13, 2009
Hence the label name of rocky!
Ciscoking wrote on December 15, 2009
In addition..the show is wrongly dated...it is June 25, 1973 ES...oh dear...