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PETA Asks To Lease Circle G Ranch

October 22, 2009 | Other

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals wrote a letter Wednesday proposing to lease Elvis Presley's old Circle G Ranch in Horn Lake for use as a "Don't Be Cruel Educational Center" for children.

"This would be a good way to let kids know the truth about how cows are suffering before they're turned into burgers or blue suede shoes," said PETA spokesman Ashley Byrne of Washington. The Circle G Ranch went up for sale a month ago with an asking price of $6.5 million, said real estate agent Rodger Motz, representing property owner Dennis McLemore. Motz said the current owner had looked into several uses for the land, including as a resort property or a residential development. Motz said it now is zoned for planned unit development, although McLemore keeps cattle on the land. He said he isn't sure how many cattle McLemore has. "I didn't count them, but there are a bunch of Black Angus." Motz said he has had inquiries from potential buyers across the United States and Europe, but is not close to agreeing to terms with anyone. And he said McLemore is "not interested in leasing it to those people," referring to PETA.

Valeria wrote on October 26, 2009
Yes, another jerk trying to using Elvis'name to make millions. What a nasty guy!
theoldscudder wrote on October 26, 2009
Humm, a pig with cows.