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Tracks Elvis 75 - Good Rockin' Tonight

October 13, 2009 | Music

SONY's Legacy label published a press-release on the upcoming 4CD set "Elvis 75 - Good Rockin' Tonight" with the tracklisting and additional details on the package. 

NEW YORK, Oct. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Legacy Recordings is proud to announce the release of Elvis 75 - Good Rockin' Tonight, the ultimate career-spanning collection of seminal recordings by Elvis Presley, in commemoration of the King of Rock & Roll's 75th birthday (January 8, 2010). Elvis 75 - Good Rockin' Tonight -- a four CD, 100 song collection -- will be available everywhere on Tuesday, December 8.

The first major Elvis Presley retrospective to cover the full spectrum of the artist's world-changing career, Elvis 75 - Good Rockin' Tonight runs from "My Happiness," the acetate Elvis himself paid nearly four dollars to record at the Memphis Recording Service on July 18, 1953, a year before signing with Sun Records, to "A Little Less Conversation (JXL Radio Remix Edit)," a posthumous #1 hit for Elvis in the UK, Australia and more than 20 other countries in 2002.

Offering fans an unprecedented range of essential material, Elvis 75 - Good Rockin' Tonight provides a generous selection of the electrifying earth-shattering primal rock & roll of young Elvis; the swinging good vibes of Elvis's soundtrack recordings; the heartfelt humility of his gospel performances and the intimacy of his ballads; the pure pop power and show biz magic of Elvis in Vegas; and a record-setting number of #1 and Top 10 international smashes.

The lavish Elvis 75 - Good Rockin' Tonight box set includes an 80-page booklet featuring many rare photographs and a new essay by musical and cultural critic Billy Altman (Rolling Stone, The New Yorker).

A single disc edition of Elvis 75 - Good Rockin' Tonight, featuring key tracks culled from the four-disc set, will be released on January 5, 2010 (the week of Elvis' birthday: January 8).

Legacy's release of Elvis 75 - Good Rockin' Tonight kicks off a year-long celebration of the life and music of Elvis Presley, the world's first rock & roll star.

Tracklisting: Elvis 75 - Good Rockin' Tonight

Disc 1

01 My Happiness
02 That's All Right
03 Blue Moon Of Kentucky
04 Good Rockin' Tonight
05 Baby Let's Play House
06 Mystery Train
07 I Forgot To Remember To Forget
08 I Got A Woman
09 Heartbreak Hotel
10 I Was The One
11 Blue Suede Shoes
12 My Baby Left Me
13 One-Sided Love Affair
14 I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You)
15 Lawdy, Miss Clawdy
16 I Want You, I Need You, I Love You
17 Hound Dog
18 Don't Be Cruel
19 Love Me Tender
20 Love Me
21 Paralyzed
22 Too Much
23 All Shook Up
24 Mean Woman Blues
25 (There'll Be) Peace In The Valley (For Me)
26 (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear
27 One Night
28 Jailhouse Rock
29 Treat Me Nice
30 Blue Christmas
31 Don't

Disc 2

01 Hard Headed Woman
02 Trouble
03 King Creole
04 Wear My Ring Around Your Neck
05 I Need Your Love Tonight
06 A Big Hunk O' Love
07 (Now And Then There's) A Fool Such As I
08 Stuck On You
09 A Mess Of Blues
10 It's Now Or Never
11 Thrill Of Your Love
12 Such A Night
13 Are You Lonesome Tonight?
14 Reconsider Baby
15 Doin' The Best I Can
16 Pocketful Of Rainbows
17 Surrender
18 Crying In The Chapel
19 I Feel So Bad
20 There's Always Me
21 Judy
22 Can't Help Falling In Love
23 (Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame
24 Little Sister
25 Good Luck Charm
26 Suspicion
27 She's Not You
28 Return To Sender

Disc 3

01 Bossa Nova Baby
02 (You're The) Devil In Disguise
03 (It's A) Long Lonely Highway
04 I Need Somebody To Lean On
05 Viva Las Vegas
06 It Hurts Me
07 This Is My Heaven
08 Adam And Evil
09 How Great Thou Art
10 Tomorrow Is A Long Time
11 Guitar Man
12 Big Boss Man
13 Too Much Monkey Business
14 U.S. Male
15 If I Can Dream
16 Memories
17 Don't Cry Daddy
18 In The Ghetto
19 Suspicious Minds
20 Stranger In My Own Home Town
21 Kentucky Rain
22 Only The Strong Survive

Disc 4

01 Polk Salad Annie
02 The Fool
03 Funny How Time Slips Away
04 I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water
05 I Just Can't Help Believin'
06 I'm Leavin'
07 An American Trilogy
08 Burning Love
09 Always On My Mind
10 Steamroller Blues
11 Loving Arms
12 Good Time Charlie's Got The Blues
13 Promised Land
14 T-R-O-U-B-L-E
15 For The Heart
16 Hurt
17 Way Down
18 Unchained Melody
19 A Little Less Conversation (JXL Radio Remix Edit)


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Lex wrote on October 13, 2009
Pretty good compilation!
SnOwMan wrote on October 13, 2009
Crap. For cover and booklet collectors only.
GeertFromNl wrote on October 13, 2009
Couldn't they find a better track instead of "This Is My Heaven"? It's one of the worst songs he ever recorded. Its inclusion on a greatest hits compilation is laughable.
SuziB wrote on October 13, 2009
This Is My Heaven and Adam And Evil? Ugh....
FLY-TROUBLE! wrote on October 13, 2009
So there's nothing new on it. Just as i suspected. Good bye.
Steve V wrote on October 13, 2009
For someone (presumably a newbie, not anyone here) wanting a good career spanning collection, this is probably the most comprehensive one out there, but from all the movie songs to choose from Adam & Evil & This Is My Heaven? Oh my. Who makes these decisions? I'd really like to know why these 2 songs were chosen, really I would, really. They just NEVER seem to get it 100% right do they?
Michael.W. wrote on October 13, 2009
Someone got humor...."Adam an Evil" on a greatest hits package?! Good for the general public ,if 30no.1 and 2nd to none were not published because there are a lot of similarities.So,who actually will buy this?
theoldscudder wrote on October 13, 2009
Nothing new. How they have the b---s to put this out. Compare this to the Beatles recent releases. Elvis was the better singer but the Beatles have the more sophisticated fans. They wouldn't stand for these meaningless releases. I can't even count the number of greatest hits packages that have been put out.
lray wrote on October 13, 2009
If I was putting together a best 100 this would be pretty close. I would drop Adam And Evil and use I'll Be Back. Would have found a way to get in a live 1969 like My Babe or I Can't Stop Loving You. Glad to see US Male making the line up. It always gets left off. Guitar Man is most likely not the extended version though. The sound will be A+, we can be sure of that.
Jerome-the-third wrote on October 13, 2009
I don't agree with the 70's material, the Fool? and why do they always pick the same ones, use songs like Sound of your Cry for instance..
drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on October 13, 2009
Oh goody a 4 cd set and then a single disc edition available Jan to kick off a year of celebration? there's me trying to fight off all the negatives reactions when we had a press-release and now i find myself eating humble pie?? Of course i will buy this. after all it's what i do and it will sit along with the other box-sets not played and they (SONY) then want me to buy a single disc edition. uh WHY? So it's looks like a long year of wasted opportunities if this is what they are kicking off with? Anybody got ERNST's e-mail address please so i can ask him WTF is going on here and as a fan i want some answers?
OtisBlue22 wrote on October 13, 2009
Three words: It Hurts Me!
TCB16 wrote on October 13, 2009
The last I checked no new songs are ever coming out. What do you guys want? This collection is not directed at people like us who have all these recordings already. Just because you are diehards like myself you should know not to buy everything. I check to see what is on it, I might have my opinions as to what songs should be on it but i move on. This is also put out by legacy recordings so they are never the best at packages but its a good try and a good introduction. Everyone involved needs to keep Elvis relevent and they are doing a pretty damn good job of it and they are hoping for a good year for his 75th. Why get upset? Why waste the time?
dgirl wrote on October 13, 2009
This is a fine collection for someone who may want a good career spanning collection, BUT Adam & Evil & This Is My Heaven representing the movie years? What about King of The Whole Wide World, Follow That Dream, Girls Girls Girls, Please Dont Stop Loving Me, I'll Be Back, Let Yourself Go, Edge Of Reality to name but a few? Very poor choices on those 2 songs. Otherwise, a fine collection.
Smile:-) wrote on October 13, 2009
This is fantastic news for all of us! Both for Joe Public and the readers of this page, the die-hard fans. I can mention several reasons: 1) This is a beauty of a box-set aimed for the mainstream marked. A market that deserve such a release, completely free of obscure outtakes etc. Just pure Elvis genious. 2) The song selection does Elvis more justice than the standard (more limited) 2CD-best-of/greatest-hits-releases (you could always argue about some of the selections on this release, but that's useless...) 3) There are no new songs on the release! This means that we don't need to buy it (unless you collect all titles released...) 4) This is the perfect gift to all your loved ones, friends, music lovers and potential new Elvis fans. All of us should think recruiting and buy at least on set each to give away for Christmas:) I have only one concern/wish regarding this release: may the booklet include an overview of all classic Elvis studio and concert albums 1956-1977 (w/all covers reproduced except the movie albums)! This to anchor this release to his original releases, the actual foundation and back-bone of his entire legacy! Sadly the originals have disappeared in the re-package jungle over the years. This release is another re-packaging, but could attract more attention to the originals if they do things right. Let's face it, Sony/BMG/RCA have never shown complete faith in Elvis' back-catalogue, but it's time to reconsider baby;) Especially if the company is interested in long lasting income and preserving Elvis' reputation at the highest level. What if the classic Beatles albums were limited to the die-hard fans only? An absurd tought...!
JimmyCool wrote on October 13, 2009
I personally think that "I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry," "The Thrill Of Your Love," "Judy," "This Is My Heaven," and "Adam & Evil" have noting to do here! Is it DSD as "30 #1 Hits" and "2nd To None"?
Cruiser621 wrote on October 13, 2009
When will it end? Absolute crap! Including the 2 crappy movie songs is another blow to the general public. So many others they could have included. No thanks.
sitdown revamped wrote on October 13, 2009
Well. Joe Public Solid. But where's an additional Live CD? Cream of Cream 56 to 77? Would be a nice addition in my opinion. And...could be even worse e.g.: He's Not Your Uncle, He's Your Dad or Dominic...;-) Only kidding...
ttwiise wrote on October 13, 2009
A good compilation except for the obvious. where are the wonder of you and girl of my best friend. Unfortunately we've had it all before on hitstory so nobody will buy it... shame... again 20 years too late
Lefty wrote on October 13, 2009
Another "ultimate" collection. Man, this cow gives a lot milk!
theoldscudder wrote on October 13, 2009
You would think for the price they would at least put an unreleased picture on the cover. But they know they don't have to because they know only the suckers will buy this one. Maybe they should include a dust cloth as part of the package cause you will only play this one or two times & it will gather dust just like your other compilations are doing.
Cruiser621 wrote on October 13, 2009
Lefty hits the nail right on the head or should I say squeeze the udder. Good one.
elvisfan1958 wrote on October 14, 2009
I mostly agree with all the comments, but I would also change, "For The Heart", to "Moody Blue". It was a #1 hit, on the country chart. I would also lose, "My Happiness". It doesn't fit in, on this collecton. I think most people will hit the "skip" button, when that song comes on.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on October 14, 2009
I like the fact that RCA, keeps new CDs, coming, for new and older fans to enjoy. Sadly, its the same songs, over and over again, with a few odd choices thrown in. And, how can this be a career-spanning collection, without the song, "The Wonder of you"? (among others) it just doesn't make sense? Who picks these songs? I'm just thankful, that "Old Shep" isn't on this one ! However, "Peace in the Valley" makes another appearance ! It seems that this song, is on every compliation, in the last few years ! Its a decent collection, but as RCA-SONY always does, they never get it fully right.
Dixieland Rock wrote on October 14, 2009
Now that I've seen the tracklisting, I want to comment. This collection is no doubt excellant songs spanning EP's career. For the casual buyer that buys this, they are in for some great EP entertainment for sure. I agree with GEORGE & the others about this being basically the same songs all over again under a "new" title. As I said before, no big deal if it ended up being the case & I don't have to buy it which I now have no plans of. If I had the chance to do a "career spanning theme" such as this, I would've wanted a song or two representing every one of EP's movies, a few songs from the early 50s appearances, live performances from the 50's through the 70s. Include a few interviews. Songs that are equally good that rarely get heard on such releases. But, I'm not in the position, to decide which songs should be there, so, anyway. The songs themselves are excellant recordings but this is the Elvis Golden Records series with a few bonus songs under the "new" mask. Great songs, great cover but I'll pass.
Sirbalkan wrote on October 14, 2009
The thing is, it's good to have a vcompilation with different songs but adam and evil? I think all Elvis fans here can make a signiture campaign and send a note to Song BMG to recreate the song list before it's published. What do you think? Let's do it with the help of Elvisnews.com WHAT DO YOU THINK GUYS?
sitdown revamped wrote on October 14, 2009
and let them add an additional live cd, featuring The Wonder Of You among highlights from 56 to 77. as there were some great songs who never got published as a proper studio recording...
Bob Finkel wrote on October 14, 2009
Well, GEORGE: "I like the fact that RCA, keeps new CDs, coming, for new and older fans to enjoy. Sadly, its the same songs, over and over again, with a few odd choices thrown in." About over and over the same songs. Remember, Elvis died in 1977. New songs??? I think we have now all the songs that are for a long time in the salt mines, or in the archives in New York or elsewhere. This is a birthday compilation. Not only for the fans, but for the fans too. The sound quality will be the best. OK, two or three songs can be or must be changed. But overall this compilation is well done and for his birthday a nice idea. By the way: The stuff from the Beatles is also the same over the years. Only the sound quality is much better. And the original cover artwork is available. But we are talking only about 13 or 15 albums. That makes any decision easier for the company. So in my opinion the ELVIS 75 release is very welcome. Thank you Ernst.
FJE wrote on October 14, 2009
As usual every time a compilation like this is released everyone has his/her favourite songs left out. My two that come immediately to mind are "Anything That's Part Of You" and "That's Someone You Never Forget". I'm sure there are a few more. But to include "This Is My Heaven" and especially "Adam And Evil", sandwiched between two outstanding tracks like "It Hurts Me' and "Tomorrow Is A Long Time" no less, is nothing but the work of a monkey. Of course, I have no intention of buying this. I have all these tracks multiple times over and looks like an expanded version of the 3-CD Set "Artist of The Century". But if you want to attract new fans or the casual buyer one must present the artist at his very best, nothing less.
jean michel wrote on October 14, 2009
Nice of Sony to think of ELVIS Bday but , without promotion & at 60 $ a piece , who is gonna by it ?
FLY-TROUBLE! wrote on October 14, 2009
Who will buy it? Well,a couple of thousand idiots will buy this. I mean the fans who buy things like the Elvis celebriduck,the Elvis Aloha dog costume and tings like these. There are so many idiots and Sony knows it very well. This is why they release compilations in every year,because they know that the idiots will buy them. Even if they sell only 10.000 or 20.000 copies,the profit will be huge. I bet in next year they will release the 50th anniversary editions of G.I. Blues and His Hand In Mine,of course with improved "better than ever" remastered sound blah blah blah... And the fools will buy them again.
Zoltan84 wrote on October 14, 2009
Jean Michel,it's not nice from the part of Sony,it's rather predictable. They catch every opportunity to make more money. There are a few anniversaries in every year. They can release 35th,45th or 50th anniversary releases of various albums and recordings in every year. And until fans buy these meaningless releases,they will issue them in every year. It's all about money.
elvistruth wrote on October 14, 2009
Sony is wrong again. No more hopes for the future if there are not changes inside at Sony. If you want hear the real Elvis buy Elvis vinyl, even the great FTD vinyl (far better that cds). The difference between analogue and digital cds is outstanding. One zillion times better, believe it or not. And my money spended with digital equipment is very very expensive but with a great plate, arm and cartridge (and of course with an excellent pre-phone), an hybrid amplifier, exquisite speakers, Elvis and ANY other artist sounds as the real thing. Please SONY release all Elvis albums with 200 grs. audiophile vinyl!!
JLpResLey wrote on October 14, 2009
It´s a good release. I really think so. I´m glad they included a lot of sixties and seventies stuff. All other greatest hits releases always focus on the fifties. It´s like they want us to believe that Elvis didn´t have it after A fool such as I and I got stung. That´s so wrong and I´m happy about this release. About Adam and Evil and This is my heaven? Well, they said it themselves, it´s suppose to be a career-spanning collection. It´s a part of who he was as an artist. He had his ups and downs, and we all know it. For new Elvis fans, this is a tremendous collection. All the underrated stuff is there. The Fool, I need somebody to lean on, US Male, T-R-O-U-B-L-E, Lovin arms. I think it´s great
davrid wrote on October 14, 2009
Such box sets can never satisfy everyone but I agree that this is not the long awaited Definitive Elvis Collection - I think there is a whole CD of unnecessary songs and some glaring omissions, and why does it always have to focus upon the 50's? Personally, I would delete My Happiness, I Was The One, One-Sided Love Affair, Peace In The Valley, Teddy Bear, Treat Me Nice, A Fool Such As I, Stuck On You, Thrill Of Your Love, Judy, Good Luck Charm, Bossa Nova Baby, Devil In Disguise, Long Lonely Highway, This Is My Heaven, Adam And Evil, Big Boss Man, Too Much Monkey Business, U.S. Male, I Washed My Hands In Muddy Water, Steamroller Blues, For The Heart. And replace with: Trying To Get To You, Money Honey, I Need You So, One Night of Sin, Fame and Fortune, Girl Of My Best Friend, Thats Someone You Never Forget, Anything Thats Part Of You, I Met Her Today, I’ll Remember You, Indescribably Blue, Hi Heel Sneekers, Where Could I Go But To The Lord, Stand By Me, Anyday Now, Long Black Limousine, And the Grass Won't Pay No Mind , Twenty Days and Twenty Nights, The Sound of Your Cry, How the Web Was Woven, Stranger in the Crowd , Just Pretend, Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On, Merry Xmas Baby, Sweet Angeline, It's Midnight, If You Talk in Your Sleep, Shake A Hand, Solitaire, I’ll Never Fall In Love Again, She Thinks I still Care, Moody Blue Turning it into a 5cd set!! But one which represents a far better balanced anthology of Elvis' career and finally allows the general public to understand the incredible breadth and peerless quality of Elvis' legacy.
Bob Finkel wrote on October 14, 2009
Well, well, well. To say it very clear so that everyone can understand it now: THIS IS A 75 BIRTHDAY COMPILATION AND NOTHING MORE!!! And the idea is very good and we all should very happy with this release. It is not especially for the fans, more for the general public. To keep Elvis music longer alive we really need this birthday compilation. And in 25 years we are all should looking for the 100 birthday compilation.
ttwiise wrote on October 14, 2009
it goes to show how great he was that a set with 100 songs omits so many great performances, I think 200 would still cause us a problem. Hats off to the king!
Jay wrote on October 14, 2009
Ok folks, they obviously included This Is My Heaven and Adam And Evil to make this collection more 'career spanning' covering more years of Elvis' recording career (1966 in this case i believe). I love the collection but 2 songs I cant believe did not make it are the huge UK number one The Wonder of You and Elvis' last country number 1 in the US Moody Blue.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on October 14, 2009
Casual buyers already have many box sets etc to choos from,why flood the market even more? i went to my local walmart and for first time in a while took a look at the music section,its amszing how the beatles and Elvis are represented,the beatles were represented with the new remastered original albums with new liner notes,and Elvis is rspresented with compllations,a new fan of Elvis will ay hey were are the original albums(cd's) well you have to get them from this collectors label,they cost you about $35,why are the originals not in stores? because silly Elvis is the king of compilations,as somone said not much comes out on the beatles but when they do its done right!
Dixieland Rock wrote on October 14, 2009
It's cool to see Elvis at number 5 in Yahoo's top 10 searches today. Billboard is even plugging this collection too which is cool. That's what I want to more of. I hope Sony/BMG & EPE will MARKET this collection as an EVENT. Advertise it, let it become a news story. Although I'm not a Beatles fan, I was impressed to see their recent releases make the local & national news. Now that is great marketing. The way the Beatles new releases are marketed, reminds me of how the "Elvis In The 90's" campaign was marketed. I remember there were large store displays with several of EP's original albums in prestine quality on CD displayed together. This is how the latest Beatles campaign looks. It's great. I hope Sony/BMG will pump money into advertising this release in that fashion. Since they are releasing this, make it an EVENT.
jean michel wrote on October 14, 2009
Dixieland Rock ; yes indeed it would be nice to see Sony promote/market this set the way it would deserve to be BUT I have given up hopes with BMG/sony long ago & I am afraid this is gonna end up as yet another missed opportunity.
ElvisZone wrote on October 14, 2009
MUST BE OUT: 15 Doin' The Best I Can. 16 Pocketful Of Rainbows. 21 Judy, 04 I Need Somebody To Lean On, 07 This Is My Heaven, 08 Adam And Evil, 03 Funny How Time Slips Away MUST BE IN: trying to get to you, Money Honey, Memphis Tenneese, I want you with me, long black limousine, Fools fall in love, I remmember you, the girl of my best friend, What now what next where to, Down In the Alley, You ll Think Of Me, Rubberneckin, Any Day Now, My baby, The Wonder of You, Walk A Mile In My Shoes, Faded Love, You Dont Have to Say You Love, I Lost You, Mary In The Morning, How The Web Was Woven, Stranger In The Crowd, Just Pretend, It's Only Love, Until This Time For You To Go, It's A Matter Of Time, Saperate Ways, My Boy, Never Been to Spain, Gave Me A Mountain, What Now My Love, If You Talk In Your Sleep, It's Midnight, And I Love You So, Pledging My Love, Moody Blue
Theo wrote on October 14, 2009
Nothing new... That's disappointing. Why are Sony flooding the market yet again with a greatest hits compilation? I was hoping for a Platinum, Today, Tomorrow & Forever or Close Up kind of release with at least 75% unreleased tracks. I guess the barrel really is almost empty. I can keep my cash and save it up for some interesting FTD cd's. By the way, I wouldn't call this "the first major Elvis Presley retrospective to cover the full spectrum of the artist's world-changing career", but about the third or fourth, as we already had Artist of the Century and HitStory, which featured the hits and Platinum and Today, Tomorrow & Forever, which featured songs from almost all Elvis' recording sessions. Apart from some odd song choices, an ok release for the new casual fan, but not for me...
Steve V wrote on October 14, 2009
Theo - as explained before, the general public ( for whom this set is aimed) does not give a hoot about unreleased alternate takes. The sets you mentioned only appealed to collectors and did not do as well as expected. This is why FTD exists. Why would you want another box set like Platinum with a bunch of outtakes? The idea is stale and played out. This set although some songs choices are questionable, can have an appeal to Joe consumer. When I look at the used bins in whatever CD stores are left, what do I see? The box sets you mentioned.
Mofoca22 wrote on October 15, 2009
i know these tracks all been released before which is obvious but i am very excited about this release and teh single disc release a month after this is released. this is a very good sign it means 2010 will be a big year for elvis and elvis fans. i think this is the year elvis on tour is released on dvd finally along with many other great things. i sure hope so. we gotta put the king back ontop.
John4126 wrote on October 15, 2009
With so many compilations on the market, this is going nowhere. Joe public that may have bought any of the cd's that make up Hitstory aint gonna buy this. You go into stores (those of us still entrenched in the 2oth century!) and you are overwhelmed with 'Greatest hits' packages. Incidentely what happened to the 'From Elvis in Memphis' release. ANyone care to enlighten me as to how it did.
Theo wrote on October 15, 2009
Steve – I know this set is aimed at the casual fan. I don’t know about the sales figures of the other boxsets. I don’t know if they appeal to the casual fan or not. I just know I really liked Platinum and Close Up. When this new set was announced a week or so ago, I was being selfish and really, really hoping for a set with loads of new material (stuff like Little Mama or the Louisiana Hayride Farewell Concert, more studio outtakes (there’s lots of outtakes that didn’t make the Classic Albums series from FTD), and live material culled from various concerts from the 70’s), because that’s what I want. Maybe I shouldn’t have hoped, because then I wouldn’t be disappointed now. This set is OK, but maybe redundant after the compilations of the past decade. Personally I’d much rather have Sony reissue the best 30 or 40 albums from our man’s back catalogue in superior sound (with bonustracks, like the reissue series RCA/BMG started in the second half of the 90’s) and promote the hell out of these. And keep those albums in print! A period of 4-5 years with no releases should precede this campaign. Of course FTD can still keep releasing cd’s for us hardcore fans. Pretty much like what EMI did with The Beatles catalogue. Like that’s ever gonna happen. Oh well, I can dream…
Steve V wrote on October 15, 2009
Theo - you are right. It will prob never happen. After these last few years we know how the label will treat Elvis' catlaog. Compilation after compilation will dominate with a few anniversary releases thrown in (Memphis, TV Special) and a yearly Christmas CD. The regular albums will never be put back in print since FTD has taken them over. Is it because there is no general interest in these LPs? I dont know. Thats what Sony research marketers are for. I will say the ELvis LP catalog is not as impressive as say The Beatles or Stones. There were too many hodge-podge albums especially in the 70's when RCA just wanted to throw a product out and took recordings and just threw them together. But there are some fabulous albums that NEVER should have been taken out of print. As for this release, I dont think it will do very well. Why would any casual fan who has bought 30 #1s, Hitstory, Artist of Century, and of the 50's 60, & 70's boxsets be even slightly interested in this? Overkill & confusion to the consumer abound.
MJB63 wrote on October 15, 2009
For ELVIS 75,RCA/BMG should have just concentrated on putting together the small hits,B sides and obscure songs.Something like this: "Paralyzed","One Sided Love Affair","Doin' the Best I Can","There's Always Me","Long Lonely Highway","U.S.Male","Funny How Time Slips Away" and "Loving Arms".That sounds good to me.
sitdown revamped wrote on October 15, 2009
reflecting the current discussion I remember someone saying some 20+ years ago after the releases of the silver box and golden celebration box: "it is very likely that we won't see such a compilation again...well time proofed that he was right". It's an okay box, to introduce Elvis to other generations. But yes, I agree: some of the essential albums should remain in the public catalogue. And I really feel sad about not having any news as a follow up instead of loads of fast back compilations over and over. I just wonder, what would have happened to Elvis Presley and his music, if he had been managed by Columbia back then...Or Atlantic.
JerryNodak wrote on October 15, 2009
You want the perfect comp? With all the songs you love, and none of those you hate? Answer? Make your own. This constant bitching about why this song and not that song blah, blah every time a comp is is issued is really getting monotonous.
theoldscudder wrote on October 15, 2009
SteveV, I disagree with you, the label will reissue the original lp's. It dosen't matter what FTD does. The new lp release's will not be as elaborate, with less tracks. The price will be cheaper. The general public knows nothing about FTD, so they will sell in limited numbers.The people that buy the FTD's will also buy these because they have to have everything. So they will get both buyers. And don't forget they may come up with some marketing trick. Just look at the tins in past reissues. Or they will claim better sound. I really believe there are a considerable amount of Elvis fans that buy nothing but Elvis, so they need their Elvis fix.
SuziB wrote on October 16, 2009
Jerry, I think you are slightly missing the point. The concern isn't everyone lobbying for their own favourite recordings 'per se' but trying to stimulate debate and represent a point of view on how to position Elvis at his 'best' to provide structure to his recording legacy, reaffirm his position as the greatest entertainer in history and, frankly, to stimulate interest from those who don't routinely buy Elvis cds/downloads etc. Don't think there would ever be consensus on how to achieve any of these but I think there is agreement that including nonsense like 'Adam and Evil', or that just because a song was a hit somehow affords it pre-requisite status on these kind of sets, isn't the way forward.
JerryNodak wrote on October 16, 2009
Blah, blah, blah. Legacy? It's secure. Rightful place? We here all agree he's number one. Outsiders will never agree. Doesn't matter if we talk 'til we're blue in the face. They don't "get" Elvis and they never will. I do agree about 'Adam and Evil' (although I don't mind the tune). As for the "hits" If I ever have to listen to Hound Dog or Don't be Cruel again it will be too soon. Stimulate interest? On a message board? It's like the clergyman preaching to the choir. The non believers (those who need convincing aren't here. What does it matter anyway? He's dead. Been dead for 32 years. His voice has been stilled. The story has been written. It is what it is. You can't rewrite history (although thy're trying). On that note I leave this board. Look to see me no more.
benny scott wrote on October 16, 2009
Hey Jerry, don't give up so fast, SuziB means well ! But I have to agree with you completely. History has been written and nothing in the world can change that. Me too I'm bored with all the "they should have this, they should have that...", you know,a lot of people will always have comments on every release. A good comment on a topic is always welcome, but the topic must be worthwhile . In the past you have proven you're capable to give such good comments, so save 'em for future's interesting subjects . Best to you. Always El.
SuziB wrote on October 16, 2009
Jerry, again you've missed the point, only this time completely! If you actually read my post it says stimulate demand amongst those who generally don't buy Elvis cds not within this board! The board is a forum to debate, including how 'best' to present Elvis to the general music buying public, which was my point.
jean michel wrote on October 16, 2009
This "new" compilation , & this "year-long celebration of the life & music of Elvis Presley" , could be the begining of a new way to promote and market Elvis . I wrote "could" because I know this won't happen & it's a crying shame.
Dixieland Rock wrote on October 16, 2009
jean michel, you are probably right. If Sony/BMG releases this and then their marketing department hits the snooze button & depends on "word of mouth" to drive this, it'll be another missed opportunity. I was pleased to see Billboard do an article on this. That was great More things like that will help. I hope EPE will strongly push this. I've seen so many missed opportunities that weren't seized upon which boggles my mind. Every release should be treated as an event.
theoldscudder wrote on October 17, 2009
Just another unnecessary release to squeexe out a few bucks. This will sink like a lead balloon. New buyers aren't going for a 4 cd release.
jean michel wrote on October 17, 2009
Moreover , this release should be , widely , available not only in North America and Europe , BUT also in South America , Asia and Africa not as an expensive import but as local releases.
dgirl wrote on October 19, 2009
In the case of Elvis, there have already been numerous boxsets, plus numerous hit compilations. Plus boxsets are dead and the CD is more or less dead. While its nice the label is acknowledging the 75th , I have to agree with scudder. Only the die hards who have to have every release will buy this.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on October 20, 2009
Bob Finkel, I wrote, "I liked the fact that RCA, keeps new CDs, coming, for new and older fans to enjoy. Where did I mention, New songs? However, If RCA can remix lesser known Elvis songs, and make some hits, I'm all for it !
ger wrote on October 22, 2009
They should give it away free considering how time we've bought these same tracks over and over