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Re-versions II

August 30, 2009 | Music

The Italian DJ Spankox will release a follow-up to his Elvis Presley remix album "Re-Versions" on September 14, 2009. This album is released in cooperation with Elvis Presley Enterprises and will come as a limited edition Vinyl/Disc. The tracklisting should be available next week.

Source:Elvis Corner
Lex wrote on August 30, 2009
Thanks for the warning :-(
Jerome-the-third wrote on August 30, 2009
where can I pre-order this frisbee?..
Emiel Maier wrote on August 30, 2009
Good News! I found Re-Versions I very enjoyable and done with a lot of respect for the singer Elvis Presley. There was no fooling around with his voice! (Unlike RCA did with speeding up the tape of Elvis's 'Mickey Mouse' version of Girl Happy: Elvis on helium!). Spankox gave Elvis more beat, and by doing this it made me listen to songs I hadn't heard for many years: Blue Moon of Kentucky is a good example of this. I make sure to get a copy as soon as I can!
marco31768 wrote on August 30, 2009
I'm Italian and I say "I hate every remixes !!!".
Ruthie wrote on August 31, 2009
Oh, gloom & doom! This isn't my cup of tea but I give Emiel credit for taking an interest & becoming a fan. It's another point of view that apparently works for him. Enjoy!
Jim Hoff wrote on August 31, 2009
I've played the firts Spankox/Elvis cd to a lot of my students at school - and most of them instantly fell in love with the music and became Elvis fans. Mission accomplished - like it or not ;-)
Steve V wrote on August 31, 2009
You either like it or you dont, no one is right/wrong one way or another. I would never buy it, but if forced to make a choice, I'd rather listen to some of these remixes than some of the embarrassing movie songs.
ger wrote on August 31, 2009
this has go to be beater than all the very bad and embarrassing live albums they keep putting out
Brian Quinn wrote on August 31, 2009
Bought his first album which was excellent. Will wait to see what songs are on the new one.
NONE000000 wrote on August 31, 2009
It's really not at all true to say something like "real Elvis fans are not interested". I was NOT impressed with the first Spankox remix album. BUT I appreciate the effort and the interest and the fact that Elvis is still considered a worthwhile subject for update and remixes. When that remix of Little Less Conversation came out (by jxl) it was a great feeling to be out at a night club in New Orleans and hear an Elvis song come on and see the dance floor crowded with 20somethings dancing. What "real Elvis fan" would not be thrilled to see that? And though my opinion is that Spankox just is not very good, I certainly welcome further attempts to keep Elvis on the charts and playing at cool, hip younger bars and danceclubs. How could a real Elvis fan not want that? Even if you yourself do not want to hear it, it really does bring a new generation into the fold, and that keeps Graceland alive and Elvis' memory around. I don't have high hopes for this being very good, based on the guy's 1st group of remixes, but I hope I am wrong and there's another huge hit #1 song on it. And more importantly, I hope someone who had never really heard much Elvis before hears something and delves deeper into the un-remixed Elvis and discovers how amazing he was. I think these remixes are almost always a good thing, even when they are not that good (to my ears), as long as the remixer is capable of respected the original and Elvis' voice.
zathura wrote on August 31, 2009
Well said KingKreole, I for one agree pretty much with everything you say on this matter. I purchased the first album without having heard any of the tracks and played it only a few times before putting it to one side. Yes I'd rather have the originals any day of the week but in my view the guy doing the remixing seemed to be genuine enough and hopefully will have attracted some new listeners to some nearly 60 year old music.....perhaps that in turn might lead to a few of them listening to the original stuff etc. I do understand the view that Elvis' music shouldn't be tampered with in this way but personally I did enjoy the "original" Guitar man remix album , ALLC and Rubberneckin
theoldscudder wrote on August 31, 2009
Now I'm just as big an Elvis fan as anybody on this site, but there's one thing I don't get. Why do people on this site want new people to like Elvis? As long as you like the King & enjoy his music why does he have to appeal to new converts? I never understood that. Maybe somone can enlighten me. As for the re-versions either you like it or don't. Most of this product will be bought by established fans.
Monster wrote on August 31, 2009
theoldscudder - when you enjoy something passionately the way most Elvis fans love the King's music it's human nature to want to share it with other people because they just might enjoy as much if they heard it. It's a nice thing to do because you're sharing something that brings you pleasure in the hope that it brings pleasure to someone else. Unless of course you become pushy about it then you become a pain in the butt. Personally I'm unimpressed by remixes, not because I'm precious about the originals but because I haven't heard any that are all that great though I wish they were. So if I want to share my love of Elvis' music I'll play someone the original because in my opinion they're much more likely to be impressed by that than a remix. If they like it then terrific. If not, well I'll still enjoy it just as much without them.
circleG wrote on September 01, 2009
i'm all for remixes along the lines of ALLC and rubbernuckin' in the charts (are there any charts left for thr kids?). i also believe we need existing material remastered in sound and vision too - On Tour and the directors cut of '68 special?
NONE000000 wrote on September 01, 2009
theoldscudder-- so you don't want new people to like Elvis? (And I am certainly not saying remixes are the only way to accomplish that; there are still young people who can recognize how amazing Elvis is without it being dressed up with extra beats and louder bass, but it does get his music into places you wouldn't normally find it, like dance clubs). I try to expose people I know to Elvis all the time--I try not to be annoying about it; I don't approach strangers on the street and say "excuse me, but have you accepted Elvis Presley as the one true King of Rock and Roll?--but if they're in my car or at my apartment, I will slip in an Elvis song that's more obscure that I know they have not heard and try to win them over. I would indeed still love Elvis even if I were the only person on earth who did, but like it when I see Elvis with another #1, or when I see people in a club dancing to Elvis, or when I hear an Elvis song in a movie and when I continue to see crowds show up at Graceland year after year. I admit, I would find it depressing to think that it is just dying out and after the current group of living Elvis fans dies, then that's the end of it.
theoldscudder wrote on September 01, 2009
Monster & KingKreole, Thanks for your comments.
Lex wrote on September 02, 2009
scrudder, I totally agree with you. Personally I think it's insecurity: "Am that outdated that I like Elvis? Thank God... there are young people liking him too...". They disregard the fact that those rapes have nothing to do with the real thing... they are no Elvis fans, but Spankox fans.
ger wrote on September 08, 2009
Its still the real thing Elvis the voice its still there not like most of the 70s Elvis voice was one of many voices