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The Man And His Music #85

September 04, 2009 | Other

This week the latest issue of The Man And His Music was dropped in the mailbox. Again an issue that gave quite some reading pleasure. If You're Looking For Outtakes is a great piece on the available real outtakes of the movie soundtrack of King Creole. A huge part of the magazine is reserved for the Memphis sessions' 40th anniversary: an interview with Chips Moman, the origins of the songs and 40 Years of Suspicious Minds were informative and good way to spend some time.

Of course the regulars like the news, reviews, letters and Keith Flynn's contribution about dinner and midnights shows are there too!

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dgirl wrote on September 04, 2009
An honest magazine. I dont buy anything without reading their take on it. Ive been ripped off enough thru the years.
Ruthie wrote on September 05, 2009
One of the best magazines around. I always look forward to it.
Steve V wrote on September 06, 2009
Proud to say I have every issue from #1 and will continue to renew. Its the only one I really look forward to.
You Dont Know Me wrote on September 07, 2009
Yes this issue was 'above average' and a superb and very interesting read!
theoldscudder wrote on September 07, 2009
Oh my I am agreeing with Ruthie on this one.
pasa-ryu wrote on September 09, 2009
i think NTD are by far the BEST magazine available!(and cheaper than ANY OF IT'S rivals,which charge a staggering £18 per year!!)-i wont go mentioning "other magazines" or fan clubs as i do not want to get banned from this superb website.(But,i guess you know whome i am reffering to??)NTD give the best ino on new released(official or otherwise)and have the best "read ups" and interviews and their mag is informative,honest and a superb read for any Elvis fan.