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Circle G Ranch For Sale

September 23, 2009 | Other

Elvis Presley’s old ranch in Horn Lake, known as the Circle G is now up for sale. Prudential Realty put up ‘for sale’ signs yesterday. The asking price for the King of Rock n' Roll's old ranch is 6.5 million dollars. For that amount, you'll get 154.5 acres of land. Desoto County records show Elvis Presley bought the property back in 1972. It was sold in 1977-- the year of his death.

The family that now owns the land purchased it in 1980. Since then, there have been a few attempts to sell it. Seven years ago, it appeared the old ranch would be the site of a Circle G resort- complete with shops, golf courses and hotels. That deal-- and another one to turn it into a Stars resort-- both eventually fell through. “We tried to get it sold two times. Stars was the last one, but the money never came through. We got it through the Planning Commission, but the money didn't show” says Prudential Realtor Rodger Motz.

Now, once again, a piece of Elvis' past is up for sale. The property just went on the market last month. So far, Prudential says they haven't heard from any potential buyers. The old Elvis ranch sits at the corner of Highway 301 and Goodman Road in Horn Lake.

riosunrise wrote on September 23, 2009
Could some one lend me some money for this................?
gbalaban wrote on September 23, 2009
I would like to just go and try to find the wedding ring that Priscilla lost, and I believe it was a 3 carat diamond ( I could be wrong on this point).
Jerome-the-third wrote on September 24, 2009
great clip, would be nice if the new owner keeps the ranch as it is..