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A Day In Dayton Update

October 05, 2009 | Music

The Gravel Road import label released a new press-release on their upcoming double CD "A Day In Dayton".

Update from Gravel Road:

The cover artwork of the new release by Gravel Road Music “A Day In Dayton” Featuring both complete shows (Matinee & Evening) of October 6, 1974 Dayton Ohio.

As stated before, this will be the first release of a new series called, “ A Day In..”.

Gravel Road is a "by fans for fans" team. Our main goal is to obtain new recordings from private hands whenever possible, or issue a great older title when it is justified.

Because of the large archive purchased directly from retired labels Baxter, Bilko, and even a bit from Madison, work with original soundboard reels or tapes.

The October 1974 Dayton shows are being issued simply because Gravel Road has both master tapes, the audio is an upgrade and the original CD releases ten years ago were very small in number.

Ronaldv wrote on October 05, 2009
Our main goal is to obtain new recordings from private hands whenever possible..The majority of the Elvis fans are waiting for this to come, let's keep our fingers crossed. July 75 would be very nice.
mark wilson wrote on October 06, 2009
Thats funny, the International verison coming of this have the master tapes, they showed photos of this on a board. So how many masters tapes are there?
Pininen wrote on October 06, 2009
Really looking forward to this release, their last release was super and I think this will be too
Santa Claus wrote on October 06, 2009
Did they reach their goal to buy NEW shows? If yes, why starting the series with old stuff?
tcb1 wrote on October 06, 2009
its simple Gravel state they have new unreleased soundboards but continue to push out re-issues? can only mean one thing a big fat lie.......
benny scott wrote on October 07, 2009
Hi tcb1, calm down buddy ! Gravel dit NOT STATE they had new unreleased soundboards, they wrote clearly : " our MAIN GOAL is to OBTAIN new recordings. For the many fans who missed several "imports" released many years ago by different labels, it's a welcome opportunity to obtain good quality recordings of live concerts of our man. Nothing personal against you of course. Always El.
I Saw the Light wrote on October 07, 2009
Beautiful package, I ordered my copy already. I like what Gravel Road did with their reissues, Vegas Rhythm especially. And the more some people bitch about Gravel Road, the more I like it. Keep up the good work Gravel Road!
mark wilson wrote on October 07, 2009
with Vegas Rhythm GR took that directly off the old import CD. I know this for a fact. Keep up the work GR and keep ripping the fans off, the only talent you have is your 2 buck artwork. you nothing have else to offer.
SnOwMan wrote on October 07, 2009
Nice cover.
Orion wrote on October 07, 2009
I just recieved GR's "The Return of a Prodigy" today, and it's amazing. It captures Vegas in 1969 unlike ANY other release be it import or legit. It is so much better than the original Ft. Baxter release. I listened to it with headphones and was totally lost in a magical night that occurred 40 years ago. So, even though I'd like to have "unreleased" shows, I'm onboard with what GR is bringing to the table. They might be reissues to some people, but they will be a new opportunity for others, and if they sound as good as "Prodigy" with updated booklets and liner notes then they shouldn't be missed. I know I'm going to enjoy spending "A Day in Dayton" very soon. Thank you GR.
Natha wrote on October 08, 2009
Dear Benny Scott, you are so right. Though I am a fan since the very early sixties, due to not being part of Europe for a long time I discovered the CDs only in 2003. So I welcome the re-releases as some oldies are not available anymore. As long as they are honest. By the way any suggestion which of the Dayton releases I should buy?
benny scott wrote on October 08, 2009
Hi Natha, glad we share the same vision ! As for the choise between the 2 releases : I don't think there will be a notable difference audioquality-wise ( just a thought, not a statement). The Boxcar-label comes with a nice book and should contain untill now unreleased pictures, according to the Boxcar press-release. Without any doubt Gravel Road's release will be less expensive. Personnaly I think I'll go for the Boxcarrelease because of the book. People who are not that much interested in pictures would be better off with the Gravel release, but that's just my humble opinion. Wishing you all the best ! Always El.
Natha wrote on October 08, 2009
Thanks Benny Scott, I will see what they'll offer me. The Boxcar seems nicer indeed. That one we also share! Elvisly yours
Ciscoking wrote on October 10, 2009
Ordered...like all goodies from Gravel Road....