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Dayton Reloaded

September 28, 2009 | Music

International and DAE import labels created a new label together: Boxcar. The first release will be a book/2CD combination Dayton Reloaded.

From the press-release:

The recording source used for this release is taken directly from the original soundboard tapes and is professionally remastered by DAE for optimum sound quality.

The accompanying lavish hardback 100 page glossy book, features a well detailed essay on the tours of 1974 proceeding up to October, (and including 1956) and is packed, with rare and unpublished photographs and unpublished documents.

All this coupled with beautiful art layout makes this all fascinating audio visual release.

Lex wrote on September 28, 2009
Wasn't Boxcar a creation by Col. Parker? This seems like one of his carnival tricks to me.. first the childish "give away" in an attempt to harm Audionics, and now days after the Gravel Road announcement....
memphis06 wrote on September 28, 2009
I will go for the Gravel Road release, for me it's no carnival time :-)
Ciscoking wrote on September 28, 2009
I second this, memphis06...not carnival time...yet....are we talking about CD`s or books..lol..
Orion wrote on September 28, 2009
It's a bit "strange" that both of these are coming out at the same time, and both claim to be "directly from the original soundboard tapes." This is the same claim that International made Audionics and FTD released the August 1970 shows. What gives ? Does Sony/BMG just lend these soundboard cassettes or reel to reels for the asking.. lol Just kidding - obvoiusly, but how do these "import" labels seem to find themselves in posession of what the other has. Is Sony hoping that they'll drive each other out of business, and that they'll be the one left standing ?These are strange times indeed.... As far as my $$ goes, I'm sure I'll go with Gravel Road as their booklet and liner notes have been great. Ideal for this set as these two shows are quite enjoyable, but not worthy enough to warrant a 100 pg. book or the $100.00 price tag that "BoxCar" will be. I do like the "take that, Col. Parker" approach to naming the label BoxCar. I can't wait to see what round three of this battle brings.
mark wilson wrote on September 29, 2009
I dont think its anywhere near $100, my dealer is only asking US$50. not much extra compared to the GRM which I understand does not even have as much as even a booklet inside.
Ciscoking wrote on September 29, 2009
This time they make it cheaper...means that the last box it was overpriced....obviously enough bucks made......
You Dont Know Me wrote on September 29, 2009
Too much interest and re-sale of 2 shows that aren't even 'new' I'm in no hurry to pay for this!`