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Viva Las Vegas Sportscar Up For Sale

October 09, 2009 | Other

Hundreds of collector cars will be on auction this week in Las Vegas, but none is generating more buzz than the 1961 Ol’ Yaller VIII sports car that Elvis Presley drove in the movie “Viva Las Vegas.”

The car — Lot No. 709 — will be sold to the highest bidder at the 2nd annual Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction being conducted through Saturday at Mandalay Bay.

Craig Jackson, the auction company’s chairman and CEO, said the owner of the car chose to sell it at the Las Vegas auction specifically because of its link to the movie. “Hopefully, someone will want it to stay in Vegas,” Jackson said.

Source:Las Vegas Sun
Steve Morse wrote on October 10, 2009
Spot the colour difference !
Jim Hoff wrote on October 10, 2009
He-he, you're right Steve. Maybe the Colonel , who was famous for painting sparrows yellow and then selling them as canary birds, had his go at this car, too ;-)
sitdown revamped wrote on October 10, 2009
maybe it is an "alternate take" ;-) should be even more expensive then the current ftd's...LOL
bigmaxee wrote on November 14, 2009
Not sure if anyone has realised this yet (maybe the people at the auction will) but this is not the car Elvis drove in Viva Las vegas, though I believe it was one of the cars in the race at the end of the movie. That car Elvis drove was an Elva Mk VII, Blue (obviously), right hand drive, and a totally different shape. Pictures of others like it can be found on the conceptcarz site or by searching google images for Elva mk VII.