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Elvis' Mercedes For Sale

November 22, 2009 | Other

From eBay: A Car fit for A King. In 2008 this car was appraised at $750,000 by a New York appraiser for a possible donation to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. This is Elvis Presley’s personal car that is incredibly documented from new. This is definitely a piece of Rolling Art probably better described as Rock and Rolling Art. Elvis purchased this car and titled it in his name. One of the very few cars that were ever titled and registered in his name. This is the one with the famous “Lightning Bolt” in gold leaf with TCB (Takin' Care of Business) logo on both front doors. I have copies of the original bill of sale, Elvis’s registration card, the Retail Delivery Statement from Mercedes, the title and the finance contract.. Yes, The “King” financed this car placing $5500.00 down payment and 36 payments of $344.44 per month. Amazing!

I also have a copy of a great photo of Elvis in a tuxedo getting into this car. In addition I have Elvis’s authentic driver’s license issued September 1975 through 1977 by the State of Tennessee which states on the reverse side that it was also good for motorcycles. I believe that this may have been Elvis’s last driver’s license. Elvis used this car when he was honored and received the Jaycees Outstanding Man of the Year Award. After owning it for several years he gave this car to his friend the famous Jimmy Velvet somewhere between 1976 and 1977.

I intend to sell this vehicle and have a very reasonable reserve. This will probably be proven to be the Best Investment of the Century for the successful bidder. Not only an investment but a joy to drive. I just took my 96 year old mother out for the day and drove it 90 miles an hour on the Interstate. It runs better, quicker and smoother than my Rolls Royce. This vehicle will attract hordes of people making it a great instrument for promotions, advertising, and public relations or fund raising.

Recently over $36,000 was spent covering the brake systems, the air suspension, a new exhaust system, the air conditioning, a new drive shaft, hoses, belts and full servicing. It is a pleasure to drive. It shows just over 60,000 miles which are believed to be correct.

The silver finish looks better than most cars under ten years old let alone one on a 33 year old car. The interior is wonderfully original with plush black leather seats that look like they are only a few years old. Even the leather door panels are terrific. These seats have not been dyed. They are great, same for the carpeting and headliner. The Zebora wood on the dash is lovely however the varnish on the wood trim door moldings show signs of varnish discoloration from the sun. I love originality or would have spent two days to easily refinish the wood. That is your choice. I wouldn’t do it to a piece of Chippendale furniture nor would I refinish this.

Please if you are interested, you may come and inspect the car yourself before you bid. I am located near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Like any other car over 30 years old this car is being sold as is with no guarantees.

Best of luck. You will be getting a great car with a great provenance.

Please note that there are two chips in the plastic surrounds around the headlamps (most probably from stones on the roads) however the chrome frame is like brand new. There is a small ‘ding’ in the chrome moulding around the right rear wheel opening. This does not have to be replaced. The chrome is beautiful. I can have this it repaired and replated for $200.00 and will do so for the new owner if he/she desires.

I have an optional Becker cassette player from another 600 Mercedes and will include that for the new owner. It is a simple mount on the hump beneath the air conditioning. The finish on the air vent lid is lacquer checked. I tried to compound it with a buffer and made it look better. If desired this can be refinished for $200.00 . There are some minor stone chips on the car as you would expect with any car.There are no other known mechanical problems.

Jerome-the-third wrote on November 22, 2009
how many wheels does it have?..