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Jailhouse Rock

August 25, 2009 | Music

This is the real cover art for the budget release "Jailhouse Rock" which was released on August 25, 2009. It contains songs from 1957 and 1958.

Jerome-the-third wrote on August 25, 2009
for those of you who would like to know, my little sister cut this picture in half..
Mystery Rider wrote on August 26, 2009
Wonderful a King Creole photo for a Jailhouse Rock recording. some people just dont know what they are doing.
Greg Nolan wrote on August 26, 2009
I've heard strong arguments for public domain and used to believe them, but the amateurs touching our boys catalog across the pond are driving me batty. These are all "exhibit A" for why Sony should maintain rights to this older stuff! Kay-rap.... K-R-A-P!
Greg Nolan wrote on August 26, 2009
On second thought, I've seen worst covers. It's not all THAT Bad. But still..!
Harvey Alexander wrote on August 26, 2009
It reminds me of the cover of the 'Such A Night' CD (in the Essential Elvis series). They cut half his face off then, but nobody complained (apart from me!).
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on August 27, 2009
Yes "King Creole" on the cover ???
Theo wrote on August 27, 2009
Of course they (RCA/BMG) have put pictures of only part of Elvis or his face on the cover of albums before. The single with the Rubberneckin' remix comes to mind. And the booklet of E1 fetaured only half pictures. I don't particularly like this one, though. The cover of Such A Night (Essential Elvis Vol. 6) I actually did like. But there they didn't really cut off half his face as Harvey Alexander suggested, but showed the other half on the backside of the booklet. Looks quite nice if you fold the booklet open to look at the front and back at the same time.