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Girl Happy With Live A Little, Love A Little

December 07, 2009 | Video

Released by Warner Home Video on December 1st. 2009 in Germany is the 2DVD set "Kurven-Lilly / Liebling, Lass Lügen"; in English "Girl Happy" and "Live a Little, Love a Little".

Source:Elvis Presley Gesellschaft E.v.
Swen wrote on December 08, 2009
Germans!! These titles are just so RIDICULOUS. Only a German would get the idea of calling "Girl Gappy" "Kurven-Lilly", and the other one isn´t much better. ROFLMAO!
shakey leg wrote on December 09, 2009
What's even more funny is the Pot calling the Kettle black!! What's "Girl Gappy"? Lol!
Jerry 79 wrote on December 09, 2009
Kurven-Lilly sounds like a XXX movie ;-)
RossCarpenterJr wrote on December 12, 2009
Waiting for the FTD digipack of Live a L, L a little + other 4 movies on CD rather than on DVD. When can we buy those ??