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New FTD Releases Announced

August 27, 2009 | Music

The Follow That Dream label just announced FTD just announced their plans for the end of this year; here is the list:

September 2009: 2 releases

  • Jailhouse Rock - 2CD - 7 inch format 
    A 2-disc set in the Classic Album series. Disc1 features one disc of masters, alternate masters, movie masters and a few bonus cuts in mono. Disc 2 consists of session takes – all in binaural. The package features the 7” inch digipack format with 12-page booklet. There is no in and out-takes section to the booklet, as FTD will release "Jailhouse Rock" volume 2 next year and it will make more sense to have this section when the entire intended repertoire content is released.

  • From Sunset To Vegas - 2CD - 5 inch digipack
    A 2-disc set in FTD’s 5 inch digipack format. The main body of the release is the rehearsal recorded at RCA’s studio on Sunset Blvd on August 16, 1974. There is a bonus section on disc 2 with 10 live recordings from Elvis’ Las Vegas engagement in August/ September 1974.

October 2009: 4 releases:

  • Good Times - 2CD - 7 inch format
    A 2-disc set in the Classic Album series. Originally released in 1974, this great album featured the legendary “Good Time Charlie’s Got The Blues”, “My Boy” and “I’ve Got A Thing About You Baby”. In addition to the masters, it will contain many great outtakes from the Stax Sessions of 1973. The package features the 7 inch digipack format with 12-page booklet.

  • Rockin' Across Texas - 2CD - 5 inch digipack
    Rockin' Across Texas will be released as a 2-CD set without the book that is now deleted. The 2 disc set features Elvis live in Amarillo, Texas at The Civic Center, June 19, 1974 and in Fort Worth, Texas at Tarrant County Convention Center, Recorded July 3, 1976.
  • Soundboard - 5 inch digipack
    Details to be announced
  • The Jungle Room Sessions - 2 disc vinyl
    FTD Vinyl next release is a limited edition 2-Disc vinyl set of "The Jungle Room Sessions". Supplied in a new gatefold sleeve featuring additional Graceland images, it will be pressed on 180-gram vinyl and DMM Copper mastered at Abbey Road Studios,London.

Tracklisting "Jailhouse Rock"

Disc 1

Original EP

  • Side 1

1) Jailhouse Rock 2:35 ; 2) Young And Beautiful 2:04

  • Side 2

3) I Want To Be Free 2:14 ; 4) Don't Leave Me Now 2:03 ; 5) (You’re So Square) Baby I Don't Care 1:52

  • Original single

6) Treat Me Nice – record version 2:20


  • Alternate RCA Masters

7) Jailhouse Rock (2001, take 5) 2:06 ; 8) Treat Me Nice (2008, splice of takes 10/13) 2:06 ; 9) Don’t Leave Me Now – second version (2017, take 18) 1:59 ; 10) Don’t Leave Me Now – second version (2017, take 21) 2:01 ; 11) I Want To Be Free (2010, take 11) 2:23 ; 12) Young And Beautiful (2004, splice of takes 18/21) 2:08 ; 13) Young And Beautiful (2004, take 19) 2:11

  • Movie Masters

14) Jailhouse Rock – movie opening theme (2527, take 6) 1:21 ** ; 15) Young And Beautiful – jail version (2005, take 3) 1:21 ; 16) I Want To Be Free – jail version (2009, splice of takes 10/12/13) 2:21 ; 17) Young And Beautiful – Florita club version (2006, take 7) 1:08 * ; 18) Don’t Leave Me Now – movie set version 0:15 ; 19) Don’t Leave Me Now – recording studio version 1 (2023, take 2) 2:13 * ; 20) Don’t Leave Me Now – recording studio version 2 (2022, take 12) 2:16 ; 21) Treat Me Nice – movie version with overdubs (2008) 2:02 ** ; 22) Treat Me Nice (2008, splice of takes 10/13) 2:06 ; 23) Jailhouse Rock – movie version 2:58** ; 24) (You’re So Square) Baby I Don’t Care – movie edit (2013, take 16/2021, take 6) 2:03* ; 25) Young And Beautiful – end title version (2004, splice of takes 8/12/18/22) 2:20

  • Alternate Movie Masters

26) Jailhouse Rock – male vocal overdub version 2:30 ; 27) Don't Leave Me Now – unused first version (2016, take 2) 1:47

  • Bonus

28) Treat Me Nice (2003, take 19) 2:13*

** Stereo

Disc 2

  1. Binaural Sessions

Treat Me Nice – second movie version (2008) Takes 1-13

I Want To Be Free – jail version (2009) Takes 1-13

Young And Beautiful – record version (2004) Takes 11-22

Tracklisting "From Sunset To Vegas":

Disc 1 - August 74 - The rehearsal  – Recorded at RCA’s Studios, Hollywood. August 16, 1974

1) If You Love Me (Let Me Know). Version 1 2:30
John Rostill
2) If You Love Me (Let Me Know). Version 2 3:10
John Rostill
3) Promised Land. Version 1 2:55
Chuck Berry
4) Promised Land. Version 2 3:53
Chuck Berry
5) Down In The Alley. Version 1 2:40
Jesse Stone and The Clovers
6) Down In The Alley. Version 2 3:22
Jesse Stone and The Clovers
7) It’s Midnight 4:19
Billy Edd Wheeler/Jerry Chesnut
8) Your Love’s Been A Long Time Coming 4:06
Rory Bourke
9) Good Time Charlie’s Got The Blues 3:22
Danny O’Keefe
10) Softly As I Leave You. Version 1 2:19
Antonio DeVita/Hal Shaper
11) Softly As I Leave You. Version 2 4:18
Antonio DeVita/Hal Shaper
12) I’m Leavin’ 4:49
Michael Jarrett/Sonny Charles
13) The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face 5:13
Ewan McColl
14) Proud Mary 3:09
John Fogerty
15) If You Talk In Your Sleep 4:23
Red West/Johnny Christopher

Disc 2 - The Rehearsal continued

1) If You Love Me (Let Me Know). Version 3 7:01
John Rostill
2) If You Love Me (Let Me Know). Version 4 8:17
John Rostill
3) The Twelth Of Never 2:50
Jerry Livingston/Paul Francis Webster
4) Faded Love 3:24
Bob Wills/John Wills
5) Just Pretend 5:06
Doug Flett/Guy Fletcher

Disc 2 - The Live Recordings - Recorded live at The Las Vegas Hilton. August-September, 1974

6) Trying To Get To You 3:19
Rosemarie McCoy/Charles Singleton
August 20 – Dinner show
7) Heartbreak Hotel 1:34
Mae Boren Axton/Tommy Durden/Elvis Presley
Augsut 20 – Dinner show

8) Suspicious Minds 4:49
Mark James
August 22 – Midnight show
9) Help Me 2:47
Larry Gatlin
August 22 – Midnight Show

10) The Wonder Of You 2:10
Baker Knight
August 27 – Midnight Show

11) American Trilogy 4:25
Mickey Newbury
August 22 – Midnight show
12) Elvis talking 1:21
August 22 –


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JLpResLey wrote on August 27, 2009
So, there´s a lot of 1974 stuff here. Looking forward to the details concerning the soundboard, but how about the rest of the stuff then? Well, maybe I don´t get any of these releases. I´m really not an outtake kind of guy, so that´s why I doubt about Jailhouse Rock and Good Times. There could be one or two outtakes that I like, but not a disc full of them. The rehersals from 1974 could be interesting, but I don´t think they are as good as rehearsals from 1970-1972. I think the live numbers on the same release could be taken from the Nevada nights release last year, that´s possible. I don´t except to see a shocking tracklist. Same feelings about one of the discs on Rocking Across Texas, since it´s basically from the same time and Elvis didn´t change his tracklist that much. I´m looking forward to some fine releases but I´m not completely satisfied. That´s the way I feel
NONE000000 wrote on August 27, 2009
The fact that Elvis did not do the lead vocal on "Aubrey" is one of the most disappointing things ever to me. I kinda like some of the ballads that the group Bread did in the 70's and Aubrey is on of their best. To hear Elvis sing it would be absolutely amazing. (The closest thing I have is a recording of Orion [Jimmy Ellis] doing the Bread song "If" live at some point.)
Coronel Parker wrote on August 27, 2009
Great news !!
andrew1 wrote on August 28, 2009
Looks GREAT to me! FTD RULES!!!!
Musicwizard wrote on August 28, 2009
Fantastic news, I am not a fan of soundboards, but will definitely buy Jailhouse Rock and Good times. Great job FTD, keep those outtakes coming. Love em.
Santa Claus wrote on August 28, 2009
He knows how to stretch these last drips of water. I'm very glad about this announcement and I will buy most of these releases. But we all know: I have the 1974 rehearsal, I have the Jungleroom sessions, I have the Texas CDs and I have more Jailhouse Rock outtakes than I ever want to hear. So, this shortens the long list dramaticly. But anyway. I know Ernst can not pull new Elvis songs out of his hat. So I'm happy with what he's doing with the old stuff and I'm looking forward to maybe a good amount of new outtakes.
benny scott wrote on August 28, 2009
Great news indeed ! Well done Ernst & Co ! I'm glad the comments are positive so far. Wonder how long it will take before some ( usual) complainers will give their (usual) negative opinion(s).I really hope I'm wrong. Always El
whetherman wrote on August 28, 2009
Jailhouse Rock has long been my favourite soundtrack. Now we're getting a 2CD set on FTD, brilliant. Then they hit us with the really exciting news that there will be a Volume 2 next year. I'm just so pleased. Looking forward to the 2CD of Good Times too. Thanks FTD.
Rob Wanders wrote on August 28, 2009
Good news. Good times and Jailhouse rock are very interesting. Those 2 I'm going to buy for sure. The 1974 rehearsals I have already (twice) and I also have the Texas 1974 and 1976. But I'm happy with the GT and JR.
Ton Bruins wrote on August 28, 2009
That will be Good Times and maybe the soundboard for me..the rest I all ready have..
burninglove92 wrote on August 28, 2009
Really excited!! Jailhouse rock, good times and the soundboard definately got my buy. the 1974 rehearsals really interest me however the 2nd disc doesn't interest me at all, i would definately buy sunset to vegas if the 2nd disc was a complete 1974 concert. that's what the made the bootleg one of the best bootlegs. the rehearsal on one disc complete concert on the other. never mind. they never seem to get it right.
Jerome-the-third wrote on August 28, 2009
Excited to hear some new alternate stuff from Good Times..
IndescribablyBlue wrote on August 28, 2009
I am very excited to get the outtakes. Even though several fans don't care for them, to me one outtake with Elvis laughing is worth the price of them all. Awesome. Elvis had the best laugh I've ever heard. Keep bringing them on.
bajo wrote on September 05, 2009
Finally, Jailhouse Rock. I've been looking forward to this for a long time. The King Of Rock'n Roll at work. I've always had a soft spot for the Good Times albums also. It's most welcome. I'll pass the vinyl of TJRS though. Hoping maybe it would be time for the entire Jungle Room Sessions masters, upgraded and slightly remastered? Hoping there's room for both the ..Boulevard.. and Moody Blue in the classic album series!
kingcreole4 wrote on September 06, 2009
This looks great, i love the classic FTD releases and the Jailhouse Rock and Good Times albums will be a welcome addition. Please please let there be a Love Me Tender and Elvis (rock n roll 2) release.
mature_elvis_fan75 wrote on September 08, 2009
Will get the rockin across texas set and sell my book cd set,releases should be either books or cd releases,a booklet wolud be nice with the 5 inch releases but thats not gonna happen,might get goodtimes,dont know about the soundboard, will only want it if its something intersting ifs anything like the america Ftd i will pass,the rehearsal set is not something i would play very much!