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Autographed Co-star Picture Collection For Sale

November 09, 2009 | Other

Marty Lacker, Elvis Presley's former right hand man and friend for 20 years is offering for a "Buy It Now" sale of a special 30 picture collection of autographed pictures of many of Elvis' movie co-stars.

These include Ann Margret (picture), Shelley Fabares and many more. Plus a couple of pictures given to Marty by music stars he knows like Jackie Wilson, Dionne Warwick, Jackie De Shannon and others. "Buy It Now" will cost you $3,000, which averages out to be just $100 per picture.

As in the past, Marty always reveals why he's selling anything. He and his family have lived in their home for over 20 years and as most homes of that age, major things break down and need to be replaced and the quickest way to pay for it he has found, is to sell something of his own that reflects his years with Elvis and at the same time share them with devoted Elvis fans to enjoy. He could probably hold out for much more money but as always he only asks the amount he needs to take care of what he needs to do.

Recently, Marty offered his personal collection of over 200 photo's of Elvis on ebay which sold for £1,757.71 [US$2,950.00]. To grab this 30 picture collection of the stars that Marty met on the sets of Elvis' movies, go to eBay for item: 260503806933.

Alant15 wrote on November 10, 2009
I'd say give the guy a break. Elvis thought enough of him to make him foreman and first choice as best man so he can't be all bad. He doesn't come across well in interviews but his life was almost ruined by his association with Elvis. He took nearly as much prescription medication as Elvis but was lucky enough to get off it. if he makes a few bucks to keep going, so what! he's no different to any of the other guys.
dgirl wrote on November 10, 2009
People sell autographs all the time, no big deal. I thought him selling his personal photos with Elvis was kind of odd however. They were his moments in time with him.
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on November 12, 2009
I have to agree with dgirl,odd thing to sell memories of photo's of oneself & Elvis ?