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Elvis' Mobile Home To Become A Museum

November 22, 2009 | Other

One of the mobile homes Elvis purchased for the Circle G Ranch may soon become a mobile Elvis museum. The trailer was supposedly purchased by Elvis and later sold. The buyer says Elvis and Priscilla may have possibly stayed in this trailer. There have been little to no renovations made to the mobile home since 1967 when Elvis owned it.

From the bill of sale and various paperwork, this mobile home is a Delta trailer. It is a two bedroom trailer, measuring at 12 X 16. The buyer tells us Elvis financed this as a tax write off in 1967. The paperwork which came with the purchase of the mobile home included three notarized documents, the original title to Elvis, the purchase contract and the bill of sale which is personally signed by Elvis himself!

Update from the Elvis Express (November 26, 2009):

E.E.R asked Marty Lacker for his thoughts and while he had his doubts, he wanted to send  the information from E.E.R and pictures as featured on Elvis Unlimited to Billy Smith. After seeing the pictures the unanimous conclusion from these guys is that this is not the trailer that Elvis used on Circle G.

Lamar Fike said; “Elvis' trailer was lavender and white on the outside” and he spent the first two nights in the trailer with Elvis and Priscilla".

Source:Elvis Unlimited
Jerome-the-third wrote on November 22, 2009
how can a mobile phone become a museum? o sorry I misread it..
Dixieland Rock wrote on November 22, 2009
Does the original concrete blocks that held it off the ground come with it?