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Cover Art Clash Of The Titans

August 27, 2009 | Video

This is the cover art for the upcoming DVD release "Elvis Presley Vs Johnny Cash - The Clash of the Titans" which is from Chrome Dreams Media on September 14, 2009. 


Elvis held the Rock N Roll Heavyweight title for many years, but in recent times Johnny has been seen as his true rival to during the 1950s, when the performances on this disc were recorded. And now The Man In Blacks own Rock N Roll credentials have been reassessed and ranked alongside those of The King.
This DVD contains a whopping 33 tracks 17 by Presley and 16 by Cash all recorded live during the 1950s. So place your bets, take your seats and judge for yourself exactly who was the greatest of them all.

It is estimated that Elvis has sold over one billion records worldwide, more than any other artist in history. This has since seen him inducted into four halls of fame

In the words of the historical marker that stands outside the house where he was born: Presleys career as a singer and entertainer redefined popular music.

The massive legacy of Johnny Cash strengthens as the years since his untimely death , with emerging generations getting hooked on what a real musical icon should be.