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Budget Round-up

September 24, 2009 | Music

Several new budget compilations were released recently.

  • An exclusive release from Weltbild is the 4 CD set "Love Me Tender". It contains 96 tracks and was released August 2009.
  • In the netherlands the Weton-Wesgram budget label released the 60 track 3CD compilation "I Love Elvis Presley" on 3 Jewelcases in a cardboard box on August 14, 2009.
  • The 20 track compilation "Fabulous" was released on the Musicpro label on September 4, 2009.
  • The 5CD set "The Legend" was released on the Entertain Me label earlier this month.
  • The single disc "Christmas With Elvis" featuring 14 Christmas and Gospel recordings and the oldies "I Beg Of You" and "That's When Your Heartaches Begin" was released September 2009.
  • Three hours of Elvis Presley music were collected on the 3 CD set "The King" and released earlier this month.


Jerome-the-third wrote on September 24, 2009
although I try, I just can't keep up with them..
FJE wrote on September 24, 2009
Although I pray, we can't get rid of them!!
theoldscudder wrote on September 24, 2009
Somebody call an exterminater, before this gets out of hand. These are multiplying at an alarming rate.
Rusty wrote on September 24, 2009
I know it's getting out of, but anybody can put CD'S out by Elvis under the 50 year copyright laws in Europe, people have tried to change it but the EU is not interested.
kev11467 wrote on September 24, 2009
Who the hell is this sh*t targeted for? I just don't get it....
everett001 wrote on September 24, 2009
If they release too few you GRIPE; if they release too many you GRIPE! Is there NO pleasing you TRUE Elvis fans? Maybe some of us buy all of them; and maybe new Elvis fans are trying to build a GIANT Elvis collection of thefr own. DONT GRIPE-BE HAPPY. Besides it's their money they are spending. RIGHT????
Steve V wrote on September 25, 2009
The only gripe we 'true Elvis fans' have is over saturation. Too many releases of the same ilk cheapen the music. The 50's music is like fine art, its what made Elvis a star and a cultural icon. For those of us that lived it, it was a special time in American pop culture. Too put out so many releases like this cheapen that art and thus the artist in some people's eyes. That's the gripe. Its like termites you cant stop.