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The Unknown Elvis

September 04, 2009 | Other

These are new photos from Elvis' appearance at the Oakland Auditorium on June 3, 1956 from the San Francisco Chronicle archives.

Source:San Francisco Examiner
Ruthie wrote on September 05, 2009
To me, these pictures are just awesome. Takes me right back to those days, especially that last one! My friends & I used to hate it when the girls screamed so loud we couldn't hear him! Thanks for the great photos. Brings back some real wonderful memories from a guy who continued to make my life memorable.
benny scott wrote on September 05, 2009
Really great pictures ! Thanks Elvis News ! Always El.
Harvey Alexander wrote on September 05, 2009
Always great to see pix of the real Elvis. This is how he should always be remembered.
Tony C wrote on September 07, 2009
These pictures are awesome and that is a word I do not use lightly. It is incredible that previously unseen photographs are still emerging after so many years.