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Nancy Walters Died

October 03, 2009 | People

Nancy Walters of Las Vegas, NV, who acted with Elvis Presley in the movie, "Blue Hawaii", and who was a Christian minister has died. After a long battle with pancreatic cancer, she passed away peacefully in her sleep on September 29. Walters, a former fashion model and "glamour girl" (1958 Deb Star), played the part of a school teacher in charge of students who were touring with Elvis as their guide in "Blue Hawaii".

A few years ago, Nancy was reunited with co-star Darlene Tompkins. Through Darlene, a local Elvis fan couple befriended Nancy and visited her often. Recently, they managed a greeting card mailing campaign that delighted Nancy for many weeks. A world traveler, she especially enjoyed the cards from places she had visited. Nancy remarked once, "Elvis has left me so many friends."

Source:Viva Las Vegas Fanclub
JerryNodak wrote on October 04, 2009
Rest In Peace, Nancy.
Sirbalkan wrote on October 04, 2009
May she rest in piece... Hope she dances with Elvis there... :0(
SnOwMan wrote on October 04, 2009
R.I.P.,Nancy. You wasn't my favorite chick in that terrible movie,but R.I.P.,anyway.
Linda Kovalcik wrote on October 04, 2009
Poor Nancy. Pancreatic cancer is a terrible disease, Patrick Swayze died by this too. Rest in peace, Nancy. P.S.: I like the movie,but not the soundtrack.
Steve Morse wrote on October 05, 2009
Rest in Peace, Nancy. Blue Hawaii should not be judged by the films that followed it and tried to emulate it. It is a very entertaining film, made on location and has probably the best-recorded soundtrack of any of Elvis's post-army films. If you were around in 1961/62 you would know that this was one of the most popular films for teenagers in those years. The film has an integrity and high production values which were less and less in evidence in Elvis movies as the decade progressed. The final scene - the Hawaiian Wedding Song - is possibly the most colourful and romantic in all of Elvis's films.