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Teenager's Hero 2 And Elvis June 1973 Tour

October 20, 2009 | Book

The Teenager's Hero publishing announced two new books; "Teenager's Hero Vol. 2" and a book on Elvis June 1973 Tour. 

The Press-release:

The first one will be the follow up to the acclaimed and much discussed Teenagers’ Hero. The Second will be a different kind of project with focus on the June 1973 tour.

Teenagers’ Hero Publishing’s is proud to announce these two new books for next year; we want to take this occasion to say thanks to all the numerous people who bought the first volume of Steve Rino’s Teenagers’ Hero book.

The book has represented something really new in the Elvis’ book landscape, receiving positive reviews for specialist, website and overall single buyers from all over world.

We received some critics too, from people who expressed their opinion, comparing the book to an ordinary photo book or a biography… for all the people who bought the book that I have appreciated, they know that we are talking of something else, we don’t want to say that Rino’s work was perfect but we do recognise that the high quality of his work showed promise of future works, more appreciated.
Using the Kay Wheeler words direct to Steve << You certainly captured the 1956 Elvis Moment>> this was Steve Rino’s target and our personal high.

Despite s small number of the first volume remaining we afford Rino the possibility to produce the second volume dedicated to the second part of 1956. To enhance the experience provided by the first book whilst being both critic and supporter we intend the following changes:

  • 200 pages, as 400 pages limited the previous book due to expensive mailing cost.
  • Hardcover and Full Colour book as requested by many people
  • Improved quality of the photos used, due to a larger quantity of material available.
  • More attention to details to allow the reader to enjoy the text without looking for error.

We hope that you enjoy the result…

We want to say just a few words about the second book, we have started a new collaboration with the big collector Bob Rush, Rush’s big collection of Elvis’ photo’s from 1973 to 1977 gave us the idea and the possibility to plan the pressing of a book of the June 1973 tour certainly the best moment of Elvis in 1973.

Lastly the book will keep the same size and characteristics previously listed for the teen second volume, but will be a more ordinary photo book with more of 150 rare photos of the tour. We are yet to set the pressing date whilst both are still being worked on by the author. We will keep you updated with book layout and other details in the coming months.

Inside the web-site we post within the month all details possible to give a more complete preview of both books. Teenagers’ Hero Vol.1 is still available to order on the web or through your usual dealer, if you don’t yet have don’t miss the opportunity!

Jerome-the-third wrote on October 20, 2009
Bob Rush? I hope he didn't rush things..
Ruthie wrote on October 23, 2009
I haven't been on this site for a while so thought I would catch up on the news. Nothing has changed as far as intelligent feedback. The last 3 articles only contain comments from someone who is a comedian only in his own mind.