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Message From Jerry Scheff

September 01, 2009 | People

Fans are aware that Jerry Scheff has decided to quit touring with the TCB band in Elvis The Concert. After various rumours Jerry Scheff has made a public comment on the TCB Band website:

"Please don't worry about me for one moment. I am just NOT playing the Stig Egren show. It's so very good to hear from all of you, Elvis' true family. You know who you are...and so do I." Jerry goes on to say; "My wish is that Elvis might finally be allowed to leave the building with the dignity he deserves, and I wouldn't mind a little dignity myself."

Source:TCB-Band Website
elvis1279 wrote on September 01, 2009
I'm really not sure what to say.
NONE000000 wrote on September 01, 2009
What is the Stig Egren show? The way this was written it sounds like it is something he feels strongly against playing. And it sounds like he thinks Elvis also would have found it somehow undignified. (??)
Brian Quinn wrote on September 01, 2009
The Stig Edgren Show is better known as 'Elvis In Concert' (originally Elvis The Concert). Jerry has been playing in this concert with the other members of the TCB Band and certain members of Elvis' backup singers since 1999. I suspect that Jerry feels that the said musicians/singers can no longer provide a credible performance for the show due to everyone getting older, some in their seventies. Further, little has changed in the format of the Concert with the majority of Elvis' performances coming from the film 'That's The Way It Is' and the 'Aloha From Hawaii' Special. Other performances are from 'Elvis On Tour' and the '68 TV Special. Having said this I feel that the concept of this concert is too good not to be continued in the future, perhaps with new film footage and musicians. I have seen this concert some 16 times and it is a fantastic experience to witness around 10,000 Elvis fans cheering Elvis and the cast's performance on the screen/stage. It is definately the nearest one can get to actually wtnessing a live Elvis Concert unless future technology produces a 'laser' concert. I fully appreciate that adding new musicians/singers in the future might not have the attraction of the original members but life goes on and new Elvis fans will want to experience the thrill of 'Elvis In Concert'.
Harvey Alexander wrote on September 01, 2009
The whole Elvis The Concert thing is played out now, so I'm not surprised Jerry Scheff wants nothing to do with it. I saw the show several times and the last few times the quality of the footage was awful. There's been very little attempt to change the show in any way and they should call it a day now. Having new musicians would be totally pointless. They were the only reason I went along. Without them it would be a waste of time. Stay home and watch the videos - they'll be in better quality than Stig and his buddies use.
hillbillycatlover wrote on September 02, 2009
Brian, I agree with you totally. I've seen Elvis the Concert several times myself, and it is a fantastic experience that every Elvis fan should have. Well said, sir !
Emiel Maier wrote on September 02, 2009
I am very glad that Jerry put out a statement, because there was too much speculation on the internet. Finally he has spoken out and I totally agree with the explanation that Brian Quinn gave in a previous comment in this topic. I guess that Elvis The Concert Tour is quite exhausting for the members of the show. Doing shows and criss crossing Europe for about two weeks. This is a very exhausting venture for every artist, let alone the men in the TCB-band who are in their seventies! We all know that Jerry experiences some problems with his hearing. From what I read is that he does not want comply to the heavy tour schedule and that his hearing suffers too much from the hassle. On the other hand I am very glad that he is not quitting the TCB-band and can be seen and heard with the rest of the men during special concerts at fanclub events and other Elvis festivities. I too witnessed the show many many times (all shows in Rotterdam, Oberhausen and Memphis 2002) and it always gives me a boost and a uplifting feeling after the show. It makes you realize why I am an Elvisfan. His charisma from the screen captures me every time. The TCB-band gives it that extra special flavor. And how much I am in awe of Ron Tutt, the performance of Paul Leim (one time replacing Ronnie Tutt in the show) did not take away much of the overall impact of Elvis The Concert.
Bestoftherest8301 wrote on September 02, 2009
Saw the show in London a few years back. Great show and a must experience for most fans if they can get to see it. It is however not something I would want see on a regular basis though. As we all know there is only limited quality footage available for these shows and therefore it will be a bit 'samey' and familiar to all of us. That's the way it is, no pun intended. I can understand Jerry wanting to pull back from the concerts though, as boring for us to repeatedly see TTWII and Aloha footage, it probably is for Jerry too. They could however deviate from the 'concert' theme and look towards using footage from some of his movies and overdub in effect the TCB musical interpretation on to these.. may be interesting...?
Alant15 wrote on September 02, 2009
Jerry obviously feels these shows are no longer dignified either to Elvis or himself. He no longer believes in the format. What was once a groundbreaking idea created as a one off at first is now turning into a money making circus and I expect the musicians are bored stiff. The idea is stale. Lets face it, they've been going for longer than Elvis actually toured. Expect others to follow. I do think that the TCB band should continue to play small, one off venues for appreciative fans as any non fans or undecided fans seeing the Elvis in Concert shows are unlikely to be 'converted' seeing these tired shows now.
Ton Bruins wrote on September 02, 2009
I really don't know how to "translate" this message.."My wish is that Elvis finally to leave the building with the dignity he deserves"..means ?? I don't know what to think of it..Fact is that I bought a ticket for The Concert in Rotterdam in february 2010 and Jerry will not be there..He is a member of the TBC band..it is about money again I guess, but that's a wild guess...
NONE000000 wrote on September 02, 2009
Thanks for the info Brian. I live in New Orleans and have never gotten to see the show. I almost caught it in Memphis one year when it played the Pyramid (I think). I can understand Jerry's statement, but I agree that this might just be too good not to continue in some incarnation. I understand part of the original draw was having Elvis' original musicians accompany him, but I would still pay to see an entirely new band (so long as they were very very good) accompany Elvis' voice and image on a big screen. It is, after all, as close as we're going to get to a "live" show from Elvis now...
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 02, 2009
I dont blame him at all and hes right,but too much money to stop the train now the money train that is!
Jerry 79 wrote on September 03, 2009
I have the feeling that they have reached the same point as with Elvis In the end of the 70’s. The same concert’s playing all over again. Nothing new – even the same faces in the crowd. Somebody mentioned a money making circus. Now everything that is linked somehow to E is a money making circus. Look at Graceland – only one shop with music and the rest with socks, mugs and other trash! It is hard to find a store with LP’s around Graceland! Anyway I have the same feeling let him rest in peace. He is gone and he will not produce anything new… sad but so true.
JLpResLey wrote on September 03, 2009
Now, I´ve never seen the show so maybe my opinion isn´t important but I so agree with Jerry 79. I thought the concept was interesting in the beginning. Doing a show with an anniversary in mind is fine. But then to tour over and over again, I don´t see the point in that. The guys in TCB Band, as well as the singers are getting older and all of that. Yes, of course we want to see Elvis live, but he´s dead and has been so for thirty years. We have some good performance videos and that´s enough for me, hopefully we´ll get on tour soon.
dgirl wrote on September 03, 2009
I understand his decision and I agree with Jerry 79. I wish Elvis & his mgmt would have made this same decision when the shows started becoming routine & boring for him the 70's. We probably wouldnt have all the fat jumpsuited Elvis's running around today making a mockery out of what Elvis was and how a lot of people think of him.
KTemple wrote on September 03, 2009
The concept of Elvis The Concert is NOT played out what so ever. Anyone who thinks it is does not see that a lot of fans have not seen the show. A lot of new fans as well. Elvis is unique, no other deceased entertainer could still be as popular, I think Elvis would be proud of how things have kept going and he is still so popular that a world tour is on the cards yet again for this production. If Jerry doesnt want to take part thats fine. Eventually the whole TCB band will be too old to play but I hope the show continues with guest musicians. For those of us who were too young to see Elvis live this is the only way to even come close to experincing something like an Elvis concert.'I've seen the show many times and I think it should continue with or without Jerry.
zathura wrote on September 03, 2009
Personally I think as long as there's a sufficient audience for the product there's no reason for it to stop ( a bit like Elvisnews.com !) however having seen the show twice a few years back I wouldn't go out of my way to see it again as for me the main attraction was seeing the original TCB band guys and backing singers and as they gradually fall by the wayside for one good reason or another it becomes less appealing to me. I'd like to hear that if it does continue it's well supported...if that's not a bit hypocritical.....as otherwise it probably is time to call it a day
benny scott wrote on September 04, 2009
zathura : 200% amen to your statement . The original TCB-members , that's what it's all about ! Always El.
KTemple wrote on September 04, 2009
Its also about Elvis himself. Who is to say that if Elvis had lived he would have kept the same musicians. For me I want to hear the Elvis in a big arena, where else can you get this experience? I do think that they should change the setlist from other years to make it a little different though.
Lefty wrote on September 11, 2009
I saw Elvis The Concert in St. Louis, and it was incredible! It was cool to see the TCB band, etc. but the real reason I went was to hear Elvis. The orchestration and video production is just over the top fantastic. I'd take it any day without an original band member over the best performance by a tribute artist. For those that long to hear something new, it's best to look for someone that's still alive and recording.