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Tracklisting 50 Australian Top Ten Hits 1956-1977

November 27, 2009 | Music
Following is the track listing for Elvis Presley: 50 Australian Top Ten Hits 1956-1977 that will be released on January 8, 2010. This is the first ever Elvis Presley Australian hits compilation. Together with the 50 hit songs, an 18 page booklet containing specially written liner notes and images of original RCA releases, and CD label art inspired by his first album release, the set provides a unique insight into Elvis Presley's popularity in Australia, a country where he managed an incredible twenty-year streak of placing hits on the singles charts.
We have included the liner note text from eight of the tracks as a sneak prieview.


Tk1: Heartbreak Hotel (#3 - 1956)
Tk2: Love Me Tender (#6 - 1957)
Tk3: All Shook Up (#5 - 1957)
Tk4: (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear (#8 - 1957)
Tk5: Jailhouse Rock (#3 - 1957)
Tk6: Don't (#9 - 1958)
Tk7: Wear My Ring Around Your Neck (#4 - 1958)
Tk8: Hard Headed Woman (#2 - 1958)
Tk9: I Got Stung (#10 - 1959)
Tk10: (Now And Then There's) A Fool Such As I (#1 - 1959)
Single number twenty-five, 'A Fool Such As I', became Elvis' first No.1 national single, spending six weeks during May and June at the top of the Australian charts and taking only five weeks to get there.
Tk11: A Big Hunk O' Love (#2 - 1959)
Tk12: Stuck On You (#1 - 1960)
Tk13: It's Now Or Never (#1 - 1960)
At seven weeks at No.1, 'It's Now Or Never' is Elvis' longest running number one in Australia.
This was the first of four back-to-back No.1's for Elvis in Australia.
Tk14: Are You Lonesome Tonight? (#1 - 1960)
Tk15: Wooden Heart (#1 - 1961)
Tk16: Surrender (#1 - 1961)
Tk17: (Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame (#2 - 1961)
Tk18: Little Sister (#2 - 1961)
Tk19: Can't Help Falling In Love (#1 - 1961)
Tk20: Good Luck Charm (#1 - 1962)
Tk21: She's Not You (#5 - 1962)
Tk22: Return To Sender (#1 - 1962)
Tk23: One Broken Heart For Sale (#9 - 1963)
Tk24: (You're The) Devil In Disguise (#2 - 1963)
Tk25: Bossa Nova Baby (#4 - 1963) 
Tk26: Viva Las Vegas (#4 - 1964)
Tk27: Such A Night (#3 - 1964)
Tk28: Kissin' Cousins (#7 - 1964)
Tk29: It Hurts Me (#7 - 1964)
Tk30: Ain't That Lovin' You Baby (#1 - 1964)
'Ain't That Lovin' You Baby' was released as a double A-side single with the ballad 'Ask Me' and was Elvis' tenth No.1 hit in Australia, for three weeks from mid-November 1964. This song was originally recorded in June 1958, and while RCA pushed radio stations to play 'Ask Me' most ignored this and played the up-tempo 1958 recording and it was the older song that fans purchased the single for.
Tk31: Do The Clam (#4 - 1965)
'Do The Clam' has never featured on an Elvis greatest hits compilation before, so here it is. Hitting No.1 in Brisbane, and No.4 nationally for two weeks in late May 1965, it didn't do so well overseas.
Tk32: Crying In The Chapel (#1 - 1965)
Tk33: (Such An) Easy Question (#6 - 1965)
Tk34: I'm Yours (#9 - 1965)
Tk35: Judy (#5 - 1967)
Originally recorded by Elvis for his 1961 album 'Something For Everybody', the song 'Judy' eventually climbed to No.5 in mid-December of 1967 and was his first Top 10 entry in Australia in almost two years.
Tk36: If I Can Dream (#2 - 1969)
Tk37: Edge Of Reality (#2 - 1969)
Tk38: In The Ghetto (#1 - 1969)
Tk39: Suspicious Minds (#1 - 1969)
This song would become Elvis' last No.1 single in Australia whilst he was still alive, and was also the last No.1 single of the 1960's, and held the top spot to also become the first No.1 of the 1970's.
Tk40: Don't Cry Daddy (#3 - 1970)
Tk41: Rubberneckin' (#3 - 1970)
Elvis' last movie was the dramatic film 'Change Of Habit', where he played a Doctor at an inner city hospital who falls in love with a nun played by Mary Tyler-Moore. One of only three songs in the film was the track 'Rubberneckin', which was remixed in 2003 and hit No.3. It was originally released as a double A side single with the Mac Davis penned song 'Don't Cry Daddy' in 1970 and reached No.3 for two weeks in March.
Tk42: Kentucky Rain (#9 - 1970)
Not since 1961 had Elvis scored six Top 10 singles in a year, and after his comeback special in 1968, he was back on the top of his musical game. The third of six top tens for him during 1970 was the No.9 single 'Kentucky Rain', which hit its peak in mid-May, and is another melancholy track which shows off his deep baritone voice.
Tk43: The Wonder Of You (#3 - 1970)
Tk44: I've Lost You (#6 - 1970)
Tk45: You Don't Have To Say You Love Me (#7 - 1970)
Tk46: Burning Love (#3 - 1972)
Tk47: Separate Ways (#8 - 1973)
Tk48: My Boy (#10 - 1975)
Tk49: Pledging My Love (#6 - 1977)
Tk50: Way Down (#6 - 1977)
Source:Elvis Australia

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Mike Landsdown wrote on November 27, 2009
Not since 1982's "All The Best From Elvis" has Australia had it's own Elvis 'Greatest Hits' compilation, and although there's nothing new here from a fan's perspective, this set is a good representation of his chart success "down under" from 1956-1977. Although 2002's "ELV1S" and the follow up "2nd To None" provide a good starting point for the casual record buyer, the addition of less common tracks such as "One Broken Heart For Sale", "Such A Night", "Kissin' Cousins", "It Hurts Me", "Do The Clam", "Easy Question", "I'm Yours", "Judy", "Edge Of Reality", "Rubberneckin'", "My Boy" and "Pledging My Love" create a point of difference and will hopefully appeal to the general public and fans alike. Although I appreciate the intention of the cover art in representing Elvis' Australian successes by including the Australian flag in the background, the overall look of the cover seems quite cheap, and in my opinion, won't encourage potential purchasers (especially younger ones) to check it out (hopefully I'm wrong). However, overall, this seems like a good set and a worthy addition to the collection - good work Sony Australia!
JerryNodak wrote on November 28, 2009
Any set that doesn't include Hound Dog/Don't Be Cruel is the set for me! I'm ready to pre-order.
Ken in Tasmania wrote on November 28, 2009
Am a little amazed that "Moody Blue'' didn't make it to the top ten when it was played all the time on commercial radio and still is today...''pedging my love''I hardly ever heard on radio.... The DJ's <disc jockeys> on Commercial Radio always played the songs that they liked and that's what made the hits.... Why did the LP Moody Blue sell so well , it wasn't for the song ''Pledging my Love'' it was for the title track and ''Way Down"'
Ken in Tasmania wrote on November 28, 2009
Just to add a little more to my last opinion ,I think this is an excellent 2cd and with TV promotion will sell very well....For those that don't know the DJ's on Commercial Radio in the Six Capital Cities in Australia in the 60's and 70's were treated like Pop Icons, and any song that he liked was played until we were brain washed to go out and purchase the 45rpm vinyl...and that's what made the Hit Parade ......The Best Days and Years were the 60's and 70's
Elvis Australia wrote on November 28, 2009
''Pledging my Love'' was a double A side with "Way Down" - we had a few double A sides to choose from and this one got the nod, it works well as part of the sequence of songs. With the cover, I think that this will stand out well - and really the flag is very subtle - you know what it is but it is only showing a part of the flag so it is actually quite cleaver, unlike the German release of a year or so ago that had the whole flag. And it does reflect what the CD is about. I think also as a country, in Australia we are over that cultural cringe thing and the cover won't worry any / many. To me it is very nice. It is a plus, and the disc art is sensational.
JerryNodak wrote on December 01, 2009
This 2 disc set from Australia commemorating Elvis 75th birthday is the one for me.