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Definitive Dayton Reloaded Package

October 01, 2009 | Music

This is the definitive package of the double CD/ book release "Dayton Reloaded" from the new Boxcar import label. The set - a limited run of 999 copies - comes in the same box format as "Internationale 1971" CD/ book package with an 100 pages book featuring unpublished pictures from both concerts crystal clear and stunning new format according to the press-release. The audio is remastered directly from master tapes by the producers behind the former DAE label.

Dayton Reloaded

Dayton Reloaded

drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on October 01, 2009
As good as it get's package wise? it's what you have come to expect now from these people and to be honest the price will be money well spent,it will now depend on which format you go with, GRM of course will be as good so although we have the same product (seems to be the rage at the mo) on the market i only hope this is not going to be the trend import dealers are going down.
Ciscoking wrote on October 02, 2009
Is the topic the package or the average shows..?? A good packaging doesn`t make necessarily a good show..lol..
burton wrote on October 02, 2009
Why bother, at only 999 copies it'll only go to those with either long pockets stashed full of money or to those who know the people on how to get hold of these type releses. Us "REAL" Elvis fans, like me of over 50 years standing won't even get a sniff or look in at these so called "Special" releases. If we can't even get FTD's from amazon or without being ripped off on e-bay then what chance do we stand.
drjohncarpenter0117 wrote on October 02, 2009
mr burton, i cannot believe a 'REAL' Elvis fan fo 50 yrs + does not know how to get hold of items such as these or FTD's at a sensible price?? I get all my FTD's at £20 each and have a contact who supplies me with the impprt side of things at a price well within my 'long pockets'?? I have the greatest respect for anyone in the Elvis world and to me all fans are 'REAL'!!.
wmarkj wrote on October 02, 2009
mr johncarpenter, what happened to the integrity of communicating back to me on our Elvis purchase? you have nerve to get on mr burton?