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Elvis 75th Anniversary Collection - The King Of R'n'R

November 05, 2009 | Video

Due for release from Pagasus Entertainment on December 7, 2009 in the UK is the book / DVD 2CD set "Elvis Presley 75th Anniversary Collection - The King Of Rock And Roll".  The hardcover book contains 140 pages and the running time of the DVD disc is 60 minutes. 

Product Description

Elvis Presley hardcover book DVD & CD set. 

The book:

Fully illustrated hardback book examining Elvis' time in Germany when he was drafted into the army, featuring rare photos from the personal collections of local people of the area where he was stationed. The book traces the story of Presley's two years in the army including the trauma of his mother's death just three weeks before he left for Germany, the media circus which surrounded him on his arrival, the girls and drugs along the way and his triumphant return to America. 

The DVD: Death Of A Legend – The Investigation Continues

On August 17 1977 Elvis Presley, loved and adored by millions of fans and devotees worldwide, died alone and virtually penniless. In this intimate and respectful documentary we hear comments from those who were closest to Elvis, the people charged with caring for him and who were at Graceland on that fateful day. They talk of Elvis' final moments and how a sequence of events led to a sad and lonely end for one of the world's greatest entertainers. Reunited for the first time his longest serving friends tell their personal, revealing and often amazing stories. These are the men who were trusted by Elvis to share his innermost thoughts and secrets known collectively as the Memphis Mafia. With the help of reconstructions and eye-witness accounts this DVD examines the drugs, the girls, the financial meltdown and the pivotal role of Colonel Tom Parker leading up to the death of a legend. * 

2 CDs besturing 50 classic Rock And Roll tracks:

Disc 1 

All Shook Up 2. I Love You Because 3. Jailhouse Rock 4. King Creole 5. Don't Be Cruel 6. Heartbreak Hotel 7. Blue Suede Shoes 8. Love Me Tender 9. Loving You 10. Shake, Rattle And Roll 11. Hound Dog 12. (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear 13. Old Shep 14. Money Honey 15. I Beg Of You 16. Anyplace Is Paradise 17. One Night 18. There's Good Rockin' Tonight 19. I Want You, I Need You, I Love You 20. Treat Me Nice 21. Blueberry Hill 22. Dixieland Rock 23. Don't Ask Me Why 24. Don't Leave Me Now 25. First In Line 

Disc 2 

1. Got A Lot O' Livin To Do 2. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You? 3. I Got A Woman 4. I Believe 5. How's The World Treating You? 6. I Forgot To Remember To Forget 7. That's All Right 8. I Need You So 9. Hard Headed Woman 10. I Was The One 11. Let Me 12. I'm Counting On You 13. It Is No Secret (What God Can Do) 14. Just Because 15. Lawdy Miss Clawdy 16. Playing For Keeps 17. Poor Boy 18. Love Me 19. Lover Doll 20. Mean Woman Blues 21. My Baby Left Me 22. My Wish Came True 23. New Orleans 24. I Need Your Love Tonight 25. As Long As I Have You

JimmyCool wrote on November 06, 2009
What an awful cover! They say "you can't judge a book by its cover" but in this case, I sure am right!
TBG wrote on November 06, 2009
The same crap would've happened to Beatles if they had been Americans.. I wish EPE and the record company could agree on making a real good Elvis tribute like Beatles' Anhology that was on tv a few years ago, with all the remastered new stuff that's been released these past few years. They're showing Elvis' Great Performances now on Norwegian tv, and the quality is just terrible - especially the cut in Suspicious Minds. Why is it so hard to do a proffesional rockumentary showing everyone WHY Elvis still is, and will always be, the king?? I tell u why, in America it's all about $$$, EPE owns the pictures, Sony the music and the movie companies the movies. Every time someone tries to do something involving Elvis the copyright-owners start to drewl and demand an insain amount of money instead of trying to cooperate and create a good product together.
Jerome-the-third wrote on November 06, 2009
aaah my eyes!!..
Steve V wrote on November 06, 2009
What the heck does poor Elvis product have to do with being American or good Beatles product have to do with them being British? Its the company behind them. Believe me there is good product out there on American singers. Really, the post I read on this site get sillier by the day. Take your anti-US rant somewhere else.
Dixieland Rock wrote on November 06, 2009
I 100 % agree with Steve V. I get sick of people like TBG always blaming America for everything. America is a great country and has nothing to do with this release. Besides, if you'd READ carefully up above, this is a UK release. If it weren't for America, there wouldn't an Elvis. If it weren't for Elvis, there wouldn't be the Beatles. Knock off blaming America for everything.
theoldscudder wrote on November 06, 2009
Hey TBG. If not for the USA you'd probably be speaking a different language, if at all. Elvis label was terrible & still is. Not all companies in my country treat their artists like The King is treated. Part of this is the label & part is the typical Elvis fan buying substandard product over & over again. The label knows the fans mentality & they know they can get over on the fans & thus make a profit.
lray wrote on November 06, 2009
Don't we all need a reality check. There are all kinds of cheap Beatles DVD's out there also put out by a variety of companies. What difference does it make. Simply ignore them.
Steve V wrote on November 07, 2009
I just saw a beautiful Sinatra box at FYE, live unreleased concerts on CDs plus a DVD. Last time I checked he was an American artist. Blows away any product put out on Elvis, or even The Beatles for that matter.
davrid wrote on November 08, 2009
'If not for the USA you'd probably be speaking a different language, if at all' is the most facile, ridiculous and pathetic response ever to a comment made on this site. It demonstrates a lack of understanding of how to contruct an argument, a lack of historical knowledge and misplaced arrogance and imperialism which has resulted, arising from a similarly veined US foreign policy, in contempt and ridicule for the United Stated worldwide.
Sally_Coates wrote on November 08, 2009
Davrid, agreed. However, for others to blame rubbish releases on Elvis being American is nearly as crass (ok, not really!) as theldscudder's post. Not only does EPE and Sony have no control over European releases such as this, Sony is not even an American company, it's Japanese, headed by a Brit! There are untold dire Beatles releases and the floodgates will open in a few years for their current copyrighted material as it has for Elvis' 50's releases. However, I do agree that the quality of most, if not all, 'offiical' releases, be it EPE, Sony or movie companies, leavesmuch to be desired when it comes to Elvis. But this in some ways is self-perpetuating - if Elvis doesn't sell in the same quantities as other artists, then where will anyone invest marketing dollars? Yes, in other dollars where the marketing ROI is higher. As for EPE, you could never accuse them of 'losing the plot' as they've never ever had a clue...
theoldscudder wrote on November 09, 2009
Davrid & Sally. Lighten up. I said that tongue in cheek. As someone previously commented Elvis is entertainment not cancer research. I was serious in my last part of the comment.
SuziB wrote on November 10, 2009
Theoldscudder - that was a joke??? Laughing so much NOT. Just not the remotest bit funny, especially so near to the 11/11. I doubt it was said in a light hearted way at all, and you're feebily trying to post-justify yourself.