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James Burton To Build Studio

August 30, 2009 | People

The August concert by James Burton in Shreveport Louisiana was a huge success, and because of that, James and his wife Louise are going to install a recording studio in the Foundation Office for the kids to record free. The James Burton International Guitar Festival was created to help raise funds for the James Burton Foundation. The Foundation is dedicated to raising money to provide technical training, music lessons and free guitars to young musicians.

James was fortunate that his parents sacrificed to purchase his first Fender guitar. Through his humble beginnings, James learned that a quality instrument is very important. It's been James' dream to give back to the community by helping young musicians realize their potential. Your participation in the James Burton International Guitar Festival and donation to the James Burton Foundation enables future generations of musicians to keep the music alive!

Ruthie wrote on August 31, 2009
How wonderful! I once had a young boy in one of my cases that kept himself in school & out of trouble because someone donated the time for him to take drum lessons. He eventually worked his way through school with his own set of (cheap) drums & continued lessons. He now is out of school, playing for major jazz groups & out of trouble! He plans to continue playing & returning to school. It doesn't work for everyone but it only takes one.