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I Was The One - Blue Vinyl

September 07, 2009 | Music

 Rockwell Records re-issued their first vinyl release "I Was The One" on blue wash vinyl. This edition is limited to 250 individually numbered copies and features Elvis Presley's earliest studio recordings from 1954, 1955 and 1956.

Source:The Elvis Express
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on September 07, 2009
Why ?
theoldscudder wrote on September 07, 2009
Blue washed out vinyl is more like it. Too bad this wasn't made in North Korea. It would be a good excuse for us to bomb Kim & get rid of the bum.
Steve V wrote on September 07, 2009
Another limited edition piece of garbage (blue wash - reallynow!) that may entice some fans to buy it in hopes that they think this piece of crap will actually be worth something someday. Please dont be fooled but the makers of this know that some will. Lets also start calling Elvis the King of Limited Editions.