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October iTunes Releases

October 09, 2009 | Music

Several new virtual compilation were released through iTunes. "The King Of Rock And Roll" is an 18 track virtual compilation from MD Music Company which was released September 2009. "Christmas With Elvis" is an 14 track compilation with a Christmas/ gospel theme; released by the same label on October 6, 2009.

"Superstar" is an 16 track compilation with digitally remastered live radio recordings from 1954 - 1956. It was released October 9, 2009 on the Cop Con (Ascap) label.

OtisBlue22 wrote on October 09, 2009
It's enough of an insult for these budget/tacky/detrimental releases to keep on cropping up, and tarnishing the man's recorded legacy, but for iTunes to open its doors to such dross is unforgivable. If it were up to me, there'd only be the original albums. I very much doubt that the casual listener will patiently scan through this musical minefield in the faint hope of tracking down those presently obscured classics. Just look at those covers!! They must have taken 3 minutes on Paint or Publisher - if that. I could do a better job. And if this keeps up, I just might give it a go!
Santa Claus wrote on October 10, 2009
Why not cashing in the real way? Open the vaults Sony/BMG! Sessions = 10 Euros per hour. Soundboards = 10 Euro per show. In addition the "Original Elvis Collection", the "Complete Master Boxed sets" and a handful of Gospel, Rock n Roll etc compilations. I would be the first one to pay 2000 Euros for the 200 soundboards in the RCA vaults. So everyone would be happy; the casual customer and the collector. And BMG, because they don't have any work with boring covers etc. They just get the money .. practicly while they sleep.